How to get more Novice Coin and find the Memory Store in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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If you suddenly received an in-game mail with a subject of Bonus Reward Distribution, you’re probably wondering how you got this reward. Inside, you’ll find a 3,000 Novice coin and 20x Odin Blessings. So how did you get it? Well, when you hover over the description of the Novice coin, it says you’ll receive it when one of your party members has consumed Odin Blessings.

UPDATE as of 04/19/2022: Assisted/Bonus party member does not need to be a returnee; any character below level 62 or 30 level below the world level (Currently, level 93) will be a Bonus Player. Some speculate that it should be a returnee, but this isn’t true. We have personally tried a non-returnee below level 60 and party members received the gift boxes.


  1. What is a Bonus Player
  2. How to Get More Novice Coins
    1. Odin Blessing Donor with Newbie (Bonus Player)
    2. Daily Instance with Newbie (Bonus Player)
    3. MVP and Mini with Newbie (Bonus Player)
    4. 7-Day no Login
  3. Where to find Memory Stone (Novice Coins Exchange Shop)

In this guide, we will show you the basics of getting Novice Coins, how to use them, and what prizes you’ll get from this event.

What is a Bonus Player

Newbie players whose character levels are 30 or more below the world level will be activated as Bonus Player. For example, on Opera Phantom server, the current world level is 91: players who are below level 61 are considered bonus players.

With that, anyone who has a Bonus Player in a party will get a Novice Coins.

How to Get More Novice Coins

Novice Coins are available in four ways (Odin Blessing Donor, Daily Instance with a newbie, MVP/Mini hunting with a newbie , and 7-Day no login). A maximum of 10 A Travel Companion Pack can be received per day; this amounts to 30,000 Novice Coins.

Odin Blessing Donor with Newbie (Bonus Player)

To get more novice coins, you need an Odin Blessing donor that is a Bonus Player that hasn’t consumed yet their Odin Blessings. It could be your guildmates, friends or alt account.

Then find the best monsters for burning Odin Blessings and help. Once that player consumed 500 Odin Blessings, all of the party members will get 1 x A Travel Companion Pack that contains 3,000 Novice Coins.

However, the player who consumed the Odin will not received a gift box. A full 4,000 Odin Blessings will allow the party to get 8 packs.

Daily Instance with Newbie (Bonus Player)

The other one is completing a daily instance with a Bonus Player. After the instance, you’ll get 1 x A Travel Companion Pack.

Each Bonus player can participate up to 3 instances per day.

MVP and Mini with Newbie (Bonus Player)

Another one is helping a Bonus Player with hunting MVP and Mini can get 1 x A Travel Companion Pack.

7-day no login (Return Challenge)

For those who haven’t logged in onto the game for 7 consecutive days and up. You’ll activated the Return Challenge wherein you can get up to 144,000 Novice coins per quests for 7 days.

However, ROX updated the rule and you can only trigger this up to until April 14, 2022. Anyone beyond this date can no longer trigger the Return Challenge.

Where to find Memory Store and Exchange Novice Coin

The Novice coin you collected can be exchange with the items in the Memory Store. You can find the Memory Store at the Prontera Square near the Enchant NPC.

The following are the list of items that you can exchange:

Exchange ItemPrice

Upgrading Selection Pack
7,200 Novice Coin

Enchantment Selection Pack
57,600 Novice Coin

Refinement Selection Pack
108,000 Novice Coin

Ascending Selection Pack
108,000 Novice Coin

Headgear Selection Pack
Choose from: Regal Feather hat, Sugar Buzz Headgear, Regal Wide Hat, Crystal Tiara, Plaid Sweetheart,
500,000 Novice Coin

Outfit Selection Pack
Choose from: Sugar Buzz Clothing, Regal Cavalry Uniform, Night and Daytime Magician Formal Wear
750,000 Novice Coin

Backpack Selection Pack
Choose from: Baby Bear, Night Magician Paper Crane, Daytime Magician Flower Basket
1,000,000 Novice Coin

Mount Selection Pack
Choose from: Bicycle Mount, Heat Wave Beach Chair, Bat Mount, Royal Knight Mount, Moonster Unlockable Item, Jet Pack, Pumpking Carriage, Sasquatch Sled, Panda Eiffel
2,000,000 Novice Coin

You can also watch our walkthrough guide on our YouTube channel.

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  • Nuetroviis April 2, 2022 7:27 pm

    7-day no login
    For those who haven’t logged in onto the game for 7-days and up. You’ll get up to 144,000 Novice coins per quests for 7 days.

    This what meaning?

    • doldie April 16, 2022 3:36 am

      There will be a returning player event. Daily challenge will give you exp and novice coins rewards.

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    panda no more


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