Where to Buy Cheap HP and SP Potions in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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If you are now familiar with Ragnarok X Next Generation or “ROX”, you will eventually learned that farming for Zeny is easy to do without doing a lot of effort. Despite this fact, you still need to save plenty of this in-game currency for your complete most of the daily tasks.

In fighting monsters and bosses (MVP/Mini), you need an HP and SP potion to use as auto-pot to refill your health and skill points. Because of this, it is easy for you to get run of these items and purchasing it to Sundries NPC Store are quite expensive.

Here are the Prices from NPC Sundries Store:

  • Red Potion – 90 Zeny
  • Blue Potion – 180 Zeny
  • Yellow Potion – 270 Zeny
  • Purple Potion – 360 Zeny

The mentioned prices are for each potion and you need hundreds of these for your adventure. With that you will be spending a lot of Zeny for your auto-pot.

How to Find Cheap Potions

So, there are actually a way to buy cheap potions and this is by purchasing it from other players whose class is merchant. If you notice those store placing around the Prontera Square, this is where you can find cheap potions.

Not all Merchant sits around the Prontera and it will be difficult to open each merchant on what they are selling. There is an item called Shop Finder where you can search for items that are Merchant is selling.

You can buy the Shop Finder from the NPC Sundries Store located near the Prontera Square’s Fountain.

Scroll down the list at the Daily Supplies tab and find for Shop Finder, buy at least one for 15 Zeny. You need one pieces every time you do searches.

Once you already bought the Shop Finder, find it in your backpack and use the Shop Finder.

Then type the keyword “Potion” at the search bar and click Selling Finder. It will then display the item that matches your search and the available Merchant currently selling the potions. As you can see, there are Merchant selling Red Potion for only 60 Zeny.

Once you’ve arrived to the Merchant, you can now buy the discounted Red Potion.

Take note that, not all the time there is a merchant selling Red Potion, as they are also players who are trying to make Zeny out of their crafting skills.

How much you Save

For an example, this merchant are selling Red Potion for only 60 Zeny, that’s almost 46% discount compare to the potion sold by the NPC Sundries Store.

That’s it guys, hope this small guide helps you find cheaper alternative for your potions. To see more tips like this one, check our other post Ragnarok X Guide.

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