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How to Unlock New Everwing Guardian Lucia

In celebration of Everwing’s Polar League event and the Christmas season. Everwing is launching new guardian for you to play. This Ice Queen’s is a guardian of Frost, sending chills to Everwing and an only daughter guardian are surrounded only by its Queen and its minions. Her name is Lucia, As the successor of her mother’s throne – this guardian spent her days training in the Queen’s Ice discipline and relentlessly training to be a top notch and win the queen’s approval to be as the best.

As Lucia grews, you help her fulfilled this dream and level up her and battle different conquest available in the game. Her fate is in your hand, [...]

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Everwing Polar League Event is Now Up

If you haven’t check Everwing for awhile, they have a new event dedicated for this Christmas eve – its The Polar League Egg Event. The event features new Polar Egg, new sidekick abilities and new set of sidekicks.

Polar Egg – Egg Event

Get this exclusive Polar Egg, hatching this egg will give you chance to get the new Polar League Mythic sidekicks or the Legendaries. The eggs is available in both regular eggs and the special Polar Egg.

New Sidekick Abilities

This event update includes the new abilities of sidekicks. Based from the name of this event, its the Freeze abilities. With this new abilities, all of your Event Sidekicks will have a Snow Cone [...]

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New Everwing Character Trixie Guardian of Mischief

Halloween here we come! Together with this especial event of the year, Everwing also launch a new Character – Trixie The Guardian of Mischief. She’s a spunky warrior with loves on sweets, it’s special ability is to collects candy to rush along the enemy waves and it also gain massive boosts in Boss Raids.

Trixie can collect small or large candies to charge up its power bar. A small candies can fill up 12.5% of its power bar and large candies can fill 25% of its power bar. With this advantage you can easily make a candy rush power to the enemies by just collecting candies.

During the Normal Run, its special abilities Candy Rush power can rush [...]

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Everwing New Prismatic Homing Abilities

With everwing’s new updates. A new breed of sidekick has been also released this includes the very unique Mythic sidekick dragon Pharis, it has a new glowing emblem in its avatar that adds powerful aura for your sidekick dragons. Pharis also holds the abilities of Prismatic Homing, where this guided fireball will hit the enemies anywhere they’re are plus a prismatic effect where it changes the fireball types depending on the boss weakness.

The updates also include additional boss weakness, where the boss can easily defeated depending on its element. If a boss is an ice boss, its weakness is the fire. The prismatic homing however will give you more abilities [...]