Equipment Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX)

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One of the most important part of making your character in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox Mobile) stand out from the rest are the effectiveness of your equipment. There are lots of equipment you can choose from and with the simplicity of most MMORPG mobile nowadays. Equipment are automatically indicated for the type of classes, making it easier for newbie players to use equipment ideal for their character. However, there are still newbie players still need some clarification on every type of equipment, like the meaning of the color, its purpose and how to enhance it to extract every juices on it.

Table of Contents

  1. Type of Equipment
    1. Instance Equipment (White)
    2. Crafted Equipment (Blue)
    3. Valkyrie Equipment (Purple)
    4. MVP/Mini Equipment (Gold)
  2. Leveling Equipment (Base)
  3. Upgrading Equipment
  4. Refining Equipment
  5. Enchantment
  6. Equipment Stat Transfer
  7. Embedding Card
  8. Dismantling Equipment
  9. Removing Card from Equipment

In this guide, we will try to cover every question you had about Ragnarok X Next Generation equipment. In case, there are topics that are not covered here, please try leaving a comment.

Type of Equipment

There are four types of equipment in Ragnarok X Next Generation, it can easily be distinguish by their border colours. Each has different ways of acquiring them, through MVP dungeon, crafting, hunting, NPC store or via Gacha.

Instance Equipment (White)

Instance Equipment (White) is a type of equipment that can upgrade its Tier level (Tier I, II, III, IV, and V) without changing the appearance that increases the base stats. This allows players to adventure in RoX without using equipment that requires a higher level, but the performance will compete when the Tier is upgraded. In the example below, the Katana weapon, when upgraded to Tier I, the base stats have been increased significantly.

You can obtain the Instance Equipment from participating in an MVP Dungeon Instance. Each of the MVPs has a specific level of instance equipment. For the first one, like the Golden Bug Thief, you will have a chance to get a decent equipment. You can also get this from the Gacha at the Prontera Square.

Crafted Equipment (Blue)

The Crafted Equipment (Blue), on the other hand, is a type of equipment that you can be level up into an upgraded form of equipment and can be crafted using materials. Usually it changes its appearance, then its required level is incremented by 10. In the example below, a level 30 weapon Adventurer’s One-Handed Sword was upgraded to level 40 weapon Veteran’s Sword. Same as the instance equipment, its base stats was upgraded as well. Check our Weapon Crafting guide for more info.

You can obtain crafted equipment by crafting its first level 30 from an NPC named Valde (Weapon Craftsman) and Polly (Armor Craftsman) in Prontera Square.

From here, you need rare and stone materials to craft it. The rare materials can be obtained from a reward in the MVP dungeon while the stone can be smelt using Life skills. You can also get this from the Gacha at the Prontera Square.

Valkyrie Equipment (Purple)

The Valkyrie equipment (Purple) is a set compose of Armor (Clothes, Cloak and Shoes). It doesn’t require any level to wear it, just like the instance equipment, you can upgrade its Tier up to II.

The catch is you need to obtain a lot of Valkyrie Coin to get it, you can exchange it from the NPC Hervor (Valkyrie Exchange & Upgrade) at the Prontera Square.

You can obtain Valkyrie Coin by participating in an MVP dungeons (Sewer Vault, etc). Usually, you only get 1 to 2 Valkyrie Coins per match. However, this is the only equipment that cannot be obtained from the Gacha.

MVP/Mini Equipment (Gold)

The Gold MVP/Mini equipment is the most expensive and probably the best stats among them all and just like the instance and valkyrie equipment, you can also upgrade its tier up II. We are not sure if all level can wear this equipment, but on the Gacha it says at least 60 which is contrary on the picture below.

To obtain MVP/Mini equipment is you need to hunt MVP and Mini Bosses in the wild. The chances of getting this equipment depend on your characters skill set, levels and loot chances. When hunting for this bosses, you either get MVP/Mini equipment or an MVP/Mini Coins.

The MVP/Mini Coins on the other hand can be use on Gacha to roll for equipment with 100% chances, though, you need a lot of them to draw a pull a single Gacha.

For paying players, it is also available at the Exchange through Diamonds or from an Auction Bid Wars.

Leveling Equipment (Base)

As we mentioned at the Types of Equipment, leveling up the equipment that increases its base stats depends on their type.

  • Instance Equipment (White) – Can upgrade its Tier through an MVP dungeon set NPC at major cities depending on the equipment level. For example, for level 25, at the Golden Thief Bug Set NPC (Armor, Weapon and Accessory) at the left most corner of the Prontera Square.
  • Crafted Equipment (Blue) – Can upgrade by evolving its level into different weapon with the same type through crafting, at the Craftsman NPC at major cities depending on the equipment level. You can check our guide here for list of Weapon Craft location.
  • Valkyrie Equipment (Purple) – Can upgrade through the NPC Hervor (Instance Merchant) using Valkyrie coins and other materials.
  • MVP/Mini Equipment (Gold) -Can upgrade its Tier through an NPC named Gerald (MVP Weapon Upgrade Master) using MVP coin.

When upgrading the tier level of White, Purple and Gold equipment, all of the refine, upgrades and enchantment will be carry over to the next tier.

Upgrading Equipment

Aside from leveling up your equipment, you can also do upgrading that allows additional stats aside from the base stats. To upgrade, just talk to the NPC Hollgrehenn at the Prontera Square or from other major cities.

From here, you need the following Skill Life’ Smelting and Fishing materials upgrading. Below are the list of materials needed:

Equipment TypeMaterials


Phracon I (Levels 21 to 60):
Lv.1 Upgrading Metal

Phracon II (Levels 61 to 100):
Lv.2 Upgrading Metal

Phracon III (Levels 101 to 140):
Lv.3 Upgrading Metal
Butterfly Cowrie

Phracon IV (Levels 141 to 180):
Lv.4 Upgrading Metal


Carnium I (Levels 11 to 30):
Lv.1 Upgrading Metal

Carnium II (Levels 31 to 50):
Lv.2 Upgrading Metal
Hardshell Crab

Carnium III (Levels 51 to 70):
Lv.3 Upgrading Metal
Whitefeather Cowrie

Carnium IV (Levels 71 to 90):
Lv.4 Upgrading Metal
Hunter Fish


Bascyx I (Levels 6 to 15):
Lv.1 Upgrading Metal

Bascyx II (Levels 16 to 25):
Lv.2 Upgrading Metal

Bascyx III (Levels 26 to 35):
Lv.3 Upgrading Metal
Mystic Mussel

Bascyx IV (Levels 36 to 45):
Lv.4 Upgrading Metal
Crystal Acanthodean

The higher you level up your weapon, the chances of getting success will eventually decreases. When failed, the current level will be the same.

Refining Equipment

To increase the stats of your equipment furthermore, you can refine it at the Magic Furnace NPC at any major cities in Ragnarok X Next Generation. However, refining it requires a Life Skill’ smelting items like Oridecon for weapons, Elunium for armors and Bradium for accessories.

Notable materials from Mining and Fishing you need for smelting are the following:

Equipment TypeMaterials Needed


Lv.1 Rough Oridecon
Lv.1 Coal Ore

Enriched Oridecon:
Lv.2 Rough Oridecon

HD Oridecon:
Lv.3 Rough Oridecon


Lv.1 Rough Elunium
Lv.1 Coal Ore

Enriched Elunium:
Lv.2 Rough Elunium
Starlight Snail

HD Elunium:
Lv.3 Rough Elunium


Lv.1 Rough Bradium
Lv.1 Coal ore

Enriched Bradium:
Lv.2 Rough Bradium
Night Pearl

HD Bradium:
Lv.3 Rough Bradium
Clearwater Pearl

Refining chances will also drop as you level up the equipment, but no worries when you reach level 9 to 12 refinement. As there is an item that you can add for refining called the Blessed Oridecon, Elunium or Bardium which allows you to protect your equipment from failing.


Other than refining, you can also enhance the equipment stats by randomly getting enchantment stats from an cat, girl and boy enchantment NPC at any major cities. For example, at the lowest enchantment, you can enchant an accessories from the NPC Lil’ Kitty at Prontera. From here, you need a Life skill’ smelting item like Enchantment Stone.

Here are the Enchanment stone and materials from Mining and Gardening you needed for Enchantment:

Equipment Type and NPC Materials Needed

(Boy NPC)

Sharpening Enchantment Stone (Prontera):
Lv.1 Muspellium
Shattering Shroom

Blazing Enchantment Stone (Morroc):
Lv.2 Muspellium

Tidal Current Enchantment Stone (Izlude or Alberta):
Lv.3 Muspellium
Water Seeking Flower

Gloomy Enchantment Stone (Payon):
Lv.4 Muspellium
Grim Grass

Cold Enchantment Stone (Geffen):
– Lv.4 Muspellium

(Girl NPC)

Toughening Enchantment Stone (Prontera):
Lv.1 Muspellium
Tough Vine

Hardening Enchantment Stone (Morroc):
Lv.2 Muspellium
Scorched Mushroom

Crystallize Enchantment Stone (Izlude or Alberta):
Lv.3 Muspellium
Sea Gem Grass

Petrifying Enchantment Stone (Payon):
Lv.4 Muspellium
Ochre Seedling

Praying Enchantment Stone (Geffen):
Lv.4 Muspellium
Praying Flower

(Cat NPC)

Secret Enchantment Stone (Prontera):
Lv.1 Muspellium
Arcane Flower

Gold Enchantment Stone (Morroc):
Lv.2 Muspellium
Withered Chastetree

Glowing Star Enchantment Stone (Izlude or Alberta):
Lv.3 Muspellium
Firefly Grass

Silverspirit Enchantment Stone (Payon):
Lv.4 Muspellium
Quiet flower

Rosecrystal Enchantment Stone (Geffen):
Lv.4 Muspellium
Crystal Rose

Equipment Stat Transfer

This one is the useful feature, as you progress in the game, you will surely obtained a new equipment. Transferring the boosted points from your previous equipment into a new one is so important, for you not to start from scratch again collecting those materials. However, there are some exception.

The type equipment class should be the same, just like for example, transferring stat from a two-handed sword will work without problems but if you transfer it to a different type like “two-handed” to “one-handed sword”, it will not work as you expected.

However, for transferring stat from different type of equipment (White, Blue, Purple or Gold), the refine level will not be carried over, only the Enchantment and Upgrade level. Credits to Sir Anony for tipping us this information.

Embedding Card

When you obtain a card as you adventure in RoX, you can easily embed the card to your equipment by going to your bag. Select the card and just press the Embed button.

Then just select the equipment you want to embed the card.

Removing Card from Equipment

If you decided not to use the equipment and want to recycle the card embed into it. You can remove it easily by going to the NPC Brock Sledgehammer at the Prontera and ask for Card Seperation. From here, you just need a couple of Crystals for you to remove the card from the equipment.

Dismantling Equipment

Aside from removing card, you also might need to get rid of unused equipment by recycling them and get an coins for gacha in exchange. In the same NPC from Brock Sledgehammer at the Prontera, asked for Equipment Dismantling and from here, you can dismantle all equipment that you need and the coins you’ll receive will automatically calculated.

You can also use this to automatically recover the card and get rid of the unused item without paying any Crystals.

For more tips like this, you can check our other post for Ragnarok X Guide.

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