White Valentine’s Day Event in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox Guide)

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For some reason, Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) releases a little late event that is for the Valentines day. They call it White Valentine’s Day, “Poem of Pure Love – White Day” or “Pure White Love Song Event”, the new event allows adventurer to do couple quest that let them earn rewards. The good news, they also send 50% discount to all adventurer who will do wedding during the event. Find our tips snippet below to finish this task quickly!

The two event is a 7-day daily quest that can be participated starting March 11 to 18, 2022.


  1. Couple in Pairs (Time of Love Gift Box)
  2. Paper Crane Love (Golden and Silver Jar Cookies)
  3. How much you need to Exchange?
  4. Reward Exchange

The interesting reward that you can get from this quest are the exclusive crown headgear and exclusive chat, avatar frames. There is also packs that contains mats for upgrading and PVP buffs, you also have a chance to get instantly the headgear or a 30-day mount.

Couple in Pairs (Time of Love Gift Box)

To participate, you need to have partner to complete this quest. If you do not have a couple, you can asked your friend or guildmates to do it together.

Both of you must be in a party first. Then, talk to the NPC Mirabelle at the Prontera Cathedral and take the Love Cycle quest.

After that, both of you need have to go to the Prontera South Gate and ride any of the amusement ride (Carousel, Train or Rotating Bench).

Both need to stay in the ride for at least 5 seconds until the quest is completed.

Once completed, you need to go back to the NPC Mirabelle and claim your rewards.

RewardsDaily RewardsTotal Rewards
(Event duration)

Time of Love Gift Box

White Paper Crane

The rewards Time of Love Gift Box can be use to obtain Golden or Silver Jar Cookies that can be used at the 2nd event below. The Silver White Paper Crane on the other hand, can be use to exchange for exclusive items.

Paper Crane Love (Golden and Silver Jar Cookies)

Players can participate in the quest by forming a party with your couple or any friend or guildmates. What important is your partner must do the same task for you to complete it, so be careful on inviting strangers.

You need to gift your partner with Time of Love Gift Box that you get on the above event, or you can purchase it on the gift shop for 10,000 Crystals. Once you gifted your partner, he/she will received the Golden or Silver Jar Cookies. You must asked your partner to do the same so you can get the item as well.

Once you have the Golden or Silver Jar Cookies, open your backpack, and both of you must use it. open your backpack, and both of you must use it. Your partner must use different Jar Cookies. (eg. You use Golden Jar Cookies, your partner must use Silver Jar Cookies)

Initially, a heart bubble will appear on your head after you consume the cookies. Once your partner also consume the cookie, a pink-light wave line will link you to your partner. From here, you need to do the Make a Heart emoticons to get the rewards..

The Golden or Silver Jar Cookies extra steps will contains the following buff and rewards:

  • 12-hour buff (Cupid’s Blessing – Final Damage Bonus and Reduction +2%)
  • 1 White Paper Crane
  • 1 Pink Paper Crane.

It can be consumed at anytime to get more rewards and the buff can be stacked up to 10 times.

How much you need to Exchange?

To complete the event except for the gift packs, you need a total of 50 White Paper Crane and 50 Pink Paper Crane.

Exchange ItemFREE
(Event Duration)
(You need to consume 10

White Paper Crane
21290,000 Crystal

Pink Paper Crane
7430,000 Crystal
To get everything:spent at least 430,000 Crystals

TIPS: You can use your alt account to send Time of Love Gift Box to your main character (limit of 10 times per day), there is a free 1 gift box per day from the quest grab it.

Reward Exchange

The rewards you get from the quest can be exchange for the following items.


Crystal Tiara
50 Pink Paper Crane

Pink Dreamland Avatar Frame
10 White Paper Crane

Pink Dreamland Chat Frame
20 White Paper Crane

Pink Dreamland Side Bar
30 White Paper Crane

Pure White Heart Gift Pack
1 White Paper Crane

Illusory Pink Heart Gift Pack
1 Pink Paper Crane

That’s all for now guys, happy labing2x!

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