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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Game Trailer

The much awaited Star Wars: Battlefront 2 game trailer is finally unveiled. EA has dropped the very first game trailer of Star Wars Battlefront 2 after its Star Wars Celebration events, Battlefront 2 is the continuation series of it’s first game franchise.

Labeled as Game Engine Footage, you will see how the final game look like as they shown most of the scene campaigns coming from its Game Engine and not rendered videos. The game perspective looks like you play as the Imperial Special Forces in which the Death Star is doomed to end. The developers for the Battlefront 2 are lead by DICE alongside Motive and Criterion.

The game trailer was actually leaked prior [...]

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Conan Exiles Game Trailer Coming on PC

A new game trailer for Conan Exiles has been released today by FunCom, a cinematic trailer which the story starts dramatically with the exile people abandoned and crossified in a deserted area.

A single woman left to death and survived the crossfiction where Conan comes out to help the woman, he cuts down the woman from the cross and battle with the enemies, at the start a warg creatures appeared and starts beating Conan and the woman. After they defeated the enemies, Conan handed his axe to the woman and a fast forward clip of different civilization appears in the background. It seems that Conan Exiles will features a Age of Empire type of game where different [...]

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Final Fantasy XV is out in XBOX ONE and PS4

It takes almost 10 years for Square Enix to developed this game and finally Final Fantasy XV (15) is now out and available on Playstation 4/Pro and XBOX ONE/S. Square Enix officially launched its game trailer to public, which brings the long decade journey to make this game happen.

The 2 minute long video entitled Ride Together is mostly a collection of some of the scene trailer we’ve seen before, scored by Florence and the Machine’s cover of Stand By Me.

Also the other, Square Enix released a mixed live-action game trailer of kids trying to take down a gigantic monster and comes the stars of Final Fantasy XV.

Are you planning to order and play [...]

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HITMAN – The Season Finale Game Trailer is Live

Watch the game trailer of season finale of the HITMAN, the last episode of HITMAN which is episode 6, features the Hokkaido, Japan making a thrilling conclusion of the first season of HITMAN.

You can now also download the Complete Season of HITMAN on PS4, PC and XBOX One.