Secret Mining Guide (Concentrated Ore) in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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If you have been following our page, you will notice that we do not have a dedicated basic guide for mining because simply it is the easiest way to learn, together with all of the pathing finding features in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX). However, we just found out a way a secret to mine 300x faster than the normal mining by mining a Concentrated Ore, that is an hour long.

Opps, there is a catch. You can only mine it for a duration of 3 seconds, after that it will automatically depleted and will regenerate again after 600 seconds (10 minutes). Not to mention, you also need an Alloy Pickaxes that is cost around 12,000 Crystals, plus 300 Stamina cost.

Table of Contents

  1. Where to Buy Alloy Pickaxe
  2. Mining Concentrated Ore
  3. Is it worth it?

Most players probably didn’t notice this Concentrated Ore because of the Path finding from RO Life and clicking to the specific mining site. Plus the only mining sites that are listed in RO life are the Ore Vein and Rich Vein. The Concentrated Ore has never been listed which makes this a secret mining spot for some players.

Where to Buy Alloy Pickaxe

Before anything else, you need an Alloy Pickaxe for you to mine the Concentrated Ore. You can obtain this one from the Crystal Shop in Alberta. Talk to the NPC Sinclair “Crystal Merchant” and click the Crystal Shop.

Browse down and find the Alloy Pickaxe, It cost around 12,000 Crystals for each.

Now that you have the Alloy Pickaxe, you also need 300 Stamina to mine the Concentrated Ore.

Mining Concentrated Ore

The location for the Concentrated Ore are in Mjolnir Dead Pit 1F, it is located at the bottom corner of the map. Once you’re in the area, you’ll find a cave full of Orange/Red bright crystals – this are the Concentrated Ore.

To mine, just wait for the Refresh Time to cool down and immediately mine it. You only have three seconds to click the Mine button or else, it will automatically depleted and you have to wait for another 600 seconds.

Once you have successfully mined the Concentrated Crystals, you will receive a total amount of 98 Mining Materials.

Doing this will also allow you to earn an instant 300 Mining EXP.

Is it worth it?

Will the cost of around 12,000 Crystals and spending 300 Stamina worth the price? Well, we have totaled the amount of Crystals you’ve earned and how much you will be gaining when you sell it on the Exchange Center.

Below are the example Mining materials we’ve obtained together with the quantity and the estimated total crystals price for each.

Item MinedQuantityCrystal Earned
Lv.1 Silver Ore4168
Luminary Soulstone I1426
Lv.1 Impure Jewelstone3324
Lv.1 Iron Ore1100
Lv.1 Coal Ore18936
Lv.1 Gold Ore5280
Lv.1 Rough Oridecon21,250
Lv.2 Rough Elunium21,388
Lv.1 Rough Elunium41,076
Lv.1 Blessed Ore1525
Lv.2 Rough Oridecon34,080
Lv.2 Rough Bradium21,766
Lv.1 Upgrading Metal181,080
Lv.1 Muspellium5250
Lv.2 Upgrading Metal142,212
Lv.1 Pure Jewelstone1120
Lv.1 Rough Bradium2794
Lv.2 Muspellium121,596
Total9818,371 Crystals

We have done a second try and the total amount of Crystals we gained are almost the same at 19,464 Crystals.

With those calculation, doing this secret mine is not that profitable. We only profited 6,371 Crystals from doing it and spending 300 Stamina. Not to mention, the calculation didn’t include the tax from the Exchange Center. This might not be for free-to-play players who are saving crystals for their daily grind.

But this are ideal for players who are:

  • Save time from mining, from an hour to just a second (at least 600 seconds)
  • Has unspent Alloy Pickaxe to use for Mining Materials
  • Wants to level up their RO’s Life Mining quicker
  • Urgent mining materials for their equipment upgrades

That’s it guys! Hope this helps you understand what the secret mining. For more tips like this, check our other post for Ragnarok X Guide.

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