Endgame Tips on Selling Items on Exchange Center in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has been around for more than two years. One of the game’s most important features is its in-game economy, powered by the Exchange Center. This player-to-player trading hub allows for the exchange of various items, from materials and equipment to rare cards, all for in-game currencies like crystals or Diamonds.

However, the game has now entered its endgame stage (the phase where most content has been explored and high-level challenges are the primary focus), with mostly veteran players still actively participating. The scarcity of newer players, particularly on older servers, has led to a challenging trading environment in the Exchange Center, making it increasingly difficult to sell items.

The Challenge: Low Demand on Older Servers

If you’re part of an older server with no fresh influx of players, you’ve likely noticed that items on the Exchange Center are increasingly hard to sell. The demand is low, and the market is saturated with goods that players don’t need or want anymore. Selling items can be a real headache in this environment. You’re often left scouring your inventory, wondering what could possibly catch a buyer’s eye.

In a recent interview, the game’s Producer, Allan, outlined several key updates planned for revitalizing the Exchange Center, these includes:

  • opening a new server in the old region to attract new players.
  • officials directly purchasing items to stimulate the economy.
  • system optimizations to streamline the listing process.
  • prioritizing the purchase of less popular items by officials.
  • stocking items that are consistently out of supply.

Despite these announcements, these promises have not yet materialized in the game. In the meantime, players must improvise their own strategies for selling items to ensure their stamina isn’t wasted.

Items that are Currently Saleable on Old Servers

Selling basic materials can be challenging, primarily because these items are commonly acquired by players and thus have a high supply in the Exchange Center. Considering that older servers are mostly filled with veteran or whales’ players; try to think about what they need.

Activities such as refining and participating in PVP’s KVMs as well as PVE’s MVP/Mini are regularly undertaken by these experienced players, and they require specialized materials to engage in them. Likewise, materials used for upgrading and enchantment activities are also consistently in demand. Raw materials are likely to sell, smelted one are likely hard.

So, here are the items that are likely to sold on old servers (eg. Odin Server):

Equipment Crafting Materials:

  • Tube-eye (STR VIT Stone II)
  • Rainbow Coral (INT DEX Stone II)
  • Fairy Squid (LUK AGI Stone III)
  • Matra Fish (DEX INT Stone III)
  • Horned Eel (STR VIT Stone IV)
  • Giant Shell Tortoise (INT DEX Stone IV)

MVP/Mini and PVP buff:

  • Silver Carp (MVP buff)
  • Oyster (PVP buff)
  • Sand Shrimp (PVP buff)
  • Palette Surgeonfish (PVP buff)
  • Ghostly Anglerfish (PVP buff)
  • Giant Needle Urchin (MVP/Mini buff)
  • Skeleton Fish (MVP/Mini buff)

Refine Crafting Materials:

  • Armored Crab (Blessed Elunium II)
  • Pupa Sulcata (Blessed Bradium II)
  • Rust Striped Fish (Blessed Oridecon II 1)
  • Incense Fish (Blessed Elunium II 1)
  • Sharp Kiss Fish (Blessed Bradium II 1)

Upgrade Craft Materials:

  • Crystal Acanthodean (Bascyx IV – upgrading)

Enchant Crafting Materials:

  • Speedwell (Comodo Enchant)
  • Nocturnal Beauty (Umbala Enchant)
  • Water Seeking Flower (Izlude/Alberta Enchant)
  • Withered Chastetree (Morroc Enchant)
  • Scorched Mushroom (Morroc Enchant)
  • Gold Flower (Morroc Enchant)

Crafted Food Buff (MVP/Mini/KVM):

  • Ancient Balm I
  • Stir-fried Tongue I
  • Sashimi Platter I
  • Carp Bento I
  • Marinated Skewers I
  • Salt-baked Trout I
  • Marinated Eel I
  • Fruit Tea I
  • Refreshing Grill I
  • Pickled Beef I
  • Rose Chocolate I
  • Cream Stew I
  • Heated Roast Frog I
  • Shrimp Meatball I
  • Dried Fruit Platter I
  • Snowy Milk Cake I
  • Crispy Chili Herb I
  • Witchy Fish Fillet I
  • Salt-baked Crab Pot I
  • Sea Bream Skewer I
  • Roasted Kebab I
  • Special Seafood Fried Rice I
  • Seashore Salad I
  • Snapper Wrapping Meat I
  • Spicy Fried Crab I
  • Stone-Roasted Snapper I
  • Fantasy Fish Stew I
  • Sea Urchin w/ Baked Rice I
  • Soul-Summoning Bone Soup I
  • Eel Slices w/ BBQ Sauce I
  • Boiled Sliced Whelk I
  • Braised Pork on Turtle Shell I

As the game server progress, some of these items maybe soon common – but right now that’s currently raw materials and crafted food buff that are currently saleable on the Exchange Center.

Aside from stamina bind materials, you can also sell Instance’s craft materials, level 30 equipment, Tome Fragments and Horcrux are still quickly saleable. Some of pet, gacha coin, mining and ET materials are heavily stuck but still saleable if you regularly list the item.

How to View the Quantity Stock of the Lowest Price

It can be a bit tricky to get an accurate picture of the supply for specific items in the Exchange Center. While the “Total Amount” field does show the overall number of listed items, it doesn’t offer insights into the exact number of items available at the lowest price—especially when it says “99+,” leaving players guessing.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround to find out the precise quantity of that elusive “99+.” Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the “I want to purchase” tab in the Exchange Center.
  2. Search for the item you’re curious about.
  3. In the “Amount” field, maximize the number by manually entering a large number.
  4. The system will then reveal the actual number of items available at that price range.

In the example below, the item Speedwell has a total stock of 1,292. Using the steps outlined above, we discovered that only 193 of these are available at the price of 441.

Why it is useful? well, this way you’ll know which items that currently has low stocks at the minimum price giving you advantage if the item can be quickly sold or not just like the example above.

That’s it for now guys, until the dev haven’t fix the Exchange center, these tips should somehow help you manage the on-going problem.

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