How to Auto Catch Fish in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX Guide)

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Catching a fish is one of the key features of the Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX) which allows you to obtain different materials for crafting different items in the game. One of the first tutorial or mission on the game taught you on how to catch a fish on a basic way using a Wooden Fishing Rod and a Beginners Fishing Bait.

Getting a fish automatically allows you to grind for mats when you’re away from your PC just like the auto battle. You can also check our separate guide for Winning the Fishing Contest.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Catch a Fish
    1. Manual Fishing
    2. Automatic Fishing
    3. Where to Buy Automatic Fishing Rod
    4. Fish Print Commemorative Coin
  2. List of Catchable Fish
    1. Prontera South Gate
    2. Prontera West Gate
    3. Sograt Desert
    4. Labyrinth Forest
    5. Underwater Cave
    6. Payon East Forest
    7. Munak Cave 1F
    8. Orc Dungeon

In this guide, we will help you with the basic to advanced feature of fishing and the list of location of different fish that you catch in the game.

How to Catch a Fish

At the initial mission of the game, you probably know the basic of catching a fish. You need a Rod, Bait and a Fishing spot to get started. Since this is a life activity, you also need a Stamina for you to do this. One catch is equal to 10 stamina.

Manual Fishing

You can catch fish manually by going to the Fishing location (Check our list of catchable fish below for more details). From here, there should be a Fish Icon button that will appear on your screen. Tap on that button to get started. The screen will then enter to fishing mode, you can then select your bait and rod. Press the Cast button to start fishing.

After that, you need to manually press the Reel button in timing, just right the shrinking circle touches the dotted-blue circle button or when it turns to green.

Once successful, you’ll be able to catch the fish. If not, it will escaped. To leave the fishing mode, just press the door icon at the top right corner near the map.

Automatic Fishing

The step are the same for automatic fishing, the only difference is you’ll need a special rod named Automatic Fishing Rod for you to catch a fish and it has a limited usage of up to 50 catch depending on the quality of the fish you’re getting.

Once you’re in the fishing spot, first, you had to select the bait. Then to auto catch a fish, select the Rod to Automatic Fishing Rod then select here is a Start Auto button.

For every catch, the quality of the rod will be reduced by at least 2%. You can stop anytime by pressing the Stop Fishing.

You may also check the box below if you want the game to automatically select available fishing rod to continue baiting in case your fishing rod runs out of quality or power.

Where to Buy Automatic Fishing Rod

There are only two ways to obtain this special type of Rod either from the game event reward or from Fish Print Commemorative Coin Shop at the Prontera South Gate. If you remember the first time you catch fish in the game, there is that NPC that you always report into. He is just near the Wishing Tree at the camp, the name of the NPC is Xavier.

You can then access his Exchange Shop that requires you to exchange Fish Print Commemorative Coin (FPCC) for serveral items.

ItemDetailsCost (FPCC)

Automatic Fishing Rod
A mystical fishing rod that can automatically catch fish. It will be reduced to rubbish once its power is used up.20 FPCC

Frog Bamboo Hat
An empowering fishing hat said to be the ultimate attire of a master of fishing.

No Effect
120 FPCC

Fisherman’s Hat
A loose-fitting hat that blocks out the sun.

DEF +2
250 FPCC

Tortoise Hat
This tortoise may lok cute, but it is incredibly lazy.

AGI +1
250 FPCC

Scuba Mask
Used for swimming underwater. People will think you’re crazy if you wear it on land.

Bonus DMG Death +10% to Water Monsters
300 FPCC

Frog Hat
A hat designed to look like the god of frogs. It just so happens that the god of frogs looks just like any other frogs.

DEF +6
M.DEF +1
Bonus DMG Dealt to Insect Monsters +5%
400 FPCC

Fish Print Commemorative Coin

In order for you to buy an item in Xavier shop, you need this coin to exchange those items. You can earn a Fish Print Commemorative Coin by joining the Magic Bait Daily task, normally you’ll get 10 x FPCC, but you can get up to 100 coins as well when you catch a fish that are eligible for the Fishing Contest or Fish Print Rankings.

Every day there will be three random type of fish that adventurer’s need to set a record by getting the biggest size.

The ranking reward listed in the game has a typo-error for rank 2 to 50.

  • Rank 1 – 100 x FPCC
  • Rank ??? – 80 x FPCC
  • Rank ??? – 50 x FPCC

List of Catchable Fish (Location, Bait and Usage)

As a reference, we also listed all of the fish that you can catch in Ragnarok X Next Generation as well its location, the bait needed to get it and where to use it.

Prontera South Gate

At the bottom center corner of the Prontera South Gate, there is lake river in that area. Go to the wooden dock to start catching a fish.


Beginner Fishing BaitIngredients for Steamed Egg n’ Fish I. A fish that is used for food, medicinal, and ornamental purposes.

Green Cotton LarvaeA uniquely – colored stone. Used as a smelting material for Carnium I.

Rat TailA small, smooth stone that’s cool to the touch. Used as a smelting material for Bascyx I.

Water Weed
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Aquatic Salad I. A plant that grows underwater. It feels very wet.

RattanA common shell that can be found anywhere. Used as a smelting material for Phracon I.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Nutritious Frog Meat I. A small animal with agitated cheeks. It makes a croaking sound.

Giant Tiger Prawn
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Mandragora Prawns I. An especially large prawn found commonly in freshwater environment.

Prontera West Gate

At the top left corner of Prontera West Gate just before entering the Windmill Tower, there is a wooden dock where you can start catching a fish. However, it requires Fishing Level 2. If you tried to fish in this area and you’re still level 1, you’ll get a message saying “Insufficient Fishing Level! You can’t fish here!”.


Lotus Seedpod
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Mixed Congee I. An edible plant that grows in lakes.

Poison SporeA spiral-shaped shell. Used as a smelting material to produce STR Stone I and VIT Stone I.

White Cloud Fish
SpawnGroup of them often appear in mountain streams. Used as a smelting material to produce AGI Stone I and LUK Stone I.

Grass Carp
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fish Fillet I. Fresh, delicious meat.

Pure-water Sturgeon
Hedgehog SkinA valuable and extremely rare freshwater fish. Used as a smelting material to produce INT Stone I and DEX Stone I.

Crucian Carp
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fish Soup with Frog Legs I. A common type of fish that is easy to catch.

River Crab
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fly Leg Folk Remedy I. A delicious Vadon found commonly in freshwater environments.

Sograt Desert

At the center portion of the map in Sograt Desert, you’ll find an oasis like river. There is a wooden dock there that you can use to start fishing. It requires Fishing Level 3 to on this location.


Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Crispy Fish I. A carnivorous fish whose meat is tender, with few bones and a rich taste.

Beginner Fishing BaitWho would love have guessed from its ingredients and plain appearance that this is actually a beloved delicacy in Midgard? Prawn-on-a-Stick I

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Delicious Prawns I. Emits a faint glow in the water at night.

Hardshell Crab
Elder Pixie’s MoustacheA Vadon with an incredibly hard shell. It’s very hard to handle without special processing. Used as a smelting material to produce Carnium II.

Yoyo TailPeople in deserts regard this fish as a gift from the God of Fire. Used as a smelting material to produce Phracon II.

SpiderwebLives in hot areas all year round. Its heat-resistant body makes it hard to cook. Used as a smelting material to produce Bascyx II.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fresh Snake I. A slippery Watersnake. If you don’t firmly grasp it, it’ll easily slip away from your hands.

Labyrinth Forest

At the confusing map of labyrinth, there is a lake at the center of it. Find the wooden dock and from there you can start fishing. To easily navigate, simply click the map and it will path find the area. It requires Fishing Level 4.


Freshwater Snail
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Sour Conch I. A snail that can be found in most places, lying lazily beneath the water’s surface.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fish n’ Crab I. An aggressive fish that has thin, small teeth.

Maple Fish
Guiding GrassHaving a fiery-red color akin to maple leaves, it likes being near plants of colors similar to its own. Perhaps it’s seeking a sense of security. Used as a smelting material for Blessed Bradium I.

Sheer Marina
Rot Root GrassA small, cute, and dreamlike creature that feeds on rotten plants. It naturally gravitates toward the source of special odors. Used as a smelting material for Blessed Oridecon I.

Stoneheart ShroomLurking in the bottom of rivers, they purify their digestive system by huffing and puffing hard sand and stones. Used as a smelting material for Blessed Elunium I.

Starlight Snail
Coagulated EggAn island-style shell. If you hold it up to your ear, you can hear the ocean. Used as a smelting material to produce Enriched Used as a smelting material for Blessed Elunium.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Bitter Fish I. A flexible fish with a pointed mouth and a slender body.

Night Pearl
Earthworm PeelingA precious pearl that emits a fluorescent light in dark environments. Used as a smelting material for Enriched Bradium I.

Ant EggWith a luminous ball on top of his head, it looks like a floating lamp in the water from a distance. Used as a smelting material for Enriched Oridecon.

Underwater Cave

This is the most confusing Fishing spot among all of the maps as there is no wooden docks. You can find the fishing spot when you stand next to a wooden crossed-pattern vase. It requires you to have Fishing Level 5 to enter this spot.


Mystic Mussel
Dokebi ToothA clam shell filled with mysterious power. Many mages favor them. Used as a smelting material to produce Bascyx III.

Butterfly Cowrie
Nose RingThis kind of scallop looks like a butterfly when it’s opened, hence its name. Used as smelting material to produce Phracon III.

Whitefeather Cowrie
Charming EyeA sharp shell that is often used by seabed dwellers to make decorations. Used as a smelting material to produce Carnium III.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Tuna Sashimi I. a high-grade fishes, because of its high price, ordinary people can’t often eat it.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fried Eggs with Squid I. Why does it seem that animals with tentacles are unexpectedly delicious when cooked?

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fish Stew I. It looks like a long, slender belt and swims quite elegantly in the water.

Payon East Forest

Just on the top left corner of the map, you’ll find a pond and a wooden dock. Go to the location to get started with fishing. It requires at least Fishing Level 6 to use the spot.


Serrated ToothIts tail is like a slender whip with strong texture. Used as a smelting material to produce STR Stone II and VIT Stone II.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fragrant Arowana Fillet I. This large, colorful fish seems to be a favorite of Prontera’s wealthy.

Silver Carp
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Carp Bento I. A common freshwater fish that has a lively personality and is good at jumping.

Giant Shrimp
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Sashimi Platter I. A giant prawn that likes crawling along the water bed.

Curly ShellIts scales are serrated and sharp. Used as a smelting material to produce AGI Stone II and LUK Stone II.

Rainbow Coral
Swirly ShellBright bits of coral that make one think of rainbows in the sky. Used as smelting material to produce INT Stone II and Dex Stone III.

Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Fresh Pufferfish I. They become round when in danger. Chefs have to be careful of their poisonous spines.

Munak Cave 1F

Near the water falls, find a wooden dock and it requires Fishing Level 7 to fish on this area.


Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Salt-baked Trout I. A fish having both marine and freshwater forms.

Pupa Sulcata
Singing PlantIts shell is covered in strange marking, giving it quite a mysterious look. Used as a smelting material to produce Blessed Bradium II.

Gray-shell Mussel
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Grilled Clams I. Has a dusky-gray clam shell and is nothing special, but the meat inside is delicate and delicious.

Ash FleaA ferocious, carnivorous fish with sharp teeth that flow with a cold light. It feeds on insects and small fish. Used as a smelting to produce HD Oridecon.

River Eel
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Marinated Eel I. It has a long, thin body and a cylindrical shape with sticky skin.

Armored Crab
Winter CherryPractically covered in a suit of armor, ordinary knives can’t get at it. Used as a smelting material to produce Blessed Elunium II.

Cleanwater Pearl
Small BeehiveIt’s said that it was once a normal, unspectacular stone, but after water aura coagulated, it turned into an extraordinary pearl. Used as a smelting material to produce HD Bradium.

Green Rotten MeatThis glittering, translucent fish is actually a carnivorous creature, loving only rancid, rotten meat. Used as a smelting material to produce HD Elunium.

Dusk Fish
Aquatic ReedIt gets its name from the gradual yellowing of its scales. Used as a smelting material to produce Blessed Oridecon II.

Orc Dungeon

Once you’ve arrived at this cave dungeon, just near the entrance, there is a wooden dock where you can fish. Requires Fishing Level 8.


Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Mysterious Canned Fish I. A fish that has terrifying teeth. Some hobbyists catch it to use for aesthetic purposes.

Green-backed FIsh
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Shredded Fish Rice Ball I. A green-back fish found in frozen waters. It’s very healthy.

Crystal Acanthodean
Rusty NailAn ancient fish with spines as sharp as crystal. Used as a smelting material to produce Bascyx IV.

Yellow Mantis Shrimp
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Smoked Dragon Meat I. A yellow mantis shrimp. As a food material, it is rare and difficult to handle.

Hunter Fish
Creeping ThornA ferocious fish with sharp teeth powerful enough to crush fishing hooks, though its body is weaker than one would expect. Used as a smelting material to produce Carnium IV.

Ash BugIt is named for its knife-like appearance and it violently attacks small living creatures. Used as a smelting material to produce Phracon IV.

Blind Loach
Beginner Fishing BaitIngredient for Spicy Fried Loach I. It can be found in all kinds of shallow and muddy waters, and its meat is very delicious.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you with your fishing adventure in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX).

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