Ragnarok X Next Generation CBT to OBT Recharge Explained

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In just few days, Ragnarok X Next Generation first English Closed Beta Testing (CBT) is about to launched in the Philippines and other parts of South East Asia (SEA) region. With this launched, there are lots of doubt regarding the recharge, if spending real money during the CBT will carry over your topped up amount to the Open Beta (OBT) launched of the game.

The good news is if you recharge during the CBT launched, all of the topped up will be carried over to the official launched (OBT) plus an additional crystal. The maximum crystal bonus you’ll get is 1 million crystals.

CBT Diamond Recharge
Closed Beta Testing
OBT Rewards
Open Beta (Official Launched)
1,000 Diamonds1,000 Diamonds
10,000 Crystals
2,500 Diamonds2,500 Diamonds
25,000 Crystals
10,000 Diamonds10,000 Diamonds
100,000 Crystals
50,000 Diamonds50,000 Diamonds
500,000 Crystals
100,000 Diamonds100,000 Diamonds
1,000,000 Crystals

However, you will not received all of the Crystal bonus on the first day. The crystals rewards will be divided and credited in your account in a span of 7 days. For example, you will about to received a 1,000,000 Crystal rewards, here is the calculation for that rewards.

OBT LaunchedPercentageCrystal Rewards
(Example: 1,000,000 Crystals)
Day 110%100,000 Crystals
Day 210%100,000 Crystals
Day 310%100,000 Crystals
Day 415%150,000 Crystals
Day 515%150,000 Crystals
Day 620%200,000 Crystals
Day 730%300,000 Crystals

That’s it guys! So basically, you will get all the topped up you spend during CBT to the OBT launched with additional bonuses. See you in the game.

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