GVG 2.0 Event Guide: How to get Shaolin Headgear in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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To celebrate the upcoming GVG 2.0 event, Ragnarok X Next Generation has launched a new mini-game, which can be found on the Amazing Events. A new headgear costume called Shaolin Scholar will be available for players to make their characters bald look like Saitama from One Punch Man.

Daily Quest

Every day at 12:00 midnight server time or 1:00AM (Manila, Philippine Time), a new set of daily quest will be available for the adventurer. It is composed of 4 different quest that can easily be achieved through the daily grind.

Here are the quest objectives that you can complete each day:

Daily Login1 Spin
Complete Guild Orders 4 times2 Spin
Pass any Instance difficulty 3 times2 Spin
Use 200 Odin’s Blessing1 Spin

Draw Rewards

Once you have completed the daily quest above and earned a spin points, you can now use it to draw for a random reward.

One of the rewards that you can obtained are the following:

  • 1 x Poring Gold Coin
  • 1 x Pet Skill Book Selection Pack II
  • 3 x Guild Contribution x 3
  • 1 x Pioneer
  • 1 x Inscription I
  • 100 x Odin’s Blessing
  • 300,000 Zeny

How to get the Shaolin Scholar Headgear

The main highlight reward is the bald headgear, the Shaolin Scholar. You can obtain this headgear after spinning or drawing the wheel 99 times.

Since this is a 10-day event, you have a total of 50 FREE spin for completing the daily quest and a total of 49 spins left. So, where you can get the remaining 49 spins? You can purchase it with Crystals, each spin cost 5,000 Crystals and there is a limit of 30 times per day. This means, you need to spend a total amount of 245,000 Crystals to get the headgear.

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