In the Name of Love Event in Ragnarok X Next Generation (Rox Guide)

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Valentines Day is fast approaching, and Ragnarok X Next Generation finally reveals the event. The event’s title is In the Name of Love, in which players have to find partners or friends to complete it, most tasks of the event are the dailies quest such as COC Missions, Guild Orders, etc. The rewards you will get are the exclusive costume set and mount that will be exactly themed for the love month. The event will start on February 11 and end on February 21, 2022.


  1. Perfect Match (Pink Diamonds Rewards)
  2. Wish Upon a Star (Daily Roll Mats)
  3. Sweet Exchange (Mats Exchange Shop)
  4. Where to get Fruit of Affection, Sands of Love, Feather of Missing and Crystal of Romance

Perfect Match

The Perfect Match is where you need to find a partner to participate and complete specific objectives. The good news is whatever task your partner completed will also be counted into your tasks, making it easier to complete, and you have to work with your partner to complete the whole job. When completing the objective, you will get an Event Token called Pink Diamond, where you need to reach a certain milestone to get the reward loot boxes that contain costume sets and mats for your adventure. The points are also accumulated for both partners.

UPDATE as of 02/12/2022 – We have bad news for free-to-play players since ROX already rollback the points for the bug in the Recharge quest. Those who didn’t have a chance to claim the costume will need to spend at least a total of 50,000 Diamonds (PHP 4990 or $100) for both partners (PHP 2,495 each or $50) to get the costume. The current Pink Diamonds for both partners that can be max collected except for the Recharge quest is only 760 Pink Diamonds. You need 240 Pink Diamonds more, which is by spending for at least 50k Dias to get the costume.

Here are all of the objectives that you can complete: (Note that when your partner claimed the Pink Diamonds it is accumulated to your Pink Diamond as well).

ObjectivesRewardsTotal Pink Diamonds
(per partner)
Daily First Login: 2/4/6/8/10/12 times1/1/1/2/2/2 Pink Diamonds9 Pink Diamonds
Complete COC Missions: 10/25/40/60/80/1003/3/3/3/3/3 Pink Diamonds 18 Pink Diamonds
Complete Mission Board Quests: 10/25/40/60/80/1003/3/3/3/3/3 Pink Diamonds 18 Pink Diamonds
Complete Guild Orders: 10/20/30/45/603/3/4/4/4 Pink Diamonds 18 Pink Diamonds
Recharge 2,500/7,500/25,000/50,000/100,000 Diamonds7/14/23/32/36/48/60 Pink Diamonds 220 Pink Diamonds
Exterminate 1000/3000/5000/7000/10000 Monsters2/3/3/5/6 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Obtain 1000/3000/6000/10000/16000/24000 Odin’s Blessings3/3/3/3/3/4 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Consume 800/1600/2800/4000/5600 Stamina2/2/3/3/4 Pink Diamonds 14 Pink Diamonds
Upgrade Equipment 5/10/15/20/30 times3/3/4/4/5 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Enchant Equipment 2/4/8/16/30 times3/3/4/4/5 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Refine Equipment 1/2/4/8/15 times3/3/4/4/5 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Smelt Equipment 1/2/3/4/6 times3/3/4/4/5 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Exterminate 1/2/4/6/8/10 MVPs or Minis2/2/3/4/4/4 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Clear 4/8/12/16/20/24 instances2/3/3/3/4/4 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Complete 4/8/12 KVM Matches4/5/10 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Crystal Exchange Center trade amount reaches 60,000/125,000/240,000/360,000/500,0007/11/15/19/23 Pink Diamonds75 Pink Diamonds
Catch 1 Pets18 Pink Diamonds 18 Pink Diamonds
Play Tavern Minigame 2/4 times3/4 Pink Diamonds 7 Pink Diamonds
Participate in the OX Quiz: 2/4/6/8/12 times3/3/4/4/5 Pink Diamonds 19 Pink Diamonds
Participate in the Fish Print: 2/4/6/8/10 times2/2/3/3/3 Pink Diamonds 13 Pink Diamonds
Total600 Pink Diamonds

(or 1,200 Pink Diamonds when both partners redeemed the points)

Here are the rewards you’ll get when reaching specific milestones:

Pink Diamonds MilestoneReward Chest
99 3x Eden Group Ticket (Double)
199 2 x Advanced Upgrading Selection Pack II
299 10 x Gacha Coin Selection Pack
5 x Mysterious Box
399 Shadow Eq. Adv. Selection Pack
Advanced Upgrading Selection Pack II
499 Wistful Fireworks
Advanced Enchantment Selection Pack II
10 x Gacha Coin Selection Pack
Magpie’s Peak

699 Pet Advancement Selection Pack I
2 x Advanced Luminary Selection Pack
30 x Gacha Coin Selection Pack
Floral Poetry

899 5 x Pet Skill Book Selection Pack I
Advanced Refinement Selection Pack II
Precious Jade Outfit (Male Variant)

Precious Jade Outfit (Female Variant)

Wish Upon a Star (Daily Roll)

This somehow requires you to burn a lot of Crystal to get mats quickly (P2W features). However, you can get up to 2 FREE rolls per day, which is somehow good enough for everyone. You can wish up to 9 times per day, and you’ll get the following mats.

  • 6 to 9pcs of Fruit of Affection
  • 3 to 5pcs of Sands of Love
  • 2 to 4pcs of Feather of Missing
  • 1 to 3pcs of Crystal of Romance

Aside from here, you can also get mats from the monster by burning Odin Blessings.

Sweet Exchange

The mats you’ll get at the Wish Upon a Star and by burning Odin Blessing from monster can be exchanged with the following Gift Packs and the ultimate Mount for this event.

ItemExchange Cost

Advanced Upgrading Selection Pack II
32 Fruit of Affect
20 Sands of Love
16 Feather of Missing
8 Crystal of Romance

Pet Interaction Selection Pack II
64 Fruit of Affect
40 Sands of Love
32 Feather of Missing
16 Crystal of Romance

Pet Advancement Selection Pack I
64 Fruit of Affect
40 Sands of Love
32 Feather of Missing
16 Crystal of Romance

Shadow Adv. Selection Pack
90 Fruit of Affect
45 Sands of Love
36 Feather of Missing
25 Crystal of Romance

Cloud Nine Mount
3000 Fruit of Affect
1,500 Sands of Love
1,200 Feather of Missing
750 Crystal of Romance

Where to get Fruit of Affection, Sands of Love, Feather of Missing and Crystal of Romance from Monsters

Adventurers will get mats needed for Sweet Exchange by burning Odin Blessing from eliminating monsters. There are charts for monsters in the game where to get the specific mats in the game. We will put the detailed chances below. However, the chances are the same for each monster.

Here’s the list of best monsters to obtained the Fruit of Affect, Sands of Love, Feather of Missing, and Crystal of Romance.


Fruit of Affection
Lv.90 Wraith (12.0%)
Lv.90 Rybio (12.0%)
Lv.94 Abysmal Knight (12.0%)
Lv.80 Sky Petite (10.8%)
Lv.84 Bloody Knight (10.8%)
Lv.86 High Orc (10.8%)
Lv.86 Majoruros (10.8%)
Lv.87 Nightmare (10.8%)
Lv.88 Rotar Zairo (10.8%)
Lv.63 Bigfoot (9.8%)
Lv.64 Pasana (9.8%)
Lv.65 Anubis (9.8%)
Lv.66 Elder Willow (9.8%)
Lv.68 Greatest General (9.8%)
Lv.72 Orc Zombie (9.8%)
Lv.75 Orc Warrior (9.8%)
Lv.76 Orc Skeleton (9.8%)
Lv.78 Giant Whisper (9.8%)
Lv.92 Injustice (8.0%)
Lv.93 Skeleton Prisoner (8.0%)
Lv.95 Raydric Archer (8.0%)
Lv.41 Myst (7.2%)
Lv.42 Muka (7.2%)
Lv.42 Argos (7.2%)
Lv.43 Pecopeco (7.2%)
Lv.44 Savage (7.2%)
Lv.45 Flora (7.2%)
Lv.46 Sasquatch (7.2%)
Lv.47 Golem (7.2%)

Sands of Love
Lv.90 Wraith (6.0%)
Lv.90 Rybio (6.0%)
Lv.94 Abysmal Knight (6.0%)
Lv.80 Sky Petite (5.4%)
Lv.84 Bloody Knight (5.4%)
Lv.86 High Orc (5.4%)
Lv.86 Majoruros (5.4%)
Lv.87 Nightmare (5.4%)
Lv.88 Rotar Zairo (5.4%)
Lv.63 Bigfoot (4.8%)
Lv.64 Pasana (4.8%)
Lv.65 Anubis (4.8%)
Lv.66 Elder Willow (4.8%)
Lv.68 Greatest General (4.8%)
Lv.72 Orc Zombie (4.8%)
Lv.75 Orc Warrior (4.8%)
Lv.76 Orc Skeleton (4.8%)
Lv.78 Giant Whisper (4.8%)
Lv.52 Argiope (4.2%)
Lv.57 Marduk (4.2%)
Lv.58 Isis (4.2%)
Lv.59 Swordfish (4.2%)
Lv.59 Minorous (4.2%)

Feather of Missing
Lv.90 Wraith (4.8%)
Lv.90 Rybio (4.8%)
Lv.94 Abysmal Knight (4.8%)
Lv.80 Sky Petite (4.3%)
Lv.84 Bloody Knight (4.3%)
Lv.86 High Orc (4.3%)
Lv.86 Majoruros (4.3%)
Lv.87 Nightmare (4.3%)
Lv.88 Rotar Zairo (4.3%)
Lv.63 Bigfoot (3.85%)
Lv.64 Pasana (3.85%)
Lv.65 Anubis (3.85%)
Lv.65 Ayag Pangopya (3.85%)
Lv.66 Elder Willow (3.85%)
Lv.68 Greatest General (3.85%)
Lv.72 Orc Zombie (3.85%)
Lv.75 Orc Warrior (3.85%)
Lv.76 Orc Skeleton (3.85%)
Lv.78 Giant Whisper (3.85%)
Lv.92 Injustice (3.2%)
Lv.93 Skeleton Prisoner (3.2%)
Lv.95 Raydric Archer (3.2%)
Lv.82 Raydric (2.9%)
Lv.83 Orc Lady (2.9%)
Lv.84 Zenorc (2.9%)
Lv.85 Goblin Steamrider (2.9%)
Lv.85 Axe-wielding Kobold (2.9%)
Lv.88 Orc Archer (2.9%)
Lv.89 Wind Ghost (2.9%)
Lv.89 Zombie Prisoner (2.9%)

Crystal of Romance
Lv.90 Wraith (3.0%)
Lv.90 Rybio (3.0%)
Lv.94 Abysmal Knight (3.0%)
Lv.80 Sky Petite (2.7%)
Lv.84 Bloody Knight (2.7%)
Lv.86 High Orc (2.7%)
Lv.86 Majoruros (2.7%)
Lv.87 Nightmare (2.7%)
Lv.88 Rotar Zairo (2.7%)
Lv.63 Bigfoot (2.4%)
Lv.64 Pasana (2.4%)
Lv.65 Anubis (2.4%)
Lv.66 Elder Willow (2.4%)
Lv.68 Greatest General (2.4%)
Lv.72 Orc Zombie (2.4%)
Lv.75 Orc Warrior (2.4%)
Lv.76 Orc Skeleton (2.4%)
Lv.78 Giant Whisper (2.4%)
Lv.52 Argiope (2.1%)
Lv.57 Marduk (2.1%)
Lv.58 Isis (2.1%)
Lv.59 Swordfish (2.1%)
Lv.59 Minorous (2.1%)
Lv.92 Injustice (2.0%)
Lv.93 Skeleton Prisoner (2.0%)
Lv.95 Raydric Archer (2.0%)
Lv.41 Myst (1.8%)
Lv.42 Muka (1.8%)
Lv.42 Argos (1.8%)
Lv.43 Pecopeco (1.8%)
Lv.44 Savage (1.8%)
Lv.45 Flora (1.8%)
Lv.46 Sasquatch (1.8%)
Lv.47 Golem (1.8%)
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