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Playing alone in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX) is possible, but playing the game with a community like a guild allows you to make friends with other players who love this game. In RoX, you can create your own guild and allow your friends or other players to join you in the game. However, creating a guild is pretty expensive especially during day one, you need at least 600,000 Zeny of creating it.


  1. How to Create a Guild
  2. Guild Level – Max Member, Maintenance and Level up Cost
  3. Guild Order – Max Per Day
  4. Guild Pass – Members Kingdom Pass Progress and Dailies
  5. Otherworld Gate
  6. Guild KVM
  7. Guild Warehouse
  8. Guild Blessing
  9. Guild Store
  10. Guild Wars

How to Create a Guild

First, the requirement for you to access the guild is you need to reach level 20. This will unlock the Guild icon under the drop-down menu on the right corner of the game. When you reach this level, you need a total of 600,000 Zeny. This is to pay for Emperium and the transaction fee for creating the guild.

You can buy the Emperium at the NPC Vienna Lindra (Sundrise Store) at the Prontera for 300,000 Zeny.

Once you have the Emperium, you can now create your guild by clicking the Guild icon.

Then once the guild window is opened, click the Create Guild icon.

This will auto find the NPC assigned for guild creation. From here, you’ll be asked for an Emperium and another 300,000 Zeny. Fill up the name with your Guild name and click Create.

Once done, you will have now access to your own guild and can now invite other players to join your guild.

Guild Level – Max Member, Maintenance and Level Up Cost

The higher the level The higher the guild level, the more players it can accept and become members. It also allows your Guild to have higher visibility in the guild list. However, the maintenance cost will also shoot up depending on the guild level. To cover these costs using Guild funds, members need to contribute via Guild Orders.

The following are the Guild maintenance cost, guild funds to level up, and maximum members for each level.

GuildMax MemberMaintenance CostLevel Up Cost
1553,000 Guild Funds156,000 Guild Funds
2604,000 Guild Funds156,000 Guild Funds
3654,200 Guild Funds492,000 Guild Funds
4704,800 Guild Funds1,068,000 Guild Funds
5755,400 Guild Funds1,932,000 Guild Funds
6806,000 Guild Funds3,132,000 Guild Funds
7856,600 Guild Funds4,716,000 Guild Funds
8907,200 Guild Funds6,732,000 Guild Funds
9957,800 Guild Funds9,228,000 Guild Funds
101008,400 Guild FundsMax Level

The level up cost is the amount of Guild Funds needed for the guild to level up.

Guild Order – Max Order Per Day

The most challenging rule a leader can implement for the Guild is to comply with the daily Guild Orders. Each day, members can do FREE Guild Orders 8 times a day. Succeeding GO requires crystals to unlock, and a member spent up to 84,000 Crystals for the maximum 1,600 Guild Orders.

OrdersCrystalTotal Guild Funds
1 – 8FREE400
8 – 121,000 Crystals200
13 – 162,000 Crystals200
17 – 203,000 Crystals200
21 – 244,000 Crystals200
25 – 295,000 Crystals200
30 – 336,000 Crystals200
TOTAL84,000 Crystals1,600

Guild Pass – Members Kingdom Pass Progress and Dailies

Members can also do daily activities to get Dead Branch and Life Supply Packs, while Guild Leaders can received Bloody Branch. The Dead Branch is a consumable item where it summons random monsters including a Gold Poring. The Bloody Branch on the other hand, it summons MINI and MVP.

These branches can only be used inside the Guild Territory and summoning Mini/MVP is only allowed at 9:00PM to 1:00 AM (PHT Time) or 8:00PM to 12:00MN (Server Time).

The Guild Pass also has been revamped with lots of rewards on it. The maximum level of Guild Pass can reach is level 80 and for it to level up. Member needs to guild order to increase its EXP. Each 300 Guild Order will level up the Guild pass.

Otherworld Gate

The Otherworld Gate is an exclusive dungeon for members, it allows members to eliminate several weakened Mini and MVP within 30 minutes. Eliminating these bosses will allow members to received Otherworld Gate Individual/Guild Award, there is a maximum of 32 bosses to defeat. To activate this guild event, players has to reached a Guild Order of 60,000 Points for it to activate.

Once it is reached, Guild Leader can start and make a schedule for the next day (eg. When GL created a schedule for the Otherworld on Saturday, the Otherworld gate will start on Sunday at selected time). The earliest time the Otherworld can be scheduled is at 6:00 PM.

Newly accepted members who are less than 3 days in the Guild cannot join the Otherworld Gate.

Guild KVM

The Guild KVM is a 5v5 PVP (Players Vs. Players) match where five members for each party can participate in a battle with other Guilds. Did you know that the abbreviation meaning of KVM in Ragnarok is Kreiger Von Midgard.

The only problem with KVM in Ragnarok is the mismatch of the matchmaking, there is 80% chances that you will be match with whales guild and nothing you can do about it.

From time to time, they also held a cross-server KVM event where guilds from other servers can be match with each other.

Guild Warehouse

The Guild warehouse is where all of the guild rewards will be stored. Rewards from KVM, Otherworld Gate and Guild Wars. The leader can only distribute these rewards to its members.

However, member should know that the leader has no control over the amount they can send to each member as it will depends on their performance and activities in the guild.

Guild Blessing

Members in the guild can also increases their own stats permanently using the Guild Blessing. It may be small amount, but it would help you character progress a little bit with these blessings. The maximum level up for each blessing depends on the level of your guild. It is Guild Level multiply by 10, for a level 6 guild, the maximum level for each guild blessing is level 60.

Here are the blessings you can get through these benefit:


Increases your character P.ATK by 10

Increases your character M.ATK by 10

Increases your character DEF by 10

Increases your character M.DEF by 10

Max HP
Increases your character Max HP by 10

Max SP
Increases your character Max SP by 10

Increases your character P.PEN by 10

Increases your character M.PEN by 10

Increases your character Hit by 10

Increases your character Flee by 10

Increases your character Crit by 10

Increases your character Anti-Crit by 10

Guild Store

The Guild Store is where you can Guild materials for a Murphy’s armor, this armor has a PVP stats that is effective defense against other players. This is usually the required equipment for high ranking guild.

You can also tier up your Murphy’s on the Guild Store NPC.

Guild Wars

The Guild Wars is a weekly activity among guilds that they can war to take over a city. However, for F2P guild with few whales, this might be hard because it’s always the whales who can take over city and usually newbie always get eliminated on this.

However, it is still worth to try and just eliminate players in the guild wars and also hit the Emperium to get higher points for the weekly rewards.

That’s it! Hope this mini guide helps you create your first guild in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

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