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Fairway Solitaire Blast for PC Review (Facebook Gameroom)

Have you play this top rated card game in Android or iOS? Well, the Fairway Solitaire Blast is now available on PC at Facebook Gameroom for FREE. The game is so addicting that I was got hooked and played several levels in the game.

The game is different from casual solitaire game, you will be given a several cards that you have to match the nearest number either lower or higher of that card on the top board, of course you have to clear all cards in order to finish the level. It also contains bonus card that has different power on clearing the cards to help you on the next move. It features Daily Challenge, Special Tournament with different levels, Prizes, Rewards and [...]

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Facebook Gameroom Review

Facebook had launched its first gaming platform the Facebook Gameroom, it’s their very first big push into PC – after its web-based games platform. The new Facebook Gameroom features variety of games from its existing web-based games and dedicated native games, this push of Facebook serves as a competition to other gaming platform like Steam, Origin and uPlay, although Facebook focus on different environment of gaming.

So what are the difference of Facebook Gameroom? Well, It is a light version of Steam – most of the games here are FREE and not larger than 200mb – though the maximum file size allowed is 500mb and there are in-app purchase on [...]

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Call of Juarez Gunslinger Game Review

From the creators of Dead Island comes there other game Call of Juarez Gunslinger that was released in 2013. The game greatest success lies in how smartly it marries the authenticity of its setting with the artifice of the storytelling. The aesthetic is Bound In Blood meets Borderlands, with objects outlined as if illustrated in a dime-store novel. Your brightly attired enemies are the main sources of color in the dusty brown environments, while the violence is pulpy, comic book stuff. When a bullet connects with an enemy there’s a ludicrous splatter of vivid red accompanied by a noisy slurp: Tarantino would undoubtedly approve, as he would of the rambling tales that stitch these [...]

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Layton Brothers Mystery Room Game Review

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is a strange mix, one of Level-5’s trademark cutesy charm and a more brutal world than the team has depicted before, and it doesn’t always feel like a comfortable artistic fit. Rather than bring the charm and whimsy of the Professor Layton series to smartphones and tablets, Level-5 has opted for a noir crime-scene simulator complete with gruesome kills, saxophone solos and heated confrontations with the accused.

Set in Scotland Yard, you take on the role of rookie detective and latest apprentice to one Alfendi Layton, son of the famous Professor. Examining the reconstructed scene of a crime – a timed routine of spinning, zooming and [...]