How to get Pre-registration Rewards in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX)

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You will finally able to get your rewards from the pre-registration you had during the initial announcement of the game. Depending on the amount you grind during the pre-registration, these rewards will surely helps you with your adventure in the world of Midgards.

There are some rules that you need to follow to be eligible on getting the rewards and one of those is you need to use the Login method and the Phone number you use during the pre-registration.

Pre-registration Rewards

For the pre-registration rewards that are composed of Crystals, Zeny, Auto Fishing Rod, Gacha, Headgear blueprint and a permanent Elephant mount. You can claim this by using the login method you use in the pre-registration.

After that, go to the Settings > User Center.

Here you need to bind your Phone number to your account and the email address that you use during the pre-registration. You will then receive an in-game mail containing all of the rewards you achieve from the pre-registration.

For some reason you haven’t received your pre-registration rewards, make sure you use the same login method. If you use Facebook in Pre-registration, use Facebook in the actual game. If you use Google on pre-registration, use it also in the actual game. If you happen you already added your phone number to the wrong account, you can remove it by binding a different phone number. Then bind your correct phone number to your correct login method.

Card Collection Rewards

For the Card Collection event, you can collect your rewards from binding your created account in the game. Make sure you already have an account in the game and at the official page

There is a button for Link Game Character at the top left corner of the page. Click it to bind your account.

Then select the Region and the Server. Then the user name of your character should appear at the list.

In case the page was unable to find your character, just click the Enter Manually to Bind Character and enter your character’s ID. To get your character ID number, open up the game’s Settings then the ID number is at the right corner, copy it.

After that, check your in-game mail and you should able to get your rewards.

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