How to Guarantee Get the Ultraman Gacha’s SP, A and B Rewards in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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We regret to inform our readers of a correction in our prior guide to the Ultraman Gacha system in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX). It has come to our attention that the information previously provided was inaccurate. In light of this, we have decided to create a new article dedicated solely to the Ultraman Gacha to get more clarification about the event.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to understand on how to get all of the rewards in SP, A and B pool prize as free-to-play player.

Ultraman Gacha Prize Pool

The prize pool for the gacha features various tiers of rewards, including premium rewards such as SP, A, and B, and lower-quality rewards like C and D. Each time you obtain a reward through a ticket pull, it will be deducted from the prize pool.

However, there are two separate prize pool in the gacha – one is for your own prize pool and one is for everyone:

  • Normal Gacha (Solo Prize Pool) – This one is your own prize pool, meaning everytime you pull a ticket for gacha, the item on this prize will not be refresh unless you reroll it with 800 diamonds. It has a total of 93 prizes.
  • Suprise Attack Gacha (Server Prize Pool) – This prize pool is available for the entire server and can be accessed by anyoneEvery time a ticket is pulled from the pool, the corresponding reward will be deducted. The prize pool will refresh during the next surprise attack, once the current one has expired. The rewards are also different with Suprise Attack which include the flame version costume of Ultraman Taro and the back dragon.

Tips on Getting the SP, A and B rewards for Normal Ultraman Gacha

The best part of the Ultraman event is that it’s completely free-to-play! The rewards in the normal gacha pool are attainable and can be earned by completing the daily quest, Ultraman instance, and burning Odin, by the end of the event.

Since there are only 93 prizes on Normal Gacha, all you have to do is to pull 93 tickets in normal gacha. You can get 90 tickets by exchanging Ultraman/Taro Coins at the event NPC, plus there are 29 additional ticket you get from the Ultraman Instance (80,000 points):

  • 1 x SP Reward
  • 1 x A Reward
  • 1 x B Reward
  • 30 x C Rewards
  • 60 x D Rewards

You have the option to do a 10x pull, where only 9 tickets will be used. Receiving lower-quality rewards such as D is also acceptable, as they will eventually be removed from the pool. This increases your chances of obtaining premium rewards like A, B, and SP, either at the end of 90 tickets or, if you’re lucky, earlier.

Reroll your Normal Gacha before Doing Anything

If your goal is to acquire higher-quality rewards like Gold cards, you can reroll the prize pool in the Normal gacha by using 800 Diamonds. However, if you are satisfied with the current the prize pool you have there’s no need to reroll it.

To know what prizes, you can get on Normal Gacha, just hover down the A and B Rewards.

What’s the use of Surprise Attack Ultraman Gacha?

Well, the Surprise Attack gacha is for anyone who feels like they are lucky. Since many players will share the same prize pool. The chances of getting the A, B and SP Rewards are slimmer especially when there are only few C and D Rewards left. The flame costume and dragon back are also appealing for anyone who want it or just to try their luck.

It is become useless when the A, B and SP Rewards are already taken or sold out. There’s no point in pulling a ticket anymore.

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    hi, what if i used up some of my rolls in the Surprise attack gacha? does it mean that i am already short or less tickets and cannot draw A and B prizes in the normal gacha? thanks


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