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Everwing New Boss Dr. Mekaniac

Everwing just uploaded a GIF of its sneak preview of their new boss for their upcoming Mekanical Mayhem Event. The new boss is called Dr. Mekaniac, a boss riding enemy on a mech copter that looks like bowser in super mario. Based from the animation it fires a missiles to you, it could be a missile seeker or by random.

Though the information of this new boss are still unknown, you can check its sneak GIF below.

On Mekanical Mayhem, we’ll expect new sidekicks, boss and character like Lyra that will be release on this event. We’ll update you more information regarding this new boss in the coming week. Are you excited to defeat this new boss? Let [...]

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Everwing New Event Smart Egg FREE Reward

Everwing and Smart Communication started a new freebie event for everyone. The Smart Egg FREE Reward, which you can claim a FREE Egg that can hatch legendary dragon and Philippine dragon for FREE. Upon testing, We luckily claimed a legendary Philippine dragon Sar or Sarangay that is very hard to get when hatching egg in ordinary store. The promotion is up to August 13, 2017 only and you’ll be having 1 FREE egg to claim and to gain more you’ll just need to play the game in a smart mobile data, which is only applicable in the Philippines.

Here’s the full announcement in Everwing.

Till August 13th (GMT+9), For limited time, Smart is giving away [...]

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New Everwing Character Lyra The Guardian of Might

Everwing just added a sneak peak to its new character in the game, It’s Lyra – Guardian of Might. This new fairies might also have the same abilities with Arcana and Jade in which you will have additional special attack to the enemies. Based from the description, Lyra is a general of the royal EverWing Airforce, last seen in the battle. It’s ability is Force Cannons.

In this week, Everwing also announcing a new events called Mekanical Mayhem in which it features a new set of robotic dragon that could be related to the released of Lyra.

How to get Lyra – The Guardian of Might? For now, its impossible to get this new character as it’s [...]

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Everwing Sidekick New Legendary Dragon Sar, Anga and Sarangay

Everwing updated the official name of its new legendary dragon to Sarangay from recently named as Tikbalang based from the source code. It is a mythical creature Half bull, human and dragon or in the Philippines, its called “Tikbalang”. The power of Sarangay is it can fires 2 deadly bullets that will follow the enemies, making sure it takes a hit whenever you’re in the gameplay. From its description “Unleashes two deadly monster-seeking bullets. Yikes.”.

On its first hatch and evolution, this dragon is called Sar. It has a minimum damage of 36 in its max level of 10.

To its second evolution, he is now Anga and there’s a little [...]