Halloween Revelry “Hyakki Yagyo” Event Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has finally announced the start of a new event for all Midgard’s adventurer, dedicated to the upcoming holiday, the Halloween. Same as last year’s Halloween Carnival event, adventurers will need to defeat monsters during every evening to receive event-exclusive materials that they can exchange for an event item. This year’s Halloween theme will be Hyakki Yagyo, based on the traditional Japanese folklore. Jakk will lead the event as he invaded the Prontera with a legion of evil monsters.


  1. How to participate in Halloween Revelry “Hyakki Yagyo” Event
  2. The Halloween Revelry Hyakki Yagyo Event
  3. How to get More Soul and Event-exclusive Materials
  4. Soul Rewards Exchange Shop
  5. Where to loot Exchange Item from Mobs
  6. Halloween Shadow Trail Riddle
    1. How to play
    2. Tools for Answering the Clues
    3. Answer Keys and Solution

The Halloween Hyakki Yagyo event will start on October 25 and will end on November 9, 2022. Event exchange item will end in November 12, 2022.

How to Participate in Halloween Revelry “Hyakki Yagyo” Event

The event will activate every evening, starting 8:00PM to 9:00PM (Manila, Kuala, Jakarta Time) or 7:00PM to 8:00PM (Server time). You have to talk to Jakk at the Odin’s Statue at the Prontera to enter into the in-game event.

The event will take 1 hour to complete and defeating the monsters will allow you to obtain EXP and event-exclusive exchange materials and Souls. You will also receive random buff/debuff item that can be used for adventure or in the event.

The Halloween Revelry Hyakki Yagyo Event

At the start of the 1-hour event, there will be set of MVP and Mini that will spawn in 8 different areas in Halloween themed Prontera.

Each set of these monsters has specific time to spawn at different mark at 10 min, 20min, 35min and 50min.

TimeMVP/Mini Spawn Location
10 Minutes mark
8:10PM (Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia Time)
7:10PM (Thailand, Server Time)

(Mini: Mastering, Ghostring, Toad, King Dramoh)
(MVP Abyss: Kraken, Phreeoni)
20 Minutes mark
8:20PM (Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia Time)
7:20PM (Thailand, Server Time)

(Mini: Angeling, Deviling “Ubagabi”, Dark Priest, Waria “Wolf”)
(MVP Abyss: Pharoah, Doppelganger)
35 Minutes mark
8:35PM (Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia Time)
7:35PM (Thailand, Server Time)

(MVP: Chimera, Mysteltainn, Ogretooth, Necromancer)
(MVP Abyss: Amon Ra, Timekeeper)
50 Minutes mark
8:50PM (Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia Time)
7:50PM (Thailand, Server Time)

(MVP: Tao Gunka, Last Dragon, Mutant Dragonoid, Owl Duke, Dark Lord, Captain)

Once the event is completed at 9:00PM (Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia Time) or 8:00PM (Thailand, Server Time), the amount of Souls collected by all of the adventurers will be ranked and rewards handed out accordingly.

How to get More Soul and Event-Exclusive Materials

To get more souls, you can defeat the MVPs and Minions as many times as possible. Though, it is not necessary to defeat them – just one hit on the enemy is enough for you to eligible get a soul as long as you are still alive when it dies.

Now, there are 4 channels in the game, and each channel has its own set of MVPs and Minis – which means, you can teleport to every one of them and defeat those monsters to collect as many rewards as possible.

The technique is, you need to find a group of whales on your server and find the MVPs and Minis they are hunting. This way, you can 1-hit the monsters and wait on the side till they have defeated the monsters or if you can carry, help the whales. Then repeat the process, follow them again for the next hunt.

At the end of the event, we were able to get 1,430 souls and still not enough to get in the ranking.

Viewing the number of Souls collected after the event is currently not possible, this is because – same as the last year, Souls are not an exchange item – rather a points. Any points you collected during the event will be gone after the event and the number of souls will be calculated for the rewards you will received via in-game mail.

Soul Rewards Exchange Shop

The Souls you have collected in the game can be exchanged to NPC Jakk at the Prontera. Adventurers can do still exchange item to the NPC until November 12, 2022.

The following are the item you can exchange from Jakk

ItemSouls Needed

Hyakki Yagyo Avatar Frame
60 x Water Demon Aura
20 x Wind Demon Charm

Hyakki Yagyo Chat Frame
40 x Water Demon Aura
10 x Wind Demon Charm

Hyakki Yagyo Side Bar
24 x Water Demon Aura
8 x Wind Demon Charm

Celebration Dance
Social action

140 x Water Demon Aura
50 x Wind Demon Charm

Scattering Beans
Social action

120 x Water Demon Aura
40 x Wind Demon Charm

Hyakki Yagy dyestuff
Hair Dye
10 x Water Demon Aura
6 x Wind Demon Charm

Noble Hairstyle (Male)

16 x Water Demon Aura
14 x Wind Demon Charm

Gorgeous Hairstyle (Female)
16 x Water Demon Aura
14 x Wind Demon Charm

Bugaku Pupil Style (Male)
16 x Water Demon Aura
14 x Wind Demon Charm

Bugaku Pupil Style (Female)
16 x Water Demon Aura
14 x Wind Demon Charm

Angry Mask
72 x Water Demon Aura
72 x Wind Demon Charm

Smiling Mask
72 x Water Demon Aura
72 x Wind Demon Charm

Evil Hurn
72 x Water Demon Aura
72 x Wind Demon Charm

Bewitching Moon
72 x Water Demon Aura
72 x Wind Demon Charm

Twin Devils
84 x Water Demon Aura
84 x Wind Demon Charm

Ghostflame Robe (Male)

Ghostflame Robe (Female)

120 x Water Demon Aura
120 x Wind Demon Charm

Mount Dye: Black Gold
600 x Water Demon Aura
350 x Wind Demon Charm
160 x Shadow Demon Pearl

Sky-Swallowing Python
1,600 x Water Demon Aura
600 x Wind Demon Charm
280 x Shadow Demon Pearl
280 x Fierce Spirit Soul

Enchantment Selection Pack II
10 x Water Demon Aura
3 x Wind Demon Charm

Adventure Upgrade Selection Pack I
20 x Water Demon Aura
6 x Wind Demon Charm

Adventure Upgrade Selection Pack II
20 x Water Demon Aura
6 x Wind Demon Charm

Adventure Refinement Selection Pack
32 x Water Demon Aura
12 x Wind Demon Charm

Shadow Mysterious Chest I
10 x Water Demon Aura

Shadow Mysterious Chest II
5 x Wind Demon Charm
2 x Shadow Demon Pearl

Shadow Mysterious Chest III
2 x Shadow Demon Pearl
2 x Fierce Spirit Soul

Shadow Mysterious Chest IV
4 x Wind Demon Charm
3 x Shadow Demon Pearl
2 x Fierce Spirit Soul

Where to loot Exchange Item from Mobs

Aside from the MVP and Mini spawning in the event, there will be a set of monster’s spawn in those location where you can eliminate them to get extra exclusive-event items. Please take the following data as grain of salt, not yet verified.


Water Demon Aura
Akaname Water Fish Small (1%)
Dorotabō Shadow Demi-Human Medium (1%)
Zashiki-warashi (1.5%)
Kurozuka – Wind Demon Medium (1.5%)
Kyōkotsu – Undead Large (2.5%)
Fuguruma-Yōbi – Wind Demi-Human Large (2.5%)
Momonjii Neutral Brute Small (2.5%)
Ungaikyō – Shadow Demon Small (7.5%)
Hinoenma – Neutral Demi-Human Medium (7.5%)
Yonaki Ishi – Neutral Formless Large (5%)
Tengu tsubute – Neutral Formless Large (5%)
Wild Bird – Wind Demon Medium (7.5%)

Wind Demon Charm
Abyssal Kraken
Abyssal Orc Lord
Abyssal Orc Hero
Abyssal Eddga
Abyssal Phreeoni
Abyssal Pharaoh
Abyssal Maya
Abyssal Mistress
Orc Lord
Orc Hero

Shadow Demon Pearl
Funayūrei (Drake) – Undead Undead Medium
Satsuriku Onid (Dark Lord) – Undead Demon Large

Fierce Spirit Soul
from Event Item:
Ten Thousand Soul Chest

Halloween Shadow Trail Riddle

In addition to the evening event, from October 25 to November 9, 2022, players can join the Halloween Shadow Trail Riddle where adventurers had to solve the problem to get rewards. And one of the rewards are the 5-speed and 5-headed snake Mount called Yamata no Orochi! The good news is the mount is Permanent, yes permanent!

Here is the detail of the mount Yamata No Orochi!


Yamata no Orochi
Cannot be used for Cavalry Combat

Speed: 5

Riders: 1

How to be obtained:
Shadow Trail Riddle
Exchange Center

How to play Shadow Trail

To play this game, Jakk will give you a hint about what the game is about or the decryption you need to use. First, you’ll need to go to all Plaintext Messenger NPCs for clues to the answer. To get the clue, you’ll need to guess the social action (dancing, jumping, etc.) that you need to perform in front of them. After that, you need to go to Exclusive Messenger NPCs to get your 3-digit exclusive code, you need to guess the social action to get it.

Once you have gathered all the clues, you must use Jakk’s hint to decode it. If you want some clues, you can check the previous event answer keys.

To reduce your time on getting the clues, here are all of the exact social actions for each Messenger NPCs.

NPC’s Social ActionLocations
Kosame Furu (Spin)
Lerin (Cheers)
Todaiki (Walk it out)
Taylin (Make a Heart)
Tesso (Scared)
Carbon (Play Cute)
Clarice (Blow Kisses)
Bennit (Blow Kisses)
Ryfe (Clap)
Damian (Play Cute)
Qingqing (Shake)
Juste (Balloon)
Ball (Scared)
Shuling (Make a Heart)

Once you already figure out the answer and obtained the 3-digit exclusive codes, you need to type your answer to the world chat with the following format (ANSWER-3_DIGIT_CODE), example: GAMINGPH-123.

Tools for Answering the Clues

Since the event is just a recycle of the previous event. It uses the same type of ciphers you’ve seen before, including Calendar, Morse Code, Caesar, Polybius, Rail Fence and Atbash. This means, you have the idea of what cipher you will be decoding. The problem is, it takes time to search for the right decoding tool on Google and you need to do some adjustments to get the correct answer. However, if you have one tool for all of these ciphers, then it’s a game changer.

We’ve been sharing the solutions and answers on our website since the start of the event, and we’ve been able to provide the answer within 2 to 3 minutes most of the time. We’re happy to share the tool that we created for this event, so you can get your hands on this exclusive mount too!

So, what is the process? Well, it takes team effort and “paubaya”. You need at least 8 people on getting all of the clues from the NPCs.

  • 6 People for getting the plaintext NPC messenger
  • 1 for getting the 3-digit code from the exclusive NPC messenger (The player who will claim the reward)
  • 1 for solving the problem with our all-in-one decipher tool.

All of these will take 1 to 2 minutes to complete. That’s if the challenge for the day is available in our tool. Unfortunately, if the challenge is a Math problem, we don’t have it – you can use Google or Edge Browser’s Math solver to do that.

After you get all of the 6 clues from the plaintext NPCs, you just need to input each of the clues separated with spaces (It must be in order) in our tool. Example (“ET RA DA NE SN MN”).

Our tool will then decode and search for all the possibilities from all of the cipher. You just need to find the readable word. That readable word should be the answer to the puzzle for the day. In the example input, the answer is ENTERSANDMAN.

Here is the tool we have created and used for the event: https://gamingph.com/rox/ro-halloween-cipher.html

Answer Keys and Solutions

If you hate solving the problem and just want to get the least reward, here are the list of answer for each day of riddle. We will try to update this post as soon as possible, so make sure to refresh it often.


1st Day Riddle (October 25, 2022)
(Morse Code)

“Tick tock… Tick tock…” – The invention of the telegraph made it possible for humans to use electricity for communication.

The cracked cipher is the ciphertext! It consists of 6 English letters!

If you don’t understand, please refer to the Morse Code chart!

Yes! Get to work, telegrapher!!! Each Shadow Messenger may play a code consisting of multiple letters. I separated the codes with acoustic isolation.
The 6 NPCs will play a Morse code sound separated with sound separator. You’ll get the following characters from 6 NPC in order:

Messenger 1: --
Messenger 2: .-
Messenger 3: .
Messenger 4: -..
Messenger 5: ---
Messenger 6: .-..

Then converting these morse code sequence will give us the following:

Messenger 1: M
Messenger 2: A
Messenger 3: E
Messenger 4: D
Messenger 5: O
Messenger 6: L

Combining everything, the answer is MAEDOL

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Spin, Blow Kisses, Blow Kisses

2nd Day Riddle (October 26, 2022)
(Calendar Cipher)

This is an essential calendar tool that I use for encryption!

The cracked cipher is the ciphertext! It consists of 11 English letters!

Use M, T1, W, T2, F, S1, and S2 to represent Monday to Sunday respectively, then lock the date according to the number behind them representing the week of the month and convert the date to letters.

What do you think? The calendar cipher is amazing, right?
The same calendar cipher used in the previous event, but with a twist.

Message from messenger NPCs gave us a code with coordinates for a calendar cipher:

Messenger 1: S23 W2
Messenger 2: S11 W3
Messenger 3: T23 S22
Messenger 4: M1 W2
Messenger 5: S13 S14
Messenger 6: W1

We tried to decipher the code using the default calendar sequence, which is Jakk has mentioned M, T1, W, T2, F, S1, and S2:

|**|M |T1|W |T2|F |S1|S2|
|1 |A |B |C |D |E |F |G |
|2 |H |I |J |K |L |M |N |
|3 |O |P |Q |R |S |T |U |
|4 |V |W |X |Y |Z |_ |_ |

Matching the coordinates ends up getting you a scramble word that is not readable. It is UHFQRNAJT C. Definitely, this is not the correct word; something must be hidden in it.

So, we tried a new calendar sequence. We moved all of the weekend days to the left side and weekdays to the right. We ended up with a sequence of S1, S2, M, T1, W, T2, F (When you look at the calendar, you’ll see that October begins on a Saturday—just as it does for the new sequence

|**|S1|S2|M |T1|W |T2|F |
|1 |A |B |C |D |E |F |G |
|2 |H |I |J |K |L |M |N |
|3 |O |P |Q |R |S |T |U |
|4 |V |W |X |Y |Z |_ |_ |

Now, let’s try again and match the coordinates. S23 is P, W2 is L, S11 is A, W3 is S, T23 is T, S22 is I, M1 is C, W2 is L, S13 is O, S14 is V and W1 is E. So, we get a word that are readable, and it is a title of a popular song.

The answer is PLASTICLOVE

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Shake, Make a Heart, Play Cute

3rd Day Riddle (October 27, 2022)
(Caesar Cipher)

Don’t think of yourself as a hunter who has already aimed at the target. The answer can be slightly off, just like your arrow!

The cracked cipher is the ciphertext! It consists of 9 English letters!

The letters you can see have been shifted backwards by 3 positions.

Oh! You shouldn’t have any trouble with something this simple.
For today’s cipher, Jakk mentioned of a hint saying backwards by 3 positions. Meaning, it has something to do with alphabet that substitutes each letter by certain position. This means, using Caesar Cipher.

Messenger 1: D O
Messenger 2: H M
Messenger 3: D Q
Messenger 4: G
Messenger 5: U
Messenger 6: R

Simplifying the code will give us DOHMDQGUR, now replacing the letter by counting each backwards by 3.

D -> C -> B -> A
O -> N -> M -> L
H -> G -> F -> E
M -> L -> K -> J
D -> C -> B -> A
Q -> P -> O -> N
G -> F -> E -> D
U -> T -> S -> R
R -> Q -> P -> O

The answer is ALEJANDRO

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Spin, Make a Heart, Cheers

4th Day Riddle (October 28, 2022)
(Math and Substitution Cipher)

Today, I’ll become the nightmare that haunted you when you were a student. Prepare to be judged by mathematics, Adventurer!

The cracked cipher is the ciphertext! It consists of 7 English letters!

Arrange the 26 letters in order. A corresponds to 1 and B corresponds to 2.

Each letter corresponds to a number like this.
Okay, I’ll give you a few more hints. It isn’t hard to see that the solution to the equation must be a positive integer

Candidates, please pick up your pen and paper.
For the 1st messenger, we got two separate formulas:

3x + 5y = 123
Solving the linear equation with two unknowns X and Y. Let’s use the 2nd formula to get a new formula for X.

2x - 3y = 25
2x = 3y + 25
x = 3y/2 + 25/2

We have now the x formula, let’s use this to substitute it to the 1st formula.

3x + 5y = 123
3(3y/2 + 25/2) + 5y = 123
19y/2 = 171/2
19y = 171
y = 171/19
y = 9

Now, we have the exact value for y. We can then use this to solve for x.

x = 3y/2 + 25/2
x = 3(9)/2 + 25/2
x = 27/2 + 25/2
x = 52/2
x = 26

Basically, we have solved the value of x = 26 and y = 9. But we do not know the order yet, this will depend on if the final answer is readable or not when we have solved all of the 6 messengers.

For the 2nd messenger, we got one formula with one unknown (x). To solve it, you just need to simplify it first.

5x/7−2 = (x + 2)/2
5x/7 -2 = x/2 + 2/2
5x/7 -2 = x/2 + 1
(5x/7 -2)-(x/2) = (x/2 + 1) - x/2
(5x/7 + -1/2x) - 2 = (x/2 + (-1/2)x) + 1
(((5)(2)/(7)(2))+(-1.7/2.7))x - 2 = (x/2+(-1/2)x) + 1
((10/14)+(-7/14))x - 2 = ((1 - 1)/2)x + 1
((10-7)/14)x - 2 = (0/2)x + 1
(3/14)x - 2 = 0x + 1
(3/14)x - 2 = 1

Once simplified, it is now easy to solve x.

(3/14)x - 2 = 1
(3/14)x = 1 + 2
(3/14)x = 3
((3/14)x)(14/3) = 3(14/3)
((3/14)(14/3))x = 3(14/3)
X = 3(14/3)
X = ((3)(14))/3
X = 14

The value of x = 14.

For the 3rd messenger, the formula is a quadratic equation where we expect to have 2 answers for x. Let’s try to convert it to a standard form of a quadratic equation (ax^2 + bx + c = 0).

2x^2 − 5x − 16 = 6x + 5
2x^2 - 5x - 16 - (6x + 5) = 0
2x^2 - 5x - 16 - 6x - 5 = 0
2x^2 - 11x - 21 = 0

Using the standard form, we can now identify the three variables: a as 2, b as -11 and c as -21.

2x^2 - 11x - 21 = 0
Let’s get a quadratic formula which is:

x = -b ± sqrt( b^2 - 4ac ))/2a
Then substitute our a, b and c values:

x = ((-(-11)) ± sqrt ( -11^2 - (4)(2)(-21) ))/(2)(2)
x = (11 ± sqrt ( 121 + 168 ))/4
x = (11 ± sqrt ( 289 ))/4
x = (11 ± 17) / 4

Now, we have the equation for x, and since ± means two possible answers – we may probably get two answers for messenger 2 but since Jakk mentioned that it must be an integer and only 7 characters, we may choose a single answer. Let’s try the positive first.

x = (11 + 17) / 4
x = 28/4
x = 7

We got an integer! this may be the answer, but let’s check the negative if it is an integer as well.

x = (11 - 17) / 4
x = -6 / 4
x = -1.5

Well, it is not integer – so this must not be the answer. So, the answer for our third messenger is x = 7.

For the 4th messenger, the formula we get is another quadratic equation.

5 / (2x + 3) + 12 /(3x−7) = −2
Since we already solved this kind of problem, we will not be going into details, this is converted standard form of a quadratic equation:

12x^2 + 29x -41 = 0
Now, we have a value for quadratic equation, a = 12, b =29 and c = -41

x = -b ± sqrt( b^2 - 4ac ))/2a
x = ((-(29)) ± sqrt ( 29^2 - (4)(12)(-41) ))/(2)(12)
x = (-29 ± sqrt (2809)) / 24
x = (-29 ± 53) / 24

We can then solve the + and – and see who has the integer.

x = (-29 + 53) / 24
x = 24 / 24
x = 1

x = (-29 - 53) / 24
x = -82 / 24

Well, we got integer for +, but a fraction for – (-82/24). So, the fourth messenger answer must be x = 1.

For the 5th messenger, we got a radical equation.

x / 2 - sqrt( 2x ) = 3
sqrt( 2x ) = -(x/2) + 3
sqrt( 2x ) = (x/2) - 3
(sqrt( 2x )^2 = ((x/2) - 3)^2
2x = x^2 / ( 4 - 3x + 9 )
(1/4)x^2 - 5x + 9 = 0

This is not yet the standard form of a quadratic formula, we need to simplify it more:

(1/4)x^2 - 5x + 9 = 0
x^2/4 - 5x + 9 = 0
x^2/4 + (4(-5)x)/4 + ((4)(9))/4 = 0
(x^2 + 4(-5)x + ((4)(9)))/4 = 0
(x^2 - 20x + 36)/4 = 0
4((x^2 - 20x + 36)/4) = 0
x^2 - 20x + 36 = 0

Now, we have a value standard form, let’s identify our variables; a = 1, b = -20, c = 36 then solved it to quadratic equation:

x = -b ± sqrt( b^2 - 4ac ))/2a
x = ((-(-20)) ± sqrt ( -20^2 - (4)(1)(36) ))/(2)(1)
x = (20 ± sqrt ( 400 - 144 )) / 2
x = (20 ± sqrt ( 256 )) / 2
x = (20 ± 16) / 2

Then, let’s check if who has integer value for + and –

x = (20 + 16) / 2
x = 36 / 2
x = 18

x = (20 - 16) / 2
x = 4 / 2
x = 2

Well, we have two integers for x. So, the x must be either x = 18 or x =2. We’ll decide later if the final output is readable or not.

For the 6th messenger and final math problem, we got a very long theorem about rational roots. That means there will be 4 possible answers, but let’s see who got the integers.

24x^4 - 578x^3 + 3639x^2 - 5185x - 5250 = 0
Factoring the following formula is a bit lengthy, so here’s the final factor:

(x-15)(3x+2)(4x-25)(2x-7) = 0
Now, we’ll solve each of the 4 equation and see who got the integers:

x - 15 = 0
x = 15

3x + 2 = 0
3x = -2

3x = -2/3
4x - 25 = 0
4x = 25
x = 25/4

2x - 7 = 0
2x = 7
x = 7/2

Well, we only got one integer for the first equation, which is x = 15.

To sum up, the following integers were found:

Messenger 1: 26, 9
Messenger 2: 14
Messenger 3: 7
Messenger 4: 1
Messenger 5: 18 or 2
Messenger 6: 15

Since Jakk mentioned that the answer is 7 characters, we assumed that the Messenger 1 answer is our first 2 characters (but we don’t know the order yet). So, let’s place all of the possibilities and see if there are any readable word or phrase.

26 9 14 7 1 18 15
9 26 14 7 1 18 15
26 9 14 7 1 2 15
9 26 14 7 1 2 15

Converting these numbers to alphabets, from A = 1 to Z = 26. These give us the following words:


Let’s look at the clues. Two of them are readable: ZINGARO, which means untouchable or a gypsy tribe, and the ZINGABO are not a word with meaning but used in names. In this event, ROX usually uses a word that is well known and one of the classes in ROX is named gypsy, so ZINGARO is the best fitted to it.

So, the answer is ZINGARO.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Make a Heart, Shake, Cheers

5th Day Riddle (October 29, 2022)
(Song guessing cipher)

Hi, Adventurer! Please listen to the music played by the Shadow Messengers today!

The cracked cipher is the ciphertext! It consists of 10 English letters!

Put your heart into feeling this familiar tune. Maybe you’ve heard it before on a post battlefield!

The answer is the name of a piece of music from the world of Ragnarok.

Remember to turn on the volume of the background music!
Today’s cipher is all about music and Jakk specifically mentioned that the music is from the world of Ragnarok and composed of 10 characters.
For a hard-core ragna fan, it should be easy to remember this song and get a bit of nostalgia. But the problem is they probably don’t know the exact title of this track, because it rarely appeared in the game and one of our team members recalled it was played in a quest where you had to walk your way through a ruin full of fire.

If you are thinking of making a reverse music search using an app, it won’t work – because the song has few distinguishing features (like someone singing or any chorus) for an AI to identify and the added background noises from your microphone will make it difficult for AI to search for the music you want.
So we have to think of another way of identifying this music without actually playing all of the song, searching for Ragnarok BGM from irowiki.org, you’ll find 172 BGM music. Since Jakk mentioned that the title is a 10 character, we may be able to narrow our search. 
To do this, we will use Google spreadsheets to filter the lists. We need to list the column for all of the music titles, then remove the spaces and special characters from it to give us a list that is applicable for the event answer.
Now, we need to identify the number of characters for each title. This can be done by using the Excel formula =LEN(THE_CELL) and sorting the list by length.
Having done that, we are left with only 15 songs.
Greathonor 10
Streamside 10
BrassyRoad 10
PampasUpas 10
TeMPorsche 10
CursenPain 10
SilverBell 10
MuchoGusto 10
OneFineDay 10
RetroMetro 10
ThaiOrchid 10
YetitPetit 10
AbSolitude 10
TaikosFury 10
MysticHaze 10

The last thing we need to do is search for each of these songs and play them manually. If you have a premium version of YouTube without unskippable ads, that would be faster!

The answer is TAIKOSFURY.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Clap, Scared, Play Cute

6th Day Riddle (October 30, 2022)
(ADFGX guessing cipher)

Good evening, Adventurer! Let’s play ADFGX cipher today.

The cipher you need to crack a code is made up of 8 English letters!

The ADFGX cipher is similar to a chessboard cipher as 26 letters are also arranged in order in a 5×5 table with A as the dot and ADFGX as the coordinate units!

Today’s English letters are placed in each grid in the order of “btalpdhozkqfvsngjcuxmrewy“.

In addition, the letters i and j will be place in the same grid.
Today’s cipher is about ADFGX, a simple substitution cipher used by the German Army during World War I. It consists of a 5×5 grid with row and column labels of ADFGX.

Jakk gave us a letters “btalpdhozkqfvsngjcuxmrewy” for the grid and we need to enter these letters by order:

* | A | D | F | G | X
A | B | T | A | P | P
D | D | H | O | Z | K
F | Q | F | V | S | N
G | G |J/I| C | U | X
X | M | R | E | W | Y

After that, we need to retrieve all of the clues from the plaintext messenger:

Messenger 1: XF
Messenger 2: GD <-
Messenger 3: GD ->
Messenger 4: GD <-
Messenger 5: XA DF
Messenger 6: XD GD <-

We have the 6 clues, but the main question is why there is an arrow pointing to GD. When we check the coordinates, the value is J/I. This means these arrows is for these two letters, but we have to figure out who is on the left and who is on the right. We’ll need to swap them with each other and get two answers. The answer that makes sense is the correct one.

Our Messenger 1, XF. The first letter X is our row, and the second letter is the column. Matching the coordinates will give us the letter E. We can do these to the rest of our letters to get GD is either J/I, XA is M, DF is O and XD is R.

Messenger 1: E
Messenger 2: J/I<-
Messenger 3: J/I->
Messenger 4: J/I<-
Messenger 5: M O
Messenger 6: R J/I<-

Next step is to solve both J/I and I/J. For J/I, <- means J, -> means I. Then for I/J, <- means I and -> means J. This gives us two answers.


Clearly, EIJI MORI is a word that is readable. The man behind the music for some of the Final Fantasy XIV, 90’s anime and Chinese fantasy TV dramas is named Eiji Mori.

So, the answer is EIJIMORI.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Blow Kisses, Spin, Blow Kisses

7th to Last Day Riddle

Good evening, adventurer!

I’ve received report from plaintext messengers saying that my question is too difficult!

There’s no winning against the sluggish troop!

Then let me help you solve these riddles!

But this does not affect sharp adventurers who rely on their own wisdom to solve the puzzle!

Let’s get started!
In the past three days, some people have already leaked the answer behind the embargo date and time.

From today onwards, the answer will be sent through in-game mail and adventurer will just find the 3-digit code from the exclusive messengers.

October 31, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was VERONA.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Scared, Play Cute, Make a Heart

November 1, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was ABSOLUTION.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Shake, Play Cute, Blow Kisses

November 2, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was HYAQKIYAKOU.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Spin, Scared, Shake

November 3, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was STROBE.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Scared, Clap, Make a Heart

Later tonight, Kafra will send a redeem code for everyone. To redeem this code, go to in-game Settings > Redeem and check it out!

The redeem codes are:

November 4, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was YINYANGDIVISION.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Make a Heart, Walk it out, Scared

Kafra’s Redeem Codes:

November 5, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was SEIUNMITO.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Play Cute, Walk it Out, Clap

November 6, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was GHOSTBUSTER.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Blow Ksisses, Clap, Scared

November 7, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was GHOSTSNSTUFF.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Make a Heart, Clap, Blow Kisses

November 8, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was SAYONARA.

Exclusive Messenger Social Actions:
Scared, Blow Kisses, Clap

November 9, 2022:
The Shadow Trail answer was FARVEL.

You can check the latest “Water deity” event guide here.

That’s all for now. This post is still work-in-progress and will be updated as the event approaches.

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