How to Ride a Carousel in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox Guide)

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In Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX), there are certain event or quest that requires you to ride a carousel and for some reason, riding this carousel requires a ticket called Eden Group Ticket. Most of you probably stuck on this and where do you buy this ticket to ride the carousel.

Where to Buy Eden Group Ticket

First, you need to buy the Eden Group ticket. To purchase this ticket, you need to find the NPC Flessi (Amusement Park Merchant) at the Prontera South Gate. He is just on the left top corner of the map near the earth road crossing.

Talk to the NPC and purchase the Eden Ticket. There are two types of ticket you can buy either for single or for duo.

Amusement Park MerchantCost

Eden Group Ticket (Single)
30,000 Zeny

Eden Group Ticket (Double)
75,000 Zeny

Once you have purchase any of the ticket, you can now go to the carousel and ride it.

How to Ride a Carousel

Simply go the Carousel at the Prontera South Gate, then move near the door and you’ll be able to click the Ride button. Make sure you have a ticket!

Most tasked when you ride a carousel, is to take a picture and sharing it to social media channel.

That’s it guys! Hope this simple guide helps solve your problem on riding the carousel.

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