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How to Find Great Blowhole, Uraya in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

After completing the Merc Mission Surveillance of AzamiĀ you’ll get a new side quest All’s Fair, where you’ll look for a suspicious group who’s delivering unknown cargo where Azami manage to take it down. Now, You’ll asked to go to Great Blowhole, Uraya in order for Azami to locate these bad guys.

The full objective of this All’s Fair side quest says “To liven up a boring duty, Azami keeps an eye on a suspicious group in town. Find out what they’re up to!”. Completing this mission will reward you 3330 Gold, 3120 EXP, 185 SP and 3 items (Smash Resist II, Spike Defense II and Telepathy II).

Before going to Great [...]

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Merc Mission Shadow Puppets Surveillance Azami Guides in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

There’s a single Merc Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that is different from the usual Merc Mission. One of these are the Shadow Puppets Surveillance where you can only complete this Merc Mission by going to certain broad location that is stated in the objected, this is by going to the Port of Fonsa Myma and talk to some Guy on those area. This unique Merc Mission also has unknown time length ??:??:?? that you may think it will just end for certain of time.

This merc mission can only be activated when you already get Azami from Core Crystal and when you have Morag in the group.

The objective of this Merc Mission says “I want you to monitor a [...]

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All Merc Missions List Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Merc Mission is one the alternative ways on raising the Affinity Level of your Blades. Especially, the blades that you’re not often used. Merc Mission takes a couple of hours or minutes to finish and some missions requires specific blades to take part.

Every Merc Mission has rewards and experience once you completed it successfully, one of these are especial items that is helpful for blades.

To help you know easily identify what Reward and Item you get in all of the upcoming Merc Mission, or you missed some merc missions – here are the list:


Cane Repairs (00:30:00) – The port’s salvaging crane is broken, and we [...]

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How to go to Abandoned Factory in Mor Ardain – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

After talking to Morag with the information about the lead on the artificial Blade, you’ll be asked for another task to dispatch you to the abandoned factory. The specific objective is “Go to the abandoned factory said to be in the heart of Mor Ardain.”

In our first try, we thought the entrance to the Abandoned Factory was in Anangham #2 Dock but upon reaching to the location, It seems you cannot open the Anangham gate it says “It is locked” – So most probably, this is not the right location.

The right entrance location to get to Abandoned Factory was from the last Main Story Quest “Lila’s Location” [...]