Launch Celebration Event Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX)

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During the server launched of Ragnarok X Next Generation, they have several surprises for their adventurer and one of that is the Launch Celebration. When you complete this event, you’ll be able to wear an exclusive Campus Festival costume and several rewards. The event will end June 28, 2021.

Table of Contents

  1. Tasks to Complete
  2. Exchanging the Rewards
  3. King of MVP

In this guide, we will show you on how you complete this event so you can get all of the possible rewards you can grind.

Tasks to Complete

There are two types of tasks you complete in the launch celebration event, one is the daily task and the other is the one time challenge. Once you’ve completed any of the task inside will reward you a Freshman Voucher that you can use to exchange it for a rewards.

For the daily tasks, you can get up to 28 x Freshman Vouchers per day, in total of the 10-days challenge you can collect up to 280 Freshman Vouchers. Most of the daily challenge are the chores you usually do in the game:

  • Log In (4)
  • Complete at least 1 Daily Instance (4)
  • Complete at least 1 Mission Board (4)
  • Trade at least 1 in Exchange Center (6)
  • Complete at least 1 Tavern Minigame (6)
  • Ride the rocking chair at the Prontera South Gate playground (4)

For the Opening Challenge (one time), you can collect up to 70 x Freshman Voucher.

  • Talk to Morts in Prontera (15)
  • Ride a Carousel (15)
  • Ride a Mini Train and take a photo and share it (20)
  • Take a photo of the Poring Hot Air Balloon at the Prontera and share it. (20)

Exchanging the Rewards

To exchange your rewards, you need to talk to an NPC named 丝瑞娅 (Opening Festival Event Messenger) at the bottom left corner of the Prontera near the Gachas.

Then you can exchange your Freshman Voucher with the following rewards.


Campus Festival Costume
100 x Freshman Voucher

Campus Festival Hat
100 x Freshman Voucher

Campus Festival Backpack
100 x Freshman Voucher

5 x Enchantment Supply Pack
9 x Freshman Voucher

Adventure Supply Pack
3 x Freshman Voucher

20 x Lv.1 Upgrading Metal
1 x Freshman Voucher

2 x Odin’s Reliquary
1 x Freshman Voucher

Bag of Zeny
1 x Freshman Voucher

King of MVP

Well, this one is not for everyone. Basically, there are lots of strong players in the game and you will be lucky when you’re listed here. You need to defeat as many MVP and Mini monster in the game and rank among thousands of players. Players on the top 30 will only get a rewards.

That’s it guys, hope this helps you understand better the event.

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