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How to activate Scope in PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds)

If you’re newbie like me, you probably clueless how to activate the scope for sniping in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or well known as PUBG. This is after you looted several kinds of scope sight either x4, x2 and x8 and you don’t know how to use it, because right-clicking in the game with your gun doesn’t simply activate the sniping mode. This thing didn’t even shows in the option menu in the game to help you. And this new control mechanics is very new to anyone who plays other FPS game.

To activate the Scope in PUBG, first you have to attached the Scope to your gun. Then to scope, just by press and hold the right click twice or double right click [...]

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How to unlock Everwing Guardian Arcana

One of the unique guardians in Everwing is the Arcana in which it has a powerful special booster attack that you can use to easily destroy enemies and make a copy of your sidekicks for a limited time. Arcana has a special refill bar on the bottom of the screen that you have to full with bubble star, in order for you to use the booster attack. Right now, Arcana is not available on its Character store and only displayed as “Coming soon”. but you can actually get this guardians by just doing a raid boss and redeeming it on the chest or through special event “Smoke and Mirrors”.

This sly illusionist has a few tricks up here sleeve. She can clone sidekicks [...]

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How to know your own Smart Bro Number (Pocket Wifi)

Getting your sim-card number is very tricky especially when you’re using a pocket WiFi. Which there is no option or page on getting your sim-card number and even the sim-card has no imprint in it. Some people are using the old tricks by texting other phone to get its number. but how about you don’t have load? You’re stuck on it. But no worries! there’s an easy way.

All you need to do is, turn on your pocket wifi. Then connect your phone on it and follow the instruction below:

Since visiting website is FREE to use even you don’t have load. This is where you can check your sim-card number, by just going to Smart Bro dashboard [...]

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How to Fix ASUS EZ Update Wrong Size Issue

If you bought ASUS motherboards or graphic cards, it included an Update plugin that comes from AI Suite 3 called ASUS EZ Update that allows you to automatically update all components to the latest drivers. But there were issue upon using the plugin and it fails when you try to update some drivers and an error message will pop up under the Size tab saying “Wrong Size!!”. So, how do you fix this issue and install the drivers? We can manually install the drivers from the downloaded driver of ASUS EZ Update.

To manually install the drivers, you just have to go to the Temp directory of AI Suite III EZ Update folder and all downloaded program is located in this [...]