Dracula Demon Castle Instance Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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Upon reaching level 78, you’ll be unlocking a new instance boss monster and that is the Dracula. Just like the previous MVP mobs, beating this at an early level will be difficult and this MVP instance requires team cooperation.

Beating this monster alone for Swordsman (Lord Knight), Archer (Hunter), Wizard (High Wizard) or Blacksmith (Whitesmith) is not possible unless you have a Osiris Card [Day] because of its 1-hit skill and using the Playing Dead skill alone will simply reset the round. However, if you’re a Priest, you can beat this alone if you have high DPS and can deflect the 1-hit skill using the “Sacred Blessing”.

Because of that, this instance is required to play with High-Priest as there should be 1 alive when another member is using Playdead or else, the round will be reset. We will discuss in this guide on how you can avoid Dracula’s damage including the 1-hit skill and practice our pattern guide.

Things to Consider

Here are the things you should consider when playing the Dracula Instances:

  • Each dead member will increase the damage of Dracula and regenerate its life.
  • Do not use Resurrection Scroll unless you can perform damage and know the gameplay pattern.
  • Do not use Murphy’s Set, it’s too weak for Dracula.
  • Declutter your bag pack 50% below for life regen.
  • A High Priest is required in a team unless you have an Osiris Card [Day].
  • Do not go near the High Priest when she/he is performing Sacred Blessing, because you’ll get the Sacred Blessing and the round will be reset.


Since Dracula has many skill damage, you need a lot of HP regen kits and a debuff for slow movement in case you are thrown to the bloodbath. Here are the must item you need on your Quick Use tabs:

  • Panacea
  • Premium White Potion
  • Seed of Yggdrasil
  • Yggdrasil Berry

Depending on the composition of your team, non-priest members should equipped Playdead and Priest should equipped Sacred Blessing. For optional, consume buff foods to increase DPS and life regen. As well as get the buff from Areal.

Hard Mode (Demon Castle Dracula)

When everything is clear, here is how to beat Dracula from the Demon Castle Hard. After reaching 70% on Dracula’s HP, he will perform his Purgatory Judgment where 10 orbs will appear on every side of the arena. You need to collect the Blood Orb to weaken Dracula and not to regenerate life, the more you get, the weaker he gets but watch your HP too as it may drain instantly (Prepare your Seed of Yggdrasill and Yggdrasil Berry for every 2 orbs collected).

After the Purgatory Judgement, he will then perform a 1-hit skill. This time, members should timing the Playdead Skill for non-Priest and the Sacred Blessing for High Priest. 

  • Playdead must perform when Dracula is about to raise his hand (See Dracula’s picture below, that is the time you click it).
  • Sacred Blessing must perform after all of the Blood Orbs have disappeared like 2 to 3 seconds before Dracula’s raise his hand. (You also need to be at a distant from your teammates as they may consume your Sacred Blessing)

After surviving the 1-hit skill. You then need to reduce Dracula’s life to 40%, but before this. You must know the pattern of avoiding the 3 different skills and a way to survive the succeeding skill. 

Wave of Bats, he will spawn bats where it explodes when it dies. You just need to make sure that the Bats won’t appear when Dracula’s HP is down to 40%, this is to avoid getting damage when being lifted and become immovable on the next Dracula’s skill. 

River Blood, where it casts a river of blood at the middle and at the sides. Make sure to position Dracula at the center where you can reach for damage on the other side without river blood. Then when the next river blood appeared on the side, do not move yet to the center – wait for the blood bat at the center to slightly disappear before moving. Same as the Wave of Bats, you must not allow Dracula to cast this spell when his life reaches 40%.

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Dispersal, this one is the easiest if you know the pattern but if not, you’ll be dead constantly. The pattern for Dispersal is simply moved at the second layer where there is no shaded marks. Move here when he is about to explode, exactly 2 seconds after he cast his spell (It requires some timing though), then move back to the center after the explosion to deal damage. As much as possible, do not hide outside the circle, it’s too risky.

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To sum up, you need to wait for the Wave of Bats and Dracula’s River Blood to disappear before lowering his life to 40% for you to survive on the next Dracula’s skill.

When Dracula life down to 40%, he will then sucked up all party members at the center and perform an explosion. The damage to the explosion depends on how many died prior to its spell, the base damages without member dies is 400,000 (This is just an estimate, we will update this later). Every member dies, it will increase up to 100,000 damage. So, keep on mind that resurrecting member will not just regen its life but increases its damage to the point your party will be wiped out on this part. However, party member with 1M life above are safe from this spell but still don’t feed Dracula.

After the explosion, he will then cast the Devilish Rite where it draws a circle in a round formation. To avoid this one, you need to point the camera at the front of the Stairs. From here, go to the 5 o’clock position at the chess pattern. Jack and Ghoul will also appear, you can ignore them on this part by just using HP potions to cover Ghoul’s damage or depends on your team strategy (for us, we just stunned him and eliminate before the circle exploded).

When the first circle explodes, immediately move to the exploded circle (Do not move on the center as the final explosion will be in that area). Also, be careful for Dracula’s additional Dispersal skill, so just find for those mark and move to the 2nd layer to be safe. 

If Jack and Ghoul are still alive, eliminate them here and make sure not to use Fire elemental for Jack as it is not effective. A stun skill also helps stop the huge damage of Ghoul. You can then deal damage until the Dracula is eliminated. He will frequently cast Wave of Bats, Dispersal and Devilish Rite. So, just do the drill above.

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