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Wild Guns Reloaded on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4

One of the classic fast-paced game shooter is now back in Nintendo Switch, PC & PS4, the Wild Guns Reloaded. Though, a revamped version of the original game in Super Nintendo. The difference with this new release is – it has higher resolution that fit’s to your screen console or TV’s, 2 new game modes that you can play, 2 new character, new bosses and new stages.

You still playing with the 2 original character Clint, Annie and the additional new character Bullet and Doris in the game and you can playing this in multiplayer mode with your friends, where you can play the game up to 4 players. The 2 new game modes includes the Beginner Mode, where [...]

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Nintendo Switch Online is Now on Welcome Page for Newly Created Account

If you create a new Nintendo Switch account, you’ll be welcomed with Nintendo’s latest online subscription information. The Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription-based online service that enables you to play multiplayer nintendo switch games and connect you to other people, some of these online games can be found in Splatoon 2, Arms and other games. For now the subscription are still free until the full launch of Nintendo Switch Online in the coming months.

The Nintendo Switch Online also bundled with classic games with newly added online play. You can now also communicate with your friends over the Nintendo Switch Online app to your phone, it includes voice [...]

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How to turn on Nintendo Switch with Joycon Controller Remotely

If you’re quite lazy turning on your Nintendo Switch directly from its power button. You can actually turn on your Nintendo Switch remotely via Joycon Controller. You probably tried pressing every button on your Joycon controller to turn on your Switch, but that doesn’t work at all. You’ve just some missed some features of its sensor and gesture how to turn it on.

You can turn on your Nintendo Switch by its Joycon sensor the infrared remote that you can find on the bottom parts of your Right Joycon. It’s the shiny black thing underneath. Then, you just have to point the shiny black thing directly to your Switch and press & hold the home [...]

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Arena of Valor Coming to Nintendo Switch Open for Closed Beta

One of the popular mobile MOBA game is now expanding to game handheld, on Nintendo Switch. They are also opening an invitation for their EA Closed Beta and you might be the one who will get a spot on this Beta Access. Though, the beta test will in an small scale for this time, but who knows you might be selected.

This is the fist MOBA game to be launched on Nintendo Switch and if you love these genres, you probably excited for it. To join the EA Closed Beta invitation, you just have to fill up their at

It will take 3 to 5 minutes of your time filling up the survey form.

The price for the game is not yet announce, but we’re [...]