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Steam Shader Pre-Caching Improve Load Times and Less Shuttering

Steam just added new features on its latest update, the Steam Shader Pre-Caching that improve game load times and less shuttering. What is Steam Shader Pre-Caching? Shader Pre-Caching allows Steam to download pre-compiled GPU shaders matching your system configuration. This allows Vulkan and OpenGL games to load faster and improves framerate stability during gameplay.

If Steam Shader Pre-Caching is enabled, Steam will collect shaders from your system when needed. Enabling this feature may slightly increase disk and bandwidth usage. The maximum sized of Shader Pre-Caching is 18 MB.

Well, this is good news for games who has shuttering problem during gameplay, [...]

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How to Fix New Steam Library Folder must be empty

If you tried adding existing Steam Library in your Steam Client, you might be experiencing this problem – popping up error message “New Steam Library Folder must be empty”. This error is not a bug or something, this is because we’ve added incorrect hierarchy of folders for your existing steam library.

In order to fix this issue, make sure that the folders common, depotcache, downloading, shadercache, sourcemods, temp, workshop and other appmanifest files are inside the steamapps folder.

The example folder hierarchy should [...]

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Steam Update January 19, 2017 Patch Notes / Change Log

A new steam client has been released today, some of the notable updates includes keyboard overlay for games in Big Pictures and support for Windows 10 Insider preview builds. If you haven’t check the steam client yet, go ahead and update your steam client.

Here are the updates:


Updated Web control to Chromium v56.0.2924.10 Account email and password wizards are now web based and offer usability and recovery improvements Game install folders can be moved to other Steam Library folders under Properties / Local Files Improved download/update error messages when game files are locked by other programs Improved error message when you fail to [...]
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Steam Update January 1, 2017 Patch Notes / Change Log

As valve bracing the year 2017, they have a new updates for Steam client – mostly are minor updates like steam crashes, updated their privacy policy and adding new features to support game controllers. A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

UPDATED: This client was re-released with an updated Steam Subscriber Agreement that reflects legal changes between Valve Corporation and its affiliate companies, effective January 1, 2017.


We have recently updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the Privacy Shield Framework as agreed to by the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission. The Privacy Policy [...]