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Nintendo Switch HORI Joy-Con Soft-Type Cover Review

Most concern of some Nintendo Switch fans in adding Soft-Type cover to their Joy-Con controller is that some reports claims that it thus damage the matte finish of their Joy-Con. Well this reports is somehow true but it depends on the brands and type of plastic they’re using. We tried the HORI soft-type cover and use it on a brand new Joy-Con and we didn’t see any damage or discoloration on it after days of using, so using Soft-Type cover won’t really damage your Joy-Con and it help you preserve the matte finish of your Joy-Con from its brand-new looks. The Soft cover we’re using is from HORI that is made in a very soft plastic. You can grab it at a very low [...]

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Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

One of the most affordable gaming keyboard in the country is the Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard at only PHP 350. Today, We just got the item, and we’re going to give you a detailed review for this kickass keyboard.

Let’s start with the packaging. The box comes with a great design that is similar to branded gaming keyboard packaging, and it has the illuminated logo’s in both front and back. The full specification of the keyboard are also print in the back and some instruction on how to use the keyboard, this details will surely help anyone on their purchase decision. It also comes with white foam cover that protects the keyboard from dust or [...]

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RAKK Mabi XT Gaming Desk The Ultimate Gaming Desk

Fellow Gamers! Rakk Gears is introducing it’s brand new and unique gaming desk that lets you elevate your gaming rigs and lift it with a touch of a button. It’s their latest RAKK Mabi and RAKK Mabi XT Gaming Desk.

The RAKK Mabi Gaming Desk has a maximum height of 120cm or 3.93 feet, which is enough to support playing games while you’re standing and a minimum height of 74cm or 2.42 feet, which is ideal to support various gaming chair. The desk can also support up to 150kg of maximum load which you can put all of your gaming rigs from the Monitors, CPU, Speakers and Printers. You can even sleep on this desk without risking of damaging it, see the video [...]

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Nintendo Switch Unboxing Leak Video

A video uploaded today the world’s first unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch, this is two weeks before the official released date. It was an image first and was uploaded on Twitter by Wario64 showing the Nintendo Switch Box and the unit. Then just now, A video shows up in NeoGAF and uploaded by a user named hiphoptherobot saying the pre-ordered Nintendo Switch was accidentally delivered to him earlier by an unnamed company.

In the early leak of Nintendo Switch, it was first uploaded some few screenshot of the unit in Twitter and lot’s of fans saying it was just a 3D printed unit and not accurate, but this time it will change that as the world’s [...]