How to Declutter Items on Backpack in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX Guide)

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As you adventure in Ragnarok X Next Generation, you ending up a lot of items in your backpack and eventually causing a weight penalty for your character (Unable to restore HP/SP, stats decrease and movement speed slow down). However, there are many ways to solve this problem like increasing the weight limit of your backpack or simply decluttering it to free some space.

Table of Contents

  1. Identifying not Important Items
  2. Important Items
  3. COC Item’s Are Important As Well
  4. How to Declutter Items

Most of the items you’ve looted in RoX are either useful or some of them can easily be bought with Zeny. Usually, non-important items that are stack up in your backpack are looted items from basic monsters. You can easily identify them by checking its source. If the item can be bought from an NPC store using Zeny, it is not important (Because Zeny can easily be obtained in the game from daily activities). But when an item can be bought from an Exchange Center, those are important and you need to keep it or sell them in exchange of Crystals.

Identifying not important Items

To identify important items, you need to check the items source. You can do this clicking the item and click the Get button on the top window. From here, you’ll find where you can obtain the item.

In the example above, it says that it can be bought using a Guild Store. Since it is an NPC store where you can purchase it with Zeny, therefore the item is not that important and you can sell it right away.

Other than Guild Store, here are the list of stores that indicates the item not important:

  • Guild Store
  • Sundries Store
  • Equipment Material Shop
  • Cooking Shop

There are also exceptions. Of course, items that are needed for daily activities that can be purchase from the listed shops are also important like the Potions, Cookwares, Emperium, Fly Wing and other items you can easily familiar with. However, in case you accidentally sold these items, you can get it back by repurchasing it from the NPCs.

Important Items

By doing the same method above, when the item can be obtained from an Exchange Center or simply a blank page where there is no method to obtain it.

In the example above, the Golden Bug Horn can be obtained from the Exchange Center. This only means it is important and you must not sell it to the NPCs for Zeny, but if you don’t need it at all, you can sell it to the Exchange Center for Crystals.

COC Items are Important As Well

There are also items that are not sold in Exchange Center but can only be bought at the Chamber of Commerce Store, these items are also important. It is primarily use as a crafting materials for Headgears, so if you have receive these items, do not sell it.

It is important because if you purchase back it from Chamber of Commerce it cost a million Zeny for completing each crafting.

How to Declutter Items

Now you know what item need to be get rid, you can now sell these item to an NPC for Zeny.

To declutter these items, you can sell it to any store NPC (Sundries, Guild Store, Equipment Material Shop, Cooking Shop or Chamber of Commerce). You can find them in any major cities, in example below, we sell the item to the NPC Sundries Store in Prontera.

There you go, you can now sell those item that you identify as useless or not important.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you to remove items in your backpack that are not that important. You can check our other post for more Ragnarok X Guide.

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  • 21Luck June 24, 2021 4:46 am

    can we sell or dismantle EQ already upgraded to npc ??

    • Erwin Bantilan June 24, 2021 6:16 am

      Yep, all of the item you use will be refunded in to your bag.


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