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Wild Guns Reloaded on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4

One of the classic fast-paced game shooter is now back in Nintendo Switch, PC & PS4, the Wild Guns Reloaded. Though, a revamped version of the original game in Super Nintendo. The difference with this new release is – it has higher resolution that fit’s to your screen console or TV’s, 2 new game modes that you can play, 2 new character, new bosses and new stages.

You still playing with the 2 original character Clint, Annie and the additional new character Bullet and Doris in the game and you can playing this in multiplayer mode with your friends, where you can play the game up to 4 players. The 2 new game modes includes the Beginner Mode, where [...]

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Get your FREE $250,000 for GTA Online by just logging in This Week

Good news to all GTA online players, you’ll be getting FREE $250,000 in-game money by just logging in to the game this week. The San Andreas Treasury Department is treating all GTA Online players a worth of $250k free cash,.

To redeem your 250k, you just have to login the game and you’ll get your FREE money immediately in your account. This gifts is only valid until February 26, 2018, so if you have GTA V installed in your computer, why not try claiming this cash.

You will also getting a 10% rebate in all in-game currency purchase. The rebate is in-game currency and will begin crediting to your Maze Bank account in February 27 up to March 6, [...]

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Side-Scrolling Brawler ChronoBlade One-Two Punches into Pre-Registration

Hot off the success of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, developer nWay just opened pre-registration sign-ups for side-scrolling beat ‘em up game ChronoBlade. Releasing March 2018 on iOS and Android, ChronoBlade is a throwback to classic 2-D fighting games, but modernizes the genre by introducing greater customization options, more in-depth fighting mechanics and console quality 3-D graphics.

ChronoBlade is a side-scrolling, action-RPG brawler with a modernized take on classic 2-D cooperative beat-em-ups set for launch on iOS and Android in March 2018. Featuring explosive arcade-style combat and real-time synchronous player-versus-player action, skill and timing are key [...]

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My Shopping Box is Giving Away $5.99 Shipping Credit to the First 100 Customer

In celebration of the Valentine’s Day, My Shopping Box is giving away $5.99 worth of shipping credit to the first 100 customer who redeem the codes. Shipping credit is use to pay your shipment in My Shopping Box. For those who don’t know My Shopping Box, it is a freight service that let you shipped item from US or Europe to the Philippines by giving you a US/Europe physical address that you can use to shipped item you bought from ebay, amazon, other online store or from your friends or families.

If you haven’t registered to My Shopping Box, you can register to their official [...]