How to Go to Umbala Map in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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Welcome to Umbala, the newest map in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX). This map is home to level 110 to 120 monsters and is the perfect place to unlock new adventures for all adventurers. Umbala won’t be available to Kafra NPC first, so you must unlock it manually by going to that location.

To access Umbala, you’ll need to manually unlock it by following these steps:

To go to Umbala, you have to go to Comodo Cave first, then there is a teleport on the left corner of the map going to Hoomga Jungle.

Once you are inside the Hoomga Jungle, there is another teleport on the top corner that will lead you to Umbala.

Once you arrive in Umbala, you’ll notice that it’s a jungle-themed map with plenty of new monsters to fight. Some of the most notable monsters in Umbala include the Gibbet, Wootan Fighter, Banshee and many more.

And since this map is full of undead monsters, Priest-like class can benefit most of these monsters and can grind more better with these new monsters.

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