How to Get Glory Pass for F2P Players in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX Guide)

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The Kingdom Pass or the Glory Pass is the season pass equivalent in Ragnarok X Next Generation, it offers players several rewards to unlock over the course of the season by leveling it up with different challenges.

The Kingdom Pass is the free version, in which all players will be able to unlock rewards when they reach a certain level. While the Glory Pass is more exclusive, where you need to buy this pass with Diamonds for you to receive an exclusive reward like gift packs, event costumes, and mount. Usually, you buy Diamonds with a real-money which costs around 10 PHP ($0.2) for 10 Diamonds.

Glory Pass

The Glory Pass comes in three types, each has different form of package:

  • Glory Trial Card (2,588 Diamonds) – It will unlock the Glory Pass rewards up to Level 25. (Take note, you still need to level up to get these rewards)
  • Glory Super Pack (24,388 Diamonds) – It will unlock and level up the Glory Pass rewards up to Level 25.
  • Glory Pass (4,888 Diamonds) – Unlock the Glory Pass up to level 80. (If maximum level is reached, MVP instances will allow you to receive a cooking pack for all the parties)

If you already purchase Glory Trial Card, the prices for other passes will be discounted – Glory Super Pack for 22,900 Diamonds, and Glory Pass for 3400 Diamonds.

Crystals to Diamonds

For free-to-play players, you can get Glory Pass by exchanging your Crystals with Diamonds. The main question is how you will get a lot of Crystals, how many, and what steps. The average price of 10 Diamonds in the Exchange Center is 150 Crystals, so basically you need to get a total of:

  • Glory Trial Card – 38,850 Crystals
  • Glory Super Pack – 365,850 Crystals
  • Glory Pass – 73,350 Crystals

How to Get Glory Pass for F2P Players

To get the amount Crystals needed, the easiest way to do it is by doing the RO Life Skill mining. In our case, we were able to purchase the Glory Trial Card on just one day of Mining and used less than 3,000 Stamina. We then sell all of the stone materials we obtained from mining to the Exchange Center.

So, here is the step-by-step guide to doing it. First, you need at least 5 Pickaxe for you to start mining. If you don’t have or not enough, you can purchase it from NPC Sundries Store at the Prontera or in any major cities. You also need a lot of Stamina on doing this, so you need to exchange your Odin to Stamina.

Then purchase any of the Normal Pickaxe or the Advanced Pickaxe.

  • Normal pickaxe – Normal duration of mining
  • Advanced pickaxe – Faster duration of mining

Then, to start mining. Switch the arrow button at the right corner of the screen and click the Life button.

at the right corner of your game screen. Navigate to Life > Mining.

Then select any of the stone materials then pick the Common Mines locations you want to mine.

When you reach the mining area, click the button Mine, then the Start Mining button. Wait until all of your Stamina are used up.

Then, check your bag for the materials you obtained from Mining, you can then sell them at the Exchange Center for Crystal.

Open up Exchange Center and sell all of the stones you collected. (Make sure to set the price to the lowest to sold it faster).

Once you sold all of the Stones, you can them claim all of the Crystals for the exchange. Go to History to claim it.

Aside from mining, other way that you can earn Crystals is from the RO Life skills like Gardening and Fishing.

Buy Diamonds with Crystals

To buy Diamonds, just go to the Exchange Center and locate the Diamond tab. From here, you can purchase the Diamonds available for sale by other players (Usually Paying players).

Once purchased, go to History to Claim your Diamonds.

How to Buy Glory Pass

Since you already reach this section, lets assume you already obtained enough Diamonds to buy Glory Pass. Just head to Kingdom Pass > Purchase Glory Pass > then select the Glory Pass you can afford.

After that, you’ll be able to claim all of the rewards at the Glory Pass tiers, including the first Costume.

That’s it guys!

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