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Dota 2 The International 2017 Collector’s Cache Treasure

If you’re excited for Dota’s 2 2017 collector’s cache. Valve, just released a preview for all new load out’s on all heroes for Dota 2 including new sets for Riki. The theme for the Collector’s Cache looks like inspired in Pirates theme. Checkout the video below.

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Dota 2 Version 7.06 Update Patch Notes and Changelog

Valve just drop a new update for Dota 2 in version 7.06. This includes game balance and improvements in the game. For complete list of the patch notes, see the list of updates below.


Deny Mechanics

Creep denies now grant the denying team 30% of the XP bounty Normal deny XP increased from 50% to 70% [?]


Shrines now start on cooldown and become available at 5 minutes Reduced Shrine count in base from 5 to 3 [?] Shrines mana regeneration growth per minute reduced from 1 to 0.75


Added an extra melee creep in mid lane for the first 15 minutes [?] Creeps meet a bit closer to the offlane tower Creep aggro duration reduced [...]
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Dota 2 Matchmaking Update Improve Ranked Match

Dota 2 just made a major changes in the Matchmaking focusing on improvement for all players including restoration of the Solo Queue and a new requirement before joining Ranked Matched and other adjustments.

The new changes ensure a quality matchmaking as it’s a core component of an enjoyable match in Dota 2, and it addresses several issues that affect players in queuing for a game.

New Requirement before joining Ranked Matched

Players now have to register a unique phone number to their Steam account in order to play the Ranked Matches.

This is to avoid players using multiple accounts in the game that create negative matchmaking experience at [...]

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Dota 2 version 7.04 – March 23 2017 Update

Today, Valve just drop a 258.8MB size update for Dota 2, which most of the updates are for heroes and item. See the full change log and patch notes below.

* Hurricane Pike recipe increased from 250 to 500 * Silver Edge recipe increased from 300 to 500 * Ghost Scepter cooldown reduced from 25 to 20 * Sange and Yasha proc chance increased from 35% to 40% * Heaven’s Halberd cooldown reduced from 22 to 18 * Slippers of Agility are no longer available in the Side Shop * Centaur: Stampede Scepter damage reduction reduced from 50% to 40% * Monkey King: Primal Spring slow rescaled from 40/50/60/70% to 30/45/60/75% * Monkey King: Spring winding up sound effect can be heard by [...]