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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has finally unveiled the new Season Event in the game. The theme for this season is about Flame, as it includes participating in a Season Instance, fiery weather, and defeating a mutant monsters and bosses.

But be warned; this event needs a lot of your time. To get some cosmetic rewards, you need to get to certain levels in the Season Pass and a thousand amount of Fragments. Also, collecting the items from the event can be tough and take a long time.

In this guide, we will try to explain the details of the event and if it’s really worth it.

Key Notes

Here are some important notes for the Fiery Season Event:

Mutated Monsters / MVP / Minis QuestThe Solo or Party to last hit mutated monsters/MVP/MINIs will be counted as one kill.

The whole party gets the kill count, but fragments loot rewards to the last hit member only.
Scorching WeatherCheck the world map and look for the scorching fire icon on the top of each map.

Mutated Monsters/MVP/Minis will only appear on Scorching Weather.
Season PassBasically, a 4-month subscription to KP’s Glory Pass but with the added benefits and requires a top-up of PHP 2,250, not Crystals->Dias method.
Season InstanceCost 2,000 Crystal (Blazing Rune) to enter after eliminating Pyramid or Demon Castle instance.

Rewards is a Fire Boulders Fragment from 240 to 300pcs per Instance, depending on your score (PT Death + Damage).
NPC Store Locked ItemYou need to reach Season levels 50 and 95 for you to purchase the Flame Warp and Everburning Trail, respectively.

What is the new Season Pass in Kingdom Pass?

You will find the new Season Pass nestled within the Kingdom Pass section of the game. The Season Pass is tied to the ongoing Season event, but its functionality extends specifically to the Kingdom Pass only.

Upon purchasing the Season Pass for a price of PHP 2,250, your Kingdom Pass’s “Glory Pass” is automatically activated for a period of four consecutive months. When you do the math, it’s about PHP 562.50 per month – wherein Glory Pass cost around 4,888 Diamonds (PHP 559).

Note: It doesn’t require you to purchase the Season Pass to participate in the Season Event.

The benefits include an amplified EXP gain, a richer array of items, and the opportunity to acquire more items from the Season Store NPC. Here are the detailed benefits:

Activate all Kingdom Pass for the season by default
During the season, increase the Kingdom Pass by 5%
Receive 2 additional Kingdom Pass Gifting attempts.
During the season, killing Mutant Monsters has a 5% chance to drop Fire Fragment additionally.
3 Blazing Rune will be available for purchase at the Season Store each week.
1 Frenzy Firestone will be available for purchase at the Season Store each month.

What are Season Instance and Blazing Rune?

To participate in the Season Instance, you need a Blazing Rune. The only instances available for the season are either Pyramid or Demon Castle. Only party members who use Blazing Rune can claim the drop rewards, which include a 3rd fragment of the Frenzy Firestone.

Wondering about the 3rd fragment? To obtain a Frenzy Firestone, you need to synthesize it twice, as follows:

  • 50 Fire Boulder Fragments = 1 Fire Boulder Crystal
  • 20 Fire Boulder Crystals = 1 Frenzy Firestone

Thus, you need to gather 1,000 Fire Boulder Fragments to get 1 Frenzy Firestone.

However, a single Season Instance will yield only 240 to 300 Fragments, and the number depends on your score (calculated based on Deaths or Damage). To achieve the highest score, SSS, you must inflict at least 3,280 Trillion damage with a minimum of one death, which will reward you with 300 Fragments.

The following table, courtesy of ** from Ragnarok X University, outlines the score conditions and rewards:

SSSMin Death: 1
Min Damage: 3,280 Trillion
300 Fire Boulder Fragment
SSMin Death: 2
Min Damage: 365 Trillion
295 Fire Boulder Fragment
SMin Death: 3
Min Damage: 45.6 Trillion
290 Fire Boulder Fragment
AAAMin Death: 5
Min Damage: 6.51 Trillion
285 Fire Boulder Fragment
AAMin Death: 7
Min Damage: 1.09 Trillion
280 Fire Boulder Fragment
AMin Death: 9
Min Damage: 217 Billion
275 Fire Boulder Fragment
BBBMin Death: 12
Min Damage: 54.27 Billion
270 Fire Boulder Fragment
BBMin Death: 15
Min Damage: 18.09 Billion
265 Fire Boulder Fragment
BMin Death: 18
Min Damage: 6.03 Billion
260 Fire Boulder Fragment
CCCMin Death: 21
Min Damage: 2.01 Billion
255 Fire Boulder Fragment
CCMin Death: 24
Min Damage: 670 Million
250 Fire Boulder Fragment
CMin Death: 37
Min Damage: 223 Million
245 Fire Boulder Fragment
DNo Minimum240 Fire Boulder Fragment

Season Quest

The Season Quest is back with a full roster of 100 levels, each offering its own set of rewards. Among these exclusive benefits are the Fanatical Flame Profile frame, Starshard Shroud, and the ability to purchase the Flame Warp and Tail at the Season Store NPC. To claim all available rewards for the season, you’ll need to progress through all 100 levels. Each level demands 500 Season Points, so you’ll need a total of 50,000 Season Points to fully reap the season’s benefits.

Daily game tasks allow you to complete three quests, while two additional quests are tied to defeating Mutant monsters.

The 1st week’s quests serve as an example of what to expect:

Complete COC Missions 30 times40 Season Points
Obtain 25 million Zeny by selling items to NPC’s30 Season Points
Consume 1,500 Odin’s Blessing
(Repeated Quest)
200 Season Points

Repeated Rewards:
1 Season Points
Kill 3 Mutant Monsters
(Repeated Quest)
200 Season Points

Repeated Rewards:
1 Season Points
Kill 3 Mutant MVPs or Minis
(Repeated Quest)
500 Season Points

Repeated Rewards:
1 Season Points

The 2nd Week quest turns out to be easy now and removed the requirement to eliminate Mutant monsters. However, you need to get Mission Orders to complete the first quest which usually get from the event rewards. If you don’t have this, you need to buy it from the exchange center for 3,090 Crystals each.

Complete 30 Mission Boad Quests using Mission Orders50 Season Points
Play Tavern Minigame 5 times20 Season Points
Obtain 15 Carnival Chests in Total40 Season Points
Consume 1500 Stamina
(Repeated Quest)
200 Season Points

Repeated Rewards:
1 Season Points
In the OX Quiz, make 10 correct answers in total
(Repeated Quest)
250 Season Points

Repeated Rewards:
1 Season Points

Mutant Monsters / MVP / Minis Quest

To look for these monsters, the map must be in Scorching weather. You can find the map in this state by opening the World Map and looking for the Fire icon on the top of each map. In the example map below, you’ll find Glast Heim, and Payon West has the fire icon in them. This is where the mutated monsters will appear, while MVP/Mini will be on their own map if it’s in Scorching weather.

To hunt monsters, simply AFK your character in these maps until the Scorching weather disappeared. Strategically, you can party with other adventurers to assign as many spots as possible and eliminate the normal monsters. Occasionally, the mutant monster will randomly appear on their spot. Note that only the party who last hit the mutated monsters/MVP/Mini can count as one kill.

Season Store NPC

In Prontera, near the Refine NPC, a new Season store has been set up where you can exchange the item you synthesize, the Frenzy Firestone. This item allows you to exchange for this season’s exclusive items.

Here are all of the items with a calculation for the fragment needed and the estimated Crystal cost (Crystal cost is based on the least Season instance rewards @ 240):

Flame Warp

You need to unlock Level 50 in Season to purchase this item
45 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
45,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 375,000 Crystals)
Everburning Trail

You need to unlock Level 95 in Season to purchase this item
55 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
55,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 459,000 Crystals)
3 x Advanced Upgrade Selection Pack2 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
2,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 17,000 Crystals)
3 x Refinement Selection Pack II2 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
2,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 17,000 Crystals)
3 x Basic Enchantment Selection Pack2 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
2,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 17,000 Crystals)
Refinement Protection Selection Pack3 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
3,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 25,000 Crystals)
3 x Luminary Selection Pack2 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
2,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 17,000 Crystals)
5 x Enchantment Conversion Selection Pack5 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
5,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 42,000 Crystals)
10 x Poring Gold Coin1 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
1,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 9,000 Crystals)
5 x Mission Order3 x Frenzy Firestone

Estimated Fragment Needed:
3,000 Fire Boulder Fragments
(Worth 25,000 Crystals)
Blazing Rune2,000 Crystals

Is Participating in the Season Instance Worth it?

If your goal is to gain cosmetic items, be prepared to invest both substantial effort and Crystals. Getting just a single Frenzy Firestone takes a lot of time and costs at least 10,000 Crystals. Even if you get the highest scores, it won’t make getting the Frenzy Firestone any easier.

The materials for progress also don’t seem to be worth it, given the small number of items inside. As such, participating in this event may seem daunting and further worsen the existing “quality of life” problem of the game.

UPDATE as of 07/10/2023: As the new quest in the 2nd week of the Season Quest, it is now easier removing the requirement for the Mutant monsters/MVP/Mini. The ability to complete the previous week quest make the Season Quest more doable.

As for the Season Quest, taking down the Mutant Monsters and MVP/Mini involves staying in a specific location all day and night. Considering the limited number of these monsters and the requirement to make the “last hit” to complete the quest, this activity seems to be suited only for players who have an ample amount of time on their hands.

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