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Left 4 Dead 2 got its New Update Blocking Malicious Add-Ons

The decade game Left 4 Dead 2 has finally gets an update. Although, it’s not a major one but a security patch for its existing add-on plugin. You might think to update your games as it has risk of getting malware in your computer. The size of the update is pretty small just 498.6 KB and you can download it right away now in steam.

The Update in Left 4 Dead 2 is that the configuration files in add-on directory are no longer loaded in the game, specifically the VPKS files. These configuration files were sometimes use by other hacker to insert malicious program in it. The official location of configuration are still in user’s local settings, this was the main [...]

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Humble Software Bundle Offers WinZip and 9 More at $15

Humble Bundle just released the Humble Software Bundle Happy PC, offering the famous archive software WinZip 12 and 9 more awesome software just for $15. The overall total cost of the software is $444 that’s a major kill price for these softwares. If you’ve been using a trial copy of WinRAR and want to upgrade to WinZip, this might be the right time on getting this deals.

As little as $1 you can get this three useful softwares, the Smart Defrag PRO with a 1-Year License (MSRP $29.99), Revo Uninstaller with 1 PC license (MSRP $39.62) and EaseUS ToDo BackUp Home (MSRP: $29.95).

For the average tier at $5.66 you can get additional three bundle software [...]

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Get Your FREE $425,000 in-game Cash in Grand Theft Auto V Online

Last year, Rockstar Games also giveaway FREE in-game cash for players by just logging in, in the date of event. Right now, they again giving away in-game cash and its $425k – they call it “Tax rebate” and the in-game cash will be deposited straight into player’s bank account during May.

The $425,000 in-game cash giveaway will be available to all players in PlayStation 4, PC and XBOX One.

How to Get the Tax Rebate $425k in-game cash:

To get your free cash, you just need to login your Grand Theft Auto V Online game sometimes between Today, April 26 and up to April 30, 2017. The in-game cash will be deposited and arrived in your bank [...]

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PC Game Titles That are Actually Worth Your Time

If you have just bought your own gaming PC and wanted to know what game titles you should purchase and play, we have listed down the games that are worth checking out regardless of what you prefer to play or not to play.

Whether you admit or not, PC games enjoy a multitude of choices when it comes to game titles and genres. Are you someone who enjoys weird indie games on your personal computer? Sure, your PC has and can handle that. Do you like complicated strategy games that are bound to make your head hurt after hours of playing? Yep, that is something PC has too! Even those mesmerizing and visually stunning game titles you can play on consoles are now readily [...]