Ragnarok X Next Generation Ultimate Guide (Rox)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox) is finally here, lots of you who haven’t played the game during the CBT (Closed Beta Testing) probably want to know some basic and advanced techniques about the game for you to have leverage among other players.

There are lots of activities and interactions when you play the game and if you’re a newbie you might be overwhelmed with all of that information. In this guide, we will try to put everything in detail, the complete strategy guide and walkthrough that will help you in every step when you play the Ragnarok X Next Generation from start to basic info like classes, equipment, weapons, and many more.


Currently, RoX has six different classes and every class has two sub-classes. We will just list some insight since most of you probably know these classes well.

  1. Swordsman (Knigth or Crusader) – a class ideal for tanking or dealing damage.
  2. Acolyte (Priest or Monk) – a class useful for healing and buff support or also a damage dealer.
  3. Mage (Wizard or Sage) – a class ideal for dealing huge magic damage especially AoE (Area of Effect).
  4. Thief (Assassin or Rogue) – a class for dealing sneaky damage for both direct and AoE.
  5. Archer (Hunter, Bard or Dancer) – class for dealing damage with its long-range attack good for both direct and AoE.
  6. Merchant (Blacksmith or Alchemist) – only the class that can use the ‘Craft Skill’ and cart trading. This class can inflict both direct hit and AoE with Zenies.


Here are some of the basic guides for all of the activities in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

  1. Boss Radar (MVP/Mini Spawn Time Checker)
  2. Kafra VIP Plus Guide
  3. Enchantment Conversion Guide
  4. Battle Achievement Guide
  5. Equipment Guide
  6. Gardening Guide
  7. Cooking Guide
  8. Fishing Guide
  9. Pet Guide
  10. Guild Order Guide (New* Revamped)
  11. Crafted Weapon (Blue) Guide
  12. COC Mission Guide (Daily Task)
  13. NPC Favor Gifting Guide (Extra NPC Privileges)
  14. What is Bound and Not Bound Items

Advanced Guides

Here are some guides for players who already reach level 30+ who wants to know more all about the feature of the game.

  1. Returnee Guide
  2. How to win the Magic Bait Fishing Contest (Izlude Fishing Spot)
  3. Where to buy Cheaper HP and SP Potion
  4. Combo Skill Guide (Useful for multiple Active Skill)
  5. Secret Mining Guide (Concentrated Ore and Alloy Pickaxe)


Here are some useful tools you can use for your adventure.

  1. List of All Monsters (Automatic EXP Party Calculator)
  2. List of All Fish and Baits (With Useful Search)
  3. List of All Items and Materials Location (Item Search)
  4. List of All Enchantments (With Level Calculator)
  5. List of All Cards (White, Blue and Rare Gold)
  6. List of All Side Quest and Rewards
  7. List of All Weapons (Instance White, Crafting Blue)
  8. Base and Job Level EXP Table

How to’s

Stuck on some parts of the game or want to do more about it. Below, we have listed all of the how-tos that we usually stumbled in the game and we think worth writing for.

  1. How to go to Umbala Map
  2. How to get More Novice Coin
  3. How to Get Half Million Zeny through Birthday Gift
  4. How to Get more Avatar and Chat Frames
  5. How to Get Glory Pass for Free-to-Play Players
  6. How to Get More Stamina and Odin Blessings
  7. How to Declutter Items on Backpack
  8. How to Redeem Coupon Codes
  9. How to Get Pre-registration Rewards
  10. How to Create a Guild
  11. How to Ride a Carousel (Eden Ticket)
  12. How to increase Weight Limit (Bag Storage Capacity)
  13. How to Reset Skills and Stats Points
  14. How to Pre-purchase the Mechaspeaker Mask
  15. How to answer Guess the Hat
  16. How to Gift Pattie


For tips on completing the instances:

  1. Dracula Demon Castle Instance (Lv.80)

Kingdom Pass

Here are the complete list of all Kingdom Pass events.

  1. January 2023 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  2. November 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass (All-new)
  3. October 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  4. September 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  5. August 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  6. June 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  7. May 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  8. April 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  9. March 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  10. February 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  11. January 2022 ROX’s Kingdom Pass
  12. December 2021 ROX’s Kingdom Pass

Class Balancing

Here are the latest class balancing update for those classes who gets buffed or nerfed:

  1. Class Balancing 2023 Update: Dancer, Hunter, Sage, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Assassin, Rogue and Knigth


Here are the latest and previous event the game is up to.

  1. Slime 2.0 Event Guide (June 2023)
  2. Grab X ROX Costume Event (June 2023)
  3. Night Club Party Event Guide (June 2023)
  4. Music Carnival Event Guide (June 2023)
  5. Sky Rocket to the Blue Event Guide (May 2023)
  6. Razer X ROX Costume Event (April 2023)
  7. Songkran Gala Event Guide (April 2023)
  8. Super Novice Event Guide (April 2023)
  9. Ramadan Event Guide (April 2023)
  10. All Spawn Location of Alien Adacic
  11. How to Guarantee get the Gacha Normal Reward
  12. How to Reach 100K on Ultraman Instance
  13. Valentines Event Guide (February 2023)
  14. Ultraman Event Guide (February 2023)
  15. Lunar New Year Event Guide (January 2023)
  16. Demon Slayer Crossover Event Guide (December 2022)
  17. Operation Monster Hunter Guide (November 2022)
  18. Halloween Revelry Event Guide (October 2022)
  19. Shining Stars Event Guide (October 2022)
  20. GVG 2.0 Event Guide (October 2022)
  21. Summer Vacation Event Guide (July 2022)
  22. Sea of Stars Event Guide (July 2022)
  23. Attack on Titan Crossover Event Guide (June 2022)
  24. Anniversary Event Guide (June 2022)
  25. Pet Invasion Event Guide (May 2022)
  26. Moonlight Blessing Event Guide (April 2022)
  27. Songkran Festival Event Guide (April 2022)
  28. White Valentine’s Day Event Guide (March 2022)
  29. Amazing Event Guide (February 2022)
  30. In the name of Love Event Guide (February 2022)
  31. Christmas Battle Event Guide (December 2021)
  32. Floating Blessing Event Guide (December 2021)
  33. Glast Heim Exchange Event (November 2021)
  34. Haggle Sailor Suit Costume Event Guide (November 2021)
  35. FREE Regal Feathered Hat – Glast Heim Pre-registration
  36. Blessing of the Water Deity Guide (November 2021)
  37. Halloween Event Guide (October 2021)
  38. Slime Adventure Event Guide
  39. Slime Collab Event Daily Rewards (September 2021)
  40. Pet Pre-registration Event (Get Additional Rewards)
  41. Academy Summer Vacation Event (How to get the Rewards Faster)
  42. One Month Anniversary Event
  43. Win Razer Events (Party Code)
  44. Launch Celebration Event Guide (Exclusive Costume)

Answer Guide

Here are all of the answer cheat list to some daily activities in the game and exams that you need a hand on answering those difficult questions.

  1. OX Quiz answers
  2. Adventurer Test answers
  3. Akand’s Quiz answers
  4. Master’s Examination answers


Ragnarok X Next Generations will have five different kind of servers and each of these will have additional sub servers. Below is the updated list of servers.

OdinComodo, Clock Tower, Central Plains, Wing of Blessings

– Opera Phantom, Gungnir, Dark Lord
– Valhalla, Royal Instrument
HeimdalIngael (Mimir), Green Tranquil Pond (Mimir)

– Nasia, Strouf Treasury (Mimir)
– Crystal Waterfall, Bifrost (Mimir)
– Demon’s Castle, Sealed Island
– Golden Lava, Sipera
– Temple of Dawn, Highland
– Kingdom of Freedom, Nicola
– Sapir, Rose Red
– Silent Ship, Golden Route
ValkyrieLight of Umbala, Attack on Poring (Gaia), Manila (Gaia), Luzon (Gaia), Frenetic Land, Honor of Emperium, Aldebaran, Incense Pavilion, Tome of Glory

– Ayothaya, Majapahit, Garden City, Sukhothai (Gaia)
– Boulders and Horns, Nemesis
– Carew, Exquisite Pond
LokiDimension Door, Dungeon Throne, Eudora

– Moonlit Temple, Hidden Wood Ruins
– Bright Lotus Pond, Seocho Market
ChaosMastering, Ghostring, Deviling, Angeling

– Half Anniversary (Together We Rox), Xu Nu (Cung Hoang Dao), Song Tu (Cung Hoang Dao)
LegendsOriginal Love, Lapulapu, Badan

– Tossakan, Gatotkaca, Srikandi, Kumpakan

Each of this servers will can trade throughout exchange center. When the servers open, we will be playing on the Odin server “Opera Phantom”, see you there!


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