“One Shot, One Kill” Gunslinger Event in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation is proud to introduce its latest addition, the Gunslinger. Historically recognized as one of the more advanced classes in the Ragnarok series, the Gunslinger wields firearms and ammunition, setting itself apart as one of the most formidable, ranged classes in gameplay. Coinciding with the unveiling of this class, ROX is excited to announce a special Gunslinger-centric event!

In order to participate in and complete this event, players need to take on the role of a Gunslinger as one of the quests requires you to be a Gunslinger. Spanning a week, this event kicks off on August 8 and concludes on August 15, 2023. It comprises two segments:

Daily Login

Think of the Daily Login as your attendance sheet. Every day you immerse yourself in the game during the event period, you’ll be eligible to claim exclusive rewards.

The rewards for the Daily Login are as follows:

11 x Tome of Travers
25 x Mission Order
34 x 1 Carat Diamond
410 x Poring Gold Coin
55 x Mission Order
66 x 1 Carat Diamond
73 x Luminary Selection Pack

Challenge Quest

The Challenge Quest segment offers players a series of missions to accomplish. Some quests are assigned daily, while others span the entire duration of the event. Stay engaged and hone your Gunslinger abilities to reap the rewards.

Challenge Quest
Participate in Tavern’s Arm Wrestling minigame 1 times3 x 1 Carat Diamond
Consume 1000 Odin’s Blessings10 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
(Equipment Gacha)
Complete 8 Guild Orders5 x Successor’s Scraps
Participate in the OX Quiz 1 times2 x Mission Order
As a Gunslinger, take photos with others 5 times15 x Shadow Equipment Basic Rnd. Pack I
Complete instances with a Gunslinger 10 times3 x Shadow Equipment Advanced Rnd Pack I
Kill normal monsters with a Gunslinger5 x Shadow Equipment Fair Rnd Pack I
Complete 5 Mission Board Quests using Mission Orders6 x Luminary Selection Pack
Get 5 likes upon instance completion100 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
(Equipment Gacha)
Spend 200,000 Crystals in Exchange Center20 x Guild Contribution

Is it Worth it?

So far, the rewards are generous and surprisingly, there are no quest that are locked behind paywall. So, the main question is, is it worth switching to Gunslinger to complete the event? Yes, to try and get some free stuff.

How to Switch to Gunslinger Class in ROX

Those who are not familiar on switching classes, you need to use the Tome of Travers, this one was given on the Daily Login (Day 1 Rewards). Use it and it will automatically locate the NPC at Izlude’s Criatura Academy.

From there, you can select the Gunslinger from the list and activate it.

Note: You can switch back to your original class anytime you want, without losing its progress.

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