How to Get More Stamina in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX)

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Ro Life is one of the key feature of Ragnarok X Next Generation. It is where player can do daily activity to grind different types of materials such as by mining, gardening, smelting, cooking, fishing, and crafting. However, these kinds of activities requires a stamina for you to do it. In comparison with other mobile game of Ragnarok, the stamina usually associates to earning experience and loots.

In RoX, it is use in Ro Life tasks and you don’t need a stamina for you to earn experience and drops, as a result it can be done 24/7 without any limit.

  1. Odin’s Blessing
  2. Where to use Stamina
  3. How to earn more Stamina
  4. Stamina Potion

In this guide, you will learn how stamina works in Ragnarok X Next Generation and how you can obtain more stamina.

Odin’s Blessing

Instead, the Stamina for Ro Life is dependent with Odin’s Blessing, a special blessing for you to 5x multiply the rewards you’ll get when grinding a monsters like experience, drops and zenies. In addition, you’ll also earn 1 stamina for every 1 Odin’s Blessings you consume. You can only use Odin’s Blessing when you reach lv. 23.

There are two ways to earn Odin’s Blessings, this is by the following:

  • Staying at the Prontera Square from 1:00PM to 9:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time) daily anywhere in the Prontera or r by simply staying near the Fountain at the Prontera at any time, you can get up to 600 per day doing this.
  • Completing Mission Board daily tasked, you can get up to 1,400 per day.

You can also get it from event rewards by opening a chest called Odin’s Reliquary where you can get 10 Odin’s Blessings.

Where to use Stamina

You can use Stamina for all Life task in the game, such as the following:

  • Fishing – When you catch a fish in different areas.
  • Mining – Mine ores that are use for smelting.
  • Gardening – Harvest or gather flowers from different areas.
  • Catching Pets – When taming monsters.
  • Cooking – When cooking foods for buffs.
  • Crafting – Available for Merchant to craft items.
  • Smelting – When making materials for upgrading or ascending equipment.

How to earn more Stamina

Basically, you need to turn on your Odin’s Blessing in the game for you to earn a Stamina. You also need to fight monsters that are 6 levels apart from your character’s level. For example, if your character is level 30, you should grind for monsters that are level 24 to 36.

The game also has a shortcut button for you to find the Recommended monsters that you can grind. Just click the Odin’s Blessing icon on the top left corner and click Recommended Training Points.

Now that you know the basic of earning stamina, so how to earn more? Well, the only way to earn stamina is through Odin’s Blessings but there are techniques to earn the faster way.

To earn more stamina, look for a monsters that are Medium or Large. Eliminating these monsters one to two more additional stamina. In total, 2 Stamina for Medium monsters and 3 Stamina for Large monsters. Take note that it will consume the same amount of Odin’s blessing as well.

Stamina Potion

You can also get stamina from joining the Daily Carnival, Tavern Minigame. The default rewards for winning each match is 1 Stamina Potion. You can get up to 2 of this per day. For VIP card, you can get up to 3 pcs per day.

There are also some side quest event that rewards you Stamina.

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  • Harley qin July 20, 2021 1:32 am

    is this an old post? it should be 3 levels higher or lower than your actual level, base on SEA if you tap on exp modifier at odin’s blessing menu. if you go +4 +5 +6 it would be 80% same as -4 -5 -6, while if you go on +1 +2 +3 and 0 -1 -2 -3 it should be a 100%.


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