Mutant Dragonoid Hard Instance Guide – Dragon Flame Lair in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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Upon reaching the significant milestone of level 109, adventurers unlock access to a formidable new boss instance: the Dragon Flame Lair Instance with the MVP boss Mutant Dragonoid. This encounter promises a gameplay experience ranging from 8 to 15 minutes, transitioning from the initial stages right through to the climactic boss battle.

As many seasoned adventurers have observed, as the complexity of instances rises, so too does their duration. This extended playtime is often due to unskippable animations, an increased number of monster waves, and the integration of intricate puzzles. In the case of the Mutant Dragonoid, it’s a blend of all these factors, asking for both strategy and some patience.

In this guide, we’ll assist you in mastering the Mutant Dragonoid instance, ensuring you can complete it efficiently and swiftly.

Monster Skills

Before diving to the Mutant Dragonoid, it is essential that you need to read its skill description first and see some of its formidable skillset.

Requiem Dragon BreathMutant Dragonoid puts the world to sleep, and stirs the air pressure to deal Wind Magic Damage!

Anyone daring to disturb the slumber will be haunted by endless resentment, and takes additional true damage from the air pressure.
Call of BloodlineMutant Dragonoid calls to the offspring of the dragon blood, accelerating the growth of dragonlings, and sends them to battle!

If successfully born, Mutant Dragonoid will initiate fiercer attacks!

If the birth is hampered, Mutant Dragonoid will resort to defense in grief.
Destroying StrikeMutant Dragonoid awakens the dragon blood, and smashes the battlefield with a dragon-like figure!

Knocks targets back multiple times, and sends the icicles falling. Getting hit by one of them is definitely the end for you!

If utilizing smaller ice cubes, however…


This instance has some strict requirements that everyone should follow and that is this instance requires at least two players to play:

  • A minimum of two players – A solo attempt is not advisable, primarily because the Elemental Change phase mandates two players to correctly switch elements and survive Dragonoid’s lethal strike (Even Whalers).

How to Defeat Dragon Flame Lair Instance (Hard Difficulty)

With the introductions out of the way, let’s dive straight into the strategies to defeat the Mutant Dragonoid.

Initial Attack – 100% Health
(Step 1)
Burst the boss to quickly reduce its health to 80%. If unsuccessful, you need to follow Step 2, 3 and 4 which is to dodge its skill obstacles and deal damage on the attack phase.

Dragonoid’s Sleep Phase
(Step 2)
If you see a text “Requiem Dragon Breath” on the top of the Dragonoid, it’s a sign that it will induce sleep.

Do NOT attack or use any skills beforehand; doing so will trigger a deadly counterattack.

Blackhole Phase
(Step 3)
Dragonoid creates a black hole, pulling and instantly killing any player caught in its center.

Evade using skills like the Knight’s Charge Attack or use abilities like Endure or Berserk to avoid the pull or just simply run around to avoid the blackhole.
Attack Phase
(Step 4)
After the two skill phases, this is your window to inflict maximum damage. While damaging Dragonoid, always be wary of its basic attacks and evade them for optimal survival.

The duration you take to reduce Dragonoid’s health to 80% is crucial. If you take too long, Dragonoid will cycle back and repeat its skill phases, namely Sleep and Blackhole, making the fight more prolonged.

Note: Always be vigilant of the white-edge circle emitted by Dragonoid. If a party member remains within this circle upon its explosion, their Lava bar level will increase and portion his HP will be restored.

Once the Lava bar level reaches 100%, a catastrophic explosion ensues, eliminating all party members and prompting a boss fight reset.

Reposition – 80% Health
(Step 5)
Dragonoid is about to unleash a powerful attack pushing players towards instant-death ice edges.

Right after reaching 80%, you need to reach the safest positions: Portal entrance or the small pockets on the left and right corners of the arena.

Note: To successfully advance to the next phase, it’s important that at least two-party members are alive during this step. Resurrecting members afterward will not rectify this requirement. Failure to meet this condition will prevent the elemental change mechanic from activating, leading to the elimination of all party members and a reset of the boss fight.
Elemental Change
(Step 6)
After the ice explosion, you need to observe Dragonoid.

Dragonoid emits an elemental aura that you need to counter. At first, it may be difficult to identify the aura’s color, but it’s crucial to disregard any greenish poison-like color – that is not the elemental aura. The elemental aura we’re looking for circles the Dragonoid. There are only three colors to watch for:
– Blue (Water)
– Yellow (Fire)
– Brown (Earth)

Now, one of your teammates will become the ‘elemental changer’, indicated by a purple-pink circling arrow. This teammate will be the sacrificed, it will die after the phase (The role of this elemental changer member will just assist the other member on changing their correct elemental aura or deal damage to the boss).

Other party member role is to change to the correct elemental aura. This is by approaching the ‘elemental changer’ party member to change your current elemental aura, the goal is to be the survivor of the party to continue the boss fight. If your current elemental aura is not correct, approach the ‘elemental changer’ again to change it.

In the above example, our character aura is Water because the Dragonoid is Fire.

If Dragonoid is Water, the other party member should be Earth.
If Dragonoid is Fire, the other party member should be Water.
If Dragonoid is Earth, the other party member should be Fire.
Continue the Assault
(Step 7)
Damage Dragonoid and dodge its skill attacks (Dragonoid Sleep, Blackhole) and do the attack phase until its health drops to 40%.
Reposition – 40% Health
(Step 8)
Similar to Step 5, find safety at the portal entrance or pocket corners.

Another Elemental Change
(Step 9
As in Step 6, counter Dragonoid’s elemental aura.

If Dragonoid is Water, the other party member should be Earth.
If Dragonoid is Fire, the other party member should be Water.
If Dragonoid is Earth, the other party member should be Fire.
Final Push
(Step 10)
Repeat the process (Dragonoid Sleep, Blackhole) and drive Dragonoid’s health down to 0% to claim victory.

Remember to always communicate with your party, as teamwork is vital to conquering difficult bosses. Best of luck!

That wraps up our guide for now. Should you have any questions or suggestions, we encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Your feedback is invaluable.

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