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You can now Update your Windows 10 to Creators Update

Guys! If you’re using Windows 10 and didn’t have get the latest update to your OS the Windows Creators Update. You can update it manually from Microsoft website. Creators Update has lots of improvement since the Windows 10 that’s include¬†¬†OneDrive files on-demand that let’s you download only the important or in demand files from the cloud, you don’t have to full sync to use OneDrive. The People integration that let’s you pin your friends, co-workers in the taskbar. Microsoft Edge improvements, Pen and Touch Improvements, New Emojji and lots of more.

You can update your Windows 10 to Creators Update by just going to this [...]

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Dying Light gets New Update the Content Drop #0 and #1

Good news to all Dying Light players, the game has a new content for you the Content Drop and the first update is actually available now on steam.

Way back in July of 2017, the dying light developer promised to give players a 10 free DLC updates that will continue every month for the next 9 months. The first update Content Drop #0 is out now in the name of Reinforcement, the next upcoming update which brings a lots of content is the Content Drop #1 or they call it Lethal Inventions that is scheduled to release in the next month.

This update is for FREE for everyone but the catch is you have to complete the 3 special bounties in order for you to get the new weapons. [...]

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How to Crouch Jump in PUBG for September Patch v2.6.30

In the recent update in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the ability to jump in the window was fixed in the patch that disabled the binding of Jump + Crouch in Battleground settings. This make other player cannot get away inside the building with no doors. But there is a new way to bypass this restriction, this is by using the CTRL key while jumping.

To do this, follow our step by step instruction below.

How to Crouch Jump in PUBG

Open the Settings inside the PUBG game. You can find this on the upper right corner of the screen with a Gear icon. Then browse click the Control tab. Now, Scroll down to the bottom. Under the Common, find the Jump then [...]
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How to Fix Corsair Link Undetected Devices (Unverified Digital Signature Driver)

If this your first time to install the latest driver of your Corsair CPU Cooler and you have problem detecting the device in your Corsair Link program, this is because of the unsigned digital signature driver from corsair in which you downloaded it from their website. The defected driver was the version and it is the latest driver from their website and you probably downloaded and got the same problem.

Usually, when you install this driver it will pop up an Windows error message:

Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed [...]