All Spawn Locations of Alien Adacic in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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As you explore the exciting Ultraman event in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX), you’ll discover a world filled with thrilling adventures and incredible rewards. One of the highlights of the event is the World Quest, which features the mini-boss Alien Adacic.

The quest is to find the exact location of a picture given in the quest and when you reach the area, you need to investigate it and challenge it. You will randomly receive a task, either a Quiz or the Alien Adacic Boss. If it’s Alien Adacic, you need to defeat him to get rewards. What’s interesting on this event is that this mini boss will also be visible to other adventurers, and they can hunt it to get your rewards such as Ultraman Coin and the Taro Coin.

What’s even more is collecting these coins doesn’t seem to have any sort of capped, unlike the burning Odin event. The only disadvantage is this is a grindy task as you will go to all possible spawn locations of Alien Adacic and find them in each channel of that map (Literally, from Channel 1 to Channel 15). However, the rewards are all worth it as you’ll get more coins to get the item you want in the Event Exchange. It’s like Baby Nian event but with different spawn condition.

Hunting Abandoned Alien Adacic for Ultraman and Taro Coin

Basically, you have to go to World Quest location where Alien Adacic will spawn, then timing it that many adventurers will do their quest (9AM in the morning, 12Noon, 3PM in the afternoon and 9PM in the evening). Surprisingly, some of the adventurers will abandon this boss and just leave it there (Maybe they have no idea that it drops additional rewards or just tired of doing it).

The thing is, you can take advantage of this and get the rewards intended for them. All you have to do is to find those Alien bosses and eliminate them. In some areas and channels, you’ll find 3 to 4 bosses depending on your server activities. In the new Umbala server for example, there are tons of undefeated bosses because most new characters are not strong enough to defeat them yet.

Note: It is not guaranteed to get rewards every time, but the chances are high. In our test, for 5 Alien Adacic, 2 to 3 of them will drop rewards.

All Spawn Location of Alien Adacic

Now, to help you find the exact location of these Alien Adacic. We have compiled all of the location where you can hunt them. Make sure to switch from Channel 1 to 15 to find these bosses, after that move to the next map.

MapExact Location
South Prontera Gate
Poring Ruins
Find them at the front of statue or at the back
Prontera West Gate
Windmill Tower
After the wooden bridge below the tower

Ghastly Graveyard
Near the Capital Sewer 2F portal
Underwater Cave
Underwater Temple Portal
Before the entrance to Underwater Temple
Underwater Temple
Sacred Statue of Strouf
Front of the Statue of Strouf
Shipwreck 1F
Above the map
Just above the map near the wrecked floor
Treasure Ship 1F
Meeting Room
Inside the meeting room
Sograt Desert
Hope Oasis
Find them near the Fishing Area
Payon West
Before the bridge at the right side corner (Desert area)
Payon East Forest
Fallen Maple Forest
At the center where you usually wait for MVP Eddga
Payon South
Ancient Ancestral Hall
Entrance of the hall
Orc Village
Orc Arena
At the gate near Fiona monster
Goblin Forest
Kordt Forest
Lake Pavilion
This is harder, you have to find them on wooden and stone bridges
Glash Heim Chivalry
Solemn Hall
Just in the main hall
Glash Heim St. Abbey
Pious Hall
Just in the main hall
Zenhai Marsh
Left Corner of the Map
Enter the skeleton ruins
Kokomo Beach
Near Portal to Tower
Just near the portal going to Tower (This might be hard as many players AFK’ng this area)
Papuchica Forest
Center Island
At the center island, near the hot water spring (pound).

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