Ragnarok X: Next Generation Closed Beta test starts on April 23

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During the April Fools, the official Facebook page of Ragnarok X Generation posted a sneak peak photo of Carat monster saying “Please pay attention, CBT will launch in April”. Since its April Fools, nobody actually believes on the posted announcement. But in the caption they added that they will reveal the answer within 24 hours.

Tomorrow, they will be launching, see our new post about Ragnarok X Next Generation Closed Beta.

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  1. How to Join the Closed Beta Test
  2. What is Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Today, just the exact time, they posted the official date for its Closed Beta testing in the selected South East Asia region countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on April 23 to May 8, 2021. However, the CBT is only available for Android user and only 30,000 lucky players will be able to join.

How to Join the Closed Beta Test

The methods for joining the Ragnarok X Generation Closed Beta test is yet to announced, so check this page or their official Facebook page from time to time for you to get yourself to the 30,000 lists.

The Closed beta testing will starts on April 23 to May 8, 2021. Before joining, take note that all of the data will be deleted after the CBT, which will ends on May 8.

They also have a mini-game where you can get a FREE rewards during the test when you share their post on their social media and tag three of your friends.

What is Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is a next-gen MMORPG game of the Gravity’s IP “Ragnarok”, it will feature the same characters, map and monsters from the original Ragnarok Online and other mobile game like Eternal Love. But what this new game different apart from them is its next-gen quality. Adventurer will have a different experience on the game, more user friendly user interface and more interactive in terms of animation. As well as the quality of the gameplay.

Aside from the mentioned new experience, the game is also under Nuverse which has a good track records of reliable customer support that most RO players are having problem with the previous RO game.

The game was also originally released last year on Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau with over 300,000 pre-registration. Today, other parts of South East Asia will finally experience the game and for the first time it is in English language.

What you think of this new Ragnarok X: Next Generation? Are you participating in the CBT? Let us know in the comment section.

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