How to Reset Stats and Skills Points in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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When you are not yet familiar with your class character in Ragnarok X Next Generation, you usually experiments and add random points to your stats and skills testing its capabilities, and there are some distributes fairly making it like a chop suey. Until, you have discover the Recommended stats and skill points that will automatically distributes the points for certain role skill set, like for swordsman their is Agi Knight, Spear Knight and Vit Knight.

So once you have everything being familiarize you wanted to reset the stats and skill points from scratch. If you’re a veteran in Ragnarok, you probably knew the item needed for this. But where to obtain it? In this guide, we will show you on how to reset the stats and skill points of your character.

Where to buy Items for Stat and Skill Resets

You can buy these item from an NPC Crystal Merchant named Sindair (Alson Fleet Direct Supplier) at Alberta, you can find him at the right center corner of the map.

Talk to him to buy the items which are the following:


An item that can reset skills. 5,000 Crystals

Magical Stone
An item that can reset stats.5,000 Crystals

It is quite costly, but very useful when it comes of retrying new skill set for your class character.

How to Use

Once you have those item in your backpack, just open your bag and locate the item.

Select the item and click it to Use button.

That’s it guys! Hope this helps you reset your stats and skills.

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