Floating Blessing in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX Guide)

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One of the event in half-year anniversary of Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX) is the Floating Blessing, where players will able to find a “Message in a Bottle” thrown by other players or from the developer while doing fishing. Getting the bottle is by chance and player can only get additional reward if they find a bottle from developer.

Message in a Bottle

To get the bottle, you just need to go Fishing and you’ll have a chance of getting it. However, you’ll only get up to 6 bottle per day. The following are the types of bottle that you might get.

Official Bottle5 x PVP White Potion
5 x Half-Year Anniversary Gacha Scroll
1 x Random message from Developer

Ordinary Bottle
1 x Random or customize message from other Players

Throwing Bottle

Players can throw the bottle to immediately get the rewards inside of it and able to add customize or random message attached in the bottle. When other players get your bottle, they will able to read it and the player who throw it.

If player didn’t throw the bottle on that day, it will automatically throw from their stash at the server refresh time (6:00AM, Manila, Philippine Time). And do not worry, all of the rewards thrown automatically will also be claimed to your account.

Half-Year Anniversary Gacha Scroll

The rewards included in the bottle will allow players used it as a ticket for the upcoming lottery. In the description, the more scrolls you collect before the lottery starts, the higher the chances of getting the grand prizes.

We have no information yet on what kind of prizes they will put in the lottery, so stay tuned for more information.

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