How to Create Guild in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox Guide)

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Playing alone in Ragnarok X Next Generation is possible, but playing the game with a community like a guild allows you to make friends with other players who love this game. In RoX, you can create your own guild and allow your friends or other players to join you in the game. However, creating a guild is pretty expensive especially during day one, you need at least 600,000 Zeny of creating it.

How to Create a Guild

First, the requirement for you to access the guild is you need to reach level 20. This will unlock the Guild icon under the drop-down menu on the right corner of the game. When you reach this level, you need a total of 600,000 Zeny. This is to pay for Emperium and the transaction fee for creating the guild.

You can buy the Emperium at the NPC Vienna Lindra (Sundrise Store) at the Prontera for 300,000 Zeny.

Once you have the Emperium, you can now create your guild by clicking the Guild icon.

Then once the guild window is opened, click the Create Guild icon.

This will auto find the NPC assigned for guild creation. From here, you’ll be asked for an Emperium and another 300,000 Zeny. Fill up the name with your Guild name and click Create.

Once done, you will have now access to your own guild and can now invite other players to join your guild.

That’s it! Hope this mini guide helps you create your first guild in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

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