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Champ Wired Gaming Pad Review and Unboxing

If you’re looking for an affordable Gaming Controllers for your Android Devices, this Champ Wired Gaming Pad is the right for you! The price tag for this game controller is just $10 or PHP499.00 and you can bought it online store at Lazada, Kimstore or eBay. Not just for Android Phones, it also works on PC, PS3 and XBOX consoles, Unfornately not compatible in iOS.

The difference with Champ Wired Gaming Pad with other game controller is that it has its own phone holder that will allow you to just insert your phone in the Pad and voila you’re like playing in a handled game consoles.

The buttons in the controller are using the same layout with the [...]

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Samsung 960 EVO SSD (500GB) NVMe M.2 Review and Unboxing

The new Samsung 960 EVO series is one of the Samsung’s best performance and budget consumer SSD in the market next from its predecessor 850 EVO which is SATA drive, this is also the first time Samsung release an EVO series for M.2 drives which holds the latest technology of Samsung the 3D V-NAND and Polaris Controller, it takes advantage of the PCI-e lane interface or M.2 port that give huge jump in speed and surpasses the speed of traditional SATA port as medium of storage. The advertise speed of this SSD are 1.8GB/s of write speed and 3.2GB/s of write this is times 4 compare to the speed of 850 EVO which only reach 550MB/s of read and write speed.

The reason [...]

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FC Pocket Classic 8 Bit Game Unboxing and Review

If you’re looking for an alternative and affordable NES game console, this FC Pocket is best for you! The price for this portable console family computer starts at $20 on ebay or P999 on Lazada, it comes with 1 cartridge which have 128 games and 700 Mah battery that will last for 4 to 5 hours of continues gameplay. Check out our unboxing video below.

You can select up to 2 languages Chinese and English. Unfornately the game cartridge I received doesn’t have the classic NES game either Super Mario or Contra – the 128 games included on the cartridge are quite new and not so popular. The one game that is familiar is to me is only the baseball game, but the game [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Gaming Benchmark and Review

The new 6.4 inch smartphone from Xiaomi, the Mi MIX just launched last month, October 2016. The display resolution of the phone is 1080 x 2040 and has a PPI of 362 pixels per inch. It is powered with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and a clock of 2.35Ghz, 4GB of RAM and a huge internal storage of 128GB, unfortunately you can’t expand the memory. The camera is 16megapixel on rear and 5megapixel on the front. It runs Android Marshmallow and with a battery pack of 4400mah this is also non-removable.

In gaming, it is powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 for its CPU and Adreno 530 for its GPU which responsible for rendering the games which offers 40% [...]