Lucky Player in Ragnarok X obtained a Rare Card worth 50,000 PHP during CBT

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Unfortunately, it set to wiped out Next Week

Last week, Nuverse started their first Closed beta testing (CBT) of their newest game Ragnarok X Next Generation (RoX) with a limited player of 30,000. Out of the thousands of players, a lucky player named Angelo Cruz (with in-game name RHOAN) obtained a super rare card called “Drake Card,” where a player can purchase it for 500,000 Diamonds or worth to close to 50,000 PHP in real money. Despite being lucky, it is unfortunate that his fortune in the game will not last that long, as all of the game progress during the CBT will be wiped out after it is concluded next week, May 8.

Angelo obtained the card after doing a 5-player party with his guildmates using the daily instances, a dungeon instance where players can fight exclusively with boss to earn rewards. Among the 5 players, Angelo was the lucky person to get a rare card. Obtaining this card is super rare that it takes thousands of rounds to get it, but for Angelo, he gets it on the first try. “I’m level 41 that time and party with my guild(arcangelL) and luckily got drake card in 1st try”, he mentioned.

He then immediately sells the card on the Diamond Auction House for 500,000 Diamond, and someone immediately bought it by another player with an IGN named Edwin. The only way for the buyer to buy the 500,000 Diamonds is through topped up, which costs around 50,000 PHP in cash. Though Angelo didn’t receive the Diamond for the auction as a rule in the game, he receives 3 million Crystals (Another in-game currency used to buy less rare items) instead – which is plenty enough to progress in the game.

The game currency Diamond in Ragnarok X Next Generation can only be obtained limitless with real money (1 Peso = 10 Diamonds) or by exchanging it with Crystals with a purchase limit. Any item exchanged in the auction house will also be converted to Crystals.

Angelo undoubtedly lucky during CBT; he also wishes to get luckier during the game’s official launch that will be set soon in the coming months. As for the buyer, he still gets his money back as all of the recharged during the CBT will be automatically refunded to the OBT.

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