Pet Invasion Event Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox)

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Ragnarok X: Next Generation (Rox) has completed its server maintenance and released Rox Pet 2.0, which introduces a new set of stronger pets. In addition, there is now a new way for players to spend money in the game by purchasing gift boxes at the Pet Invasion Shop with real money. The most expensive pack is the Premium Pet Gift Pack, which guarantees a random pet selection.

  1. Pet Attack Store
  2. Normal Evolution Selection Pack
  3. Premium Evolution Selection Pack
  4. Magical Pet Lucky Box
  5. Physical Pet Lucky Box

In this guide, we will show you what to expect when purchasing those gift pack from the store and if its worth it or not.

Pet Attack Store

Here are the details of the Pet Invasion together with the chances you get.

Gift PacksDetails
Basic Pet Gift Pack
PHP 249 ($5)

2 x Pet Interaction Selection Pack I
contains pet taming materials (select one only).

2 x Advanced Upgrade Selection Pack
contains upgrading materials (select one pack only).

2 x Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary
contains 100 Odin’s Blessing each
Fair Pet Gift Pack
PHP 1250 ($25)

2 x Pet Advancement Selection Pack
contains pet’s spirit stones (select one only).

3 x Advanced Refinement Selection Pack
contains refinement materials (select one pack only)

3 x Refinement Protection Selection Pack
contains refine protection materials (select one pack only)
Premium Pet Gift Pack
PHP 4990 ($100)

Lucky Pet Box
contains of the following (one by random chances):
Magical Pet Lucky Box
Physical Pet Lucky Box

Pet Skill Book Selection II
contains skill sheet (select one only).

Pet Evolution Lucky Box
contains of the following (one by random chances):
Normal Evolution Selection Pack
Premium Evolution Selection Pack

and one of this:
Coronet Headgear

There are new selection and non-selection packs included in the shop and some of these has unknown description when you try to access it on the game without purchasing it. So, here are the details for these packs.

What is Normal Evolution Selection Pack

This pack contains headgears, you can only select one of the following:

  • Onigiri Hat
  • Iron Cain
  • Angled Glasses
  • Pirate Bandana
  • Bao Bao

What is Premium Evolution Selection Pack

Same as Normal Evolution selection pack but much rarer headgear items, you can select one of the following:

  • Cute Ribbon
  • Beast Horn
  • Sweet Gents
  • Frog Prince Headgear
  • Ghost Bandana

What is Magical Pet Lucky Box

Opening this box contains a Pet Interaction Selection Pack II and a guarantee pet by random chances of one of the following:

  • Hornet Cage (23.83%)
  • Familiar Cage (23.83%)
  • Giearth Cage (0.89%)
  • Whisper Cage (23.83%)
  • Zombie Cage (23.83%)
  • Skeleton Worker Cage (0.89%)
  • Phreeoni (0.099%)
  • Myst (0.89%)
  • Sasquatch (0.89%)
  • Golem (0.89%)
  • Moonlight Flower (0.049%)

The Pet Interaction Selection Pack II contains a taming materials and you can select one (Rainbow Carrot, Juicy Grape, Unripe Apple, Singing Flower, Morning Dew, Goldflower Nectar, Livestock Gore, Well-Dried Bone, Old Broom, Armlet of Obedience, Worn Bronze Armor, and Discarded Coin).

What is Physical Pet Lucky Box

Same as Magical Pet Lucky Box, this one guarantees a pet by random of one of the following:

  • Lunatic Cage (13.62%)
  • Poring Cage (13.62%)
  • Grasshopper Cage (13.62%)
  • Baby Desert Wolf Cage (13.62%)
  • Yoyo Cage (13.62%)
  • Dustiness Cage (13.62%)
  • Roda Frog Cage (13.62%)
  • Anacondaq Cage (13.62%)
  • Skeleton Worker Cage (0.9%)
  • Phreeoni Cage (0.1%)
  • Myst Cage (0.9%)
  • Sasquatch Cage (0.9%)
  • Golem Cage (0.9%)
  • Moonlight Flower Cage (0.05%)

You will also received the Pet Interaction Selection Pack II that allows you to select taming materials.

Are the packs worth to purchase? Well, depending on how deep your pocket is. The guaranteed pet is not that great, because there is a bigger chance you end up getting the weaker pet (Poring or Lunatic). It is mostly luck if you get the high quality pet.

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