Answers to Akand’s Quiz in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX)

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After you accepted The Kingdom Defense Force recruitment, you’re then asked a quiz test from Akand in the Izlude Island. The question is pretty easy and if you got it incorrectly, you can just repeat and answer the correct ones.

Akand will tell you “Your courage is admirable, but the Kingdom Defense Force is the indestructible shield of the Rune – Midgarts Kingdom. We can’t just allow anyone to join. You’ll have to answer a few questions first. Then I’ll determine if you’re a true warrior worthy of joining the Defense Force.”

Akand’s Quiz

For easy, reference here is the answer for the question of Akand’s test.

Akand’s QuizAnswers
Do you always stand strong when faced with a great threat?O (Yes)
Do you only use force and not your intellect?X (No)
Will you lend your hand to your companions instead of abandoning them?O (Yes)

That’s it guys.

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