What is Bound and Not bound in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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When you received an item, gear or materials in Ragnarok X Next Generation, the first thing you’ve notice is the labeled green “not bound” and red “bound”. If you’ve been playing other MMORPG mobile game like Lumia saga or WoW, you must be familiar of its mechanics already. This will allow the game to put some restriction on what item to be tradable or not.

  1. Not bound Items (Green)
  2. Bound Items (Red)
  3. Bugs in the game Bound to Not Bound
  4. Bound items but not your Class
  5. What is the Reason Behind it?

Not Bound Items (Green)

Not Bound are the type of items that can be freely traded to players through the Exchange Center or Merchants. The items are usually obtained by exploring the game through loots or the RO’s skill, items that are not purchasable through the NPC.

Here are the list of ways you can get this from:

  • Monster drop loots
  • Gardening (RO’s Life Skill)
  • Mining (RO’s Life Skill)
  • Cooking (RO’s Life Skill)
  • Smelting (RO’s Life Skill)
  • MVP instance Rewards
  • MVP/Mini drop loots
  • Purchase from Merchant
  • Diamond Top-up
  • Equipment Crafting (Using Not-Bound Material)
  • Headgear Crafting (Using Not-Bound Material)

“Not bound” items also has additional rules, it can only be traded once. After you traded the item at the Exchange Center, and someone bought it. The player who bought that item can no longer trade it in the Exchange Center nor merchant as it will be marked as Bound Items. Basically, anything you purchase from Exchange Center is also bound items.

Bound Items (Red)

Bound are the items that are non-tradable to the Exchange Center or Merchants. The Bound items are designed to prevent it from being shared with other players, but can be sold or bought through the in-game NPC’s.

You usually got this item from the following method:

  • Quest Rewards
  • Equipment Crafting (Using Bound Material)
  • Refined Equipment
  • Gift Packs
  • Glory Pass Rewards
  • NPC Purchase Items
  • Exchange Center Purchase Items
  • Chamber of Commerce Purchase Items
  • Equipment Vending Machine (Gacha)
  • Headgear Vending Machine (Gacha)
  • Card Vending Machine (Gacha)
  • Headgear Crafting (Using Bound Material)

Bugs in the Game Not Bound to Bound

If you notice, you receive an item either from Gacha or Quest Rewards then when you check its description you see the label “Not bound”, but when you open your backpack and check it again, it turns out to be “Bound” (Red). Well, this is just a bug in the game that the devs forgot to fix the labeling.

Bound item but not your Class

Since you cannot transfer items between your character in ROX, when you received an item that is not for your class and the item is mark as Bound, using that item is useless. The only way to disposed it that are beneficial for you is to Dismantle the item (if its equipment) or sell it to the NPC.

If you receive Bound Card item that the stats are not for your character, you can deposit it on the Awakening for additional stats. For Costume, you can put it Wardrobe for Shine Points that also give additional stats.

What is the Reason Behind it?

The main reason behind this mechanics is to make loot and hard-to-gain items valuable. This will avoid items that can easily be purchase from NPC to sneaks into the Exchange Center or Merchants, that usually leads to an inflation of the in-game economy. Imagine, when a lot of players do Gacha for a cards then sold it on the market, lots of cards will be pouring in the market making everyone can easily earned Crystals which will lead for the prices to go up.

Having the bound and not bound items in Ragnarok X Next Generation will have a successful in-game economy that benefits both the game and players. To know more tips like this, you can check our Ragnarok X Guide post.

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  • Dany July 4, 2021 7:10 am

    how can we sell used equipment items?
    Like a weapon that has been refined (this cannot be sold or thrown away)

    • Erwin Bantilan July 4, 2021 8:14 am

      Hi Dany, you can dismantle it to receive Gacha coin for equipment.

  • David July 7, 2021 6:16 pm

    Hi sir, thanks for the article.

    That means if I have 2 cards and it says Bound (Red colour), I can’t sell it on Exchange? Only can use it myself?

    Please help. Thanks

    • Erwin Bantilan July 8, 2021 3:20 am

      Hi David, yep.. you can only use it yourself.. If you have no use of it, you can deposit it on the Awakening to activate some bonus stats.

  • Ethan July 10, 2021 9:07 am

    I was using a crocodile clock “Bound” but i decided to move to veteran set. I couldn’t dismantle the crocodile clock. Any idea why is that the case?


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