Season 3 Guide (October to December 2023), Season of Warriors in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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Ragnarok X: Next Generation introduces Season 3, highlighting the Pet system. In contrast to the previous season, which emphasized MVP/Mini Instances, Season 3 presents an exploration into the game’s monster-catching system and celebrating the new Pet 3.0 update where it includes new monsters that you can catch and obtain.

This season is titled Season of Warriors and it starts on October 19 and will end on December 12, 2023.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through each aspect of Season 3, ensuring you maximize your rewards from the event. Additionally, we’ll provide a glimpse into what you can expect from this season overall.

Season Weekly Quests

The ‘Season Weekly Quest,’ also known as the ‘Trial of Fate,’ spans 11 weeks, with each week offering a distinct quest to complete. The initial week focuses primarily on pet-catching activities, while the quests for the subsequent weeks, starting with the 2nd week, vary.

Below is a breakdown of this week’s quests, detailing the frequency of completion and the total Season Points you can earn for each:

Week 1 Quest (October 19 to 22)Season Points
Catch (3) pets in the wilderness (achievable up to 30 times)100 Season Points

5 Season Points (150 Season Points)
Release (5) pets (achievable up to 30 times)200 Season Points

10 Season Points (300 Season Points)
Feed pets (2/60/150) times225/450/675 Season Points
Use (2/50/120) Pet Energy Bars90/135/225 Season Points
Successfully catch (5) S-quality pets in the wilderness1,125 Season Points
Successfully catch (5) A-quality pets in the wilderness675 Season Points
Successfully catch (5) B-quality pets in the wilderness225 Season Points
Total Points4,575 Season Points

ROX has addressed a bug related to repeatable quests. Previously, players could complete these quests an unlimited number of times, amassing significant points. Now, repeatable quests are capped at 30 completions.

Season Rewards

For this season’s rewards, the Sacred Feather stands out. You can exchange it for items with the event NPC. Other rewards provide materials essential for your character’s progression. In addition to the basics, players can also earn cosmetic items for their in-game avatars and costume effects, mirroring the offerings of the previous season.

Below is a list of rewards attainable at each level:

Season LevelRewards
Requires 2,000 Season Points
10 x  Sacred Feather
2 x  Poring Gold Coin
50 x  Sacred Feather
1 x  Sacred Feather Pack
2 x  Mission Order
Requires 4,000 Season Points
2 x  Sacred Feather Pack
2 x  Yggdrasil Berry Bag
1 x  Sacred Seraph Side Bar
2 x  Sacred Feather Pack
1 x  Convex Mirror
Requires 6,000 Season Points
3 x  Sacred Feather Pack
3 x  Poring Gold Coin
100 x  Sacred Feather
3 x  Sacred Feather Pack
3 x  Mission Order
Requires 8,000 Season Points
5 x  Sacred Feather Pack
3 x  Yggdrasil Berry Bag
1 x  Sacred Seraph Chat Frame
5 x  Sacred Feather Pack
2 x  Convex Mirror
Requires 10,000 Season Points
8 x  Sacred Feather Pack
5 x  Poring Gold Coin
150 x  Sacred Feather
8 x  Sacred Feather Pack
5 x  Mission Order
3 x  Adv. Upgrading Selection Pack
Requires 12,000 Season Points
8 x  Sacred Feather Pack
5 x  Yggdrasil Berry Bag
1 x  Sacred Seraph Avatar Frame
8 x  Sacred Feather Pack
4 x  Convex Mirror
3 x  Adv. Refinement Selection Pack
Requires 14,000 Season Points
8 x  Sacred Feather Pack
10 x  Poring Gold Coin
200 x  Sacred Feather
8 x  Sacred Feather Pack
10 x  Mission Order
Requires 16,000 Season Points
10 x  Sacred Feather Pack
10 x  Yggdrasil Berry Bag
300 x  Sacred Feather
10 x  Sacred Feather Pack
8 x  Convex Mirror
3 x  Adv. Enchantment Sel. Pack II
Requires 18,000 Season Points
10 x  Sacred Feather Pack
20 x  Poring Gold Coin
400 x  Sacred Feather
10 x  Sacred Feather Pack
20 x  Mission Order
1 x  Random Season Card Pack I
Requires 20,000 Season Points
10 x  Sacred Feather Pack
20 x  Yggdrasil Berry Bag
500 x  Sacred Feather
10 x  Sacred Feather Pack
15 x  Convex Mirror
1 x  Goddess’ Aegis

Season Exchange Item

At the Season Exchange NPC, the Sacred Feather can be traded for a variety of costumes, effects, and progression materials. Excitingly, there’s also an opportunity to acquire rewards from previous seasons through the Legacy Items. For these, players can utilize the Heroic Medal as a means of exchange.

Season Ranking

In the overall season ranking, you can view the adventurers on your server with the top points.

That wraps it up for now, folks. We’ll continue to update this post, especially concerning the weekly quests, to provide you with regular insights about the Season Weekly Quest and other significant updates.

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