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100 Keys Giveaway for MOBA Paragon (PC and PS4)

100 Keys Giveaway for MOBA Paragon (PC and PS4)

Hello Gamers! We got 100 keys for you to play Early Access of Paragon. Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA game from EPIC Games, check the trailer to see glimpse of the game.

You can redeemed the keys from Paragon official site for PC ( For Playstation 4 user, you’re required to create an Epic Game account and link to your PSN account. After that, download the Paragon and play!

To get Free Keys, just leave your Name and Email Address at the comment section and we will email the key to the first 100 entries..

No Worries! We will not post any visible email on the comment below..

For more news and giveaways like our FB Page (

(UPDATES) All keys are Taken! Giveaway has Ended!

You can purchase EARLY ACCESS key at (Paragon Early Access CD Key).

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