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One Piece Burning Blood – Move List (Luffy 2 Years Ago)

If you’re looking for a move list guide for One Piece Burning Blood, you come in the right page. Our first move list guide is for Straw Hat the Luffy (2 Yrs Ago) character. This guide button controls uses the default option key for XBOX Controller, Keyboards and Default keys.

Check our video move list video and preview for Luffy below.

Basic Controls

Normal Attack – Press Attack (Number differs by character) Can be guarded or side stepped.

Ranged Attack – LS (Down) + Attack (during normal attacks) Can be guarded, but not stepped.

Guard Break – Guard Break (During normal attacks) Affects enemies with Abilities.

Heavy [...]

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One Piece Burning Blood Part 01 – The Straw Hat Team Arrives

This is the first part of One Piece Burning Blood walkthrough in GamingPH, and we will be covering the full game story campaign in the game until the end. The first mission is titled The Straw Hat Team Arrives where Luffy and his team just arrives at the Marineford to save his brother Ace from execution, aided by new allies from Impel Down.

Luffy finds that his beloved brother, Portgas D. Ace will face a public execution. In order to save Ace, Luffy needs to go to the prison of Impel Down. However, Ace has already been taken to the Marineford, the site for Ace execution. Luffy heads to the Marineford with the freed prisoners from the Impel down.

The opponent on this [...]

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Mighty No 9 Gameplay – Round Digger Level

Check our first gameplay for Mighty No 9, the game was released yesterday on most platforms (PC, Linux, Mac, PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS and Shield). It is based from an online crowdfunding Kickstarter and able to get over $4m funding, the game is closely resembles the classic Mega Man series which the character designer Keiji Inafune and also the designer for Mighty No 9.

Let’s go back to our gameplay, on this level we will fight the boss Round Digger a demolition unit that get infected in the virus and will try to destroy the lab. So far this boss is the easiest yet.

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Lost Grimoires 2 – Shard of Mystery Gameplay (BETA)

Here are the early gameplay of Lost Grimoires 2 – Shard of Mystery. The gameplay you will see is the Beta version and not the final game. The game is currently available for Beta Testing, check our recent post (https://gamingph.com/2016/06/lost-grimoires-2-shard-of-mystery-beta/). See the gameplay below!

If you have question regarding this game, kindly leave it below!