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L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Lip Syncing Problem

The biggest and newest game on Nintendo Switch the L.A. Noire just release on this platform and it takes a lot of memory in order to install if you have the digital copy of the game. Though, physical copy also require you to download almost 6GB of additional updates.

The game is pretty smooth when playing especially in a handled device like switch, but there is problem with the game when it goes to a flashback cutscene, it has a lip syncing problem where the voice of the character is delay from their actions its like 1 seconds delay. This problem only happen a few times and only in flashback, but the rest of the game is pretty good.

How to fix Lip syncing? We [...]

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Nintendo Switch Subscription Let’s you Play All Classic Games Available

Not only will you be able to get a selected amount of NES/SNES games every month that will have ONLINE play. But, they are clarifying now that you can play these games at any time you like as long as you have an active nintendo subscription.

You will not be restricted to playing only during that month. Its like Playstation Plus where as long as you are subscribed you can play the selected games.

Which means I would recommended jumping from the start so you can take advantage to all the games that come out.

The prices of Nintendo membership starts at $3.99 for 1 month access, $7.99 for 3 months and $19.99 for 1 year access.

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Nintendo Switch HORI Joy-Con Soft-Type Cover Review

Most concern of some Nintendo Switch fans in adding Soft-Type cover to their Joy-Con controller is that some reports claims that it thus damage the matte finish of their Joy-Con. Well this reports is somehow true but it depends on the brands and type of plastic they’re using. We tried the HORI soft-type cover and use it on a brand new Joy-Con and we didn’t see any damage or discoloration on it after days of using, so using Soft-Type cover won’t really damage your Joy-Con and it help you preserve the matte finish of your Joy-Con from its brand-new looks. The Soft cover we’re using is from HORI that is made in a very soft plastic. You can grab it at a very low [...]

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Wonder Boy Retro Password Cheat Codes

Did you know a decade cheats from Wonder Boy first game can still be use in the latest Switch version of Wonder Boy, that is after a user found his old tip magazine and found a cheat code and actually works for Retro Password.

To Enter Retro Password, you only need to start a new game and select your difficulty level. In the next screen you will asked to select a character either Boy or Girl. But if you notice in the bottom of the screen it says press X to Enter retro password. You have to press X to enter this cheat codes. And when you enter this code, it will prompt you that you can resume an old game using a password from the 1989 version. This leads the user use the old [...]