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How to Download PUBG Mobile English Beta Canada Version

An officially licensed version of PUBG Mobile from Tencent are now available in both Google Playstore and Apple Store, and it is in the English language. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Canada only. Though there are ways to bypass the regional restriction by using an IP address in Canada and a Google account that is located in Canada as well.

* UPDATE 03/20/2018 * – PUBG Mobile is now available in all countries. You can now play and download the game without VPN. Read More

You can now download the PUBG Mobile English version at Google Playstore for Android and Apple Store for iOS .

The game is the same with the Lightspeed version of [...]

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How to Use Emote in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds finally have an emotes features where your character can do funny emotions when playing the game. A fun tool to use for your squads or just provoking your enemies.

The latest update in PUBG already include the emote features. If you already downloaded the latest PUBG update, you can now actually try this feature and make fun of it.

How to Use Emote in PUBG

Press the key ~ (tilde), to open the emotes menu and use your mouse to select the emotes that you want to choose. You may also press the corresponding keys to choose the emotes that you want.

Currently, there are 12 emotes that are available in PUBG; Hello, Thanks, [...]

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How to Fix An Unhandled Error Occured. (0xffffffff) in Street Fighter X Tekken

The Street Fighter X Tekken is a 2012 game, that year most games uses Microsoft Windows Live as there online multiplayer gaming platform for online . Since then, some of the developer didn’t update there games and still using the old Windows Live SDK. That’s why playing Street Fighter X Tekken in a Windows 10 OS gives you a problem when its your first time to play the game.

Everytime you launch the game, there will be a pop up error saying Unhandles Error Occured. (0xffffffff) and sometimes your computer becomes unresponsive.

The only way to fixed this issue is uninstalling the current Microsoft games for windows – LIVE Redistributable and reinstall a [...]

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How to Change PUBG Blood Color to Blue

If you ever encounter a PlayerUnknown’s Battleground clips that when they hit an enemy, it splashes different colour – a color blue blood instead of red, this is some unique censored settings for PUBG. This setting is used to get compliance with the Korean government with their strict ratings.

But will this Color Blue blood will add benefits from your gameplay? It depends on the situation and area where you’re battling. If the area is dark or inside a building, this feature is handy as you can easily see the Blue color when you hit your target. In a light area, it may give some disadvantage but most of the time – it has the same advantages as [...]