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GamingPH is an online gaming news and media website based in the Philippines. It features the latest and hottest topics in gaming, including walkthroughs, tips and guides, and in-depth reviews of popular video games. It partners with some of the biggest game publishers and generates more than 1.5 million views monthly.

GamingPH came out in 2016, founded by two avid gamers who are also members of the Sox Bloggers community, based in General Santos City. What started out as a hobby – playing video games during their spare time – turned into a desire to help out fellow gamers by posting tips and guides for several video game titles. Thus, GamingPH was born.

Editorial Team

Erwin Bantilan – Editor-in-Chief

Erwin is a former Web Developer and has been writing articles since 2010, specifically on GensanBlog.com. He graduated from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University with a degree in Information Technology. This gives him edge on founding GamingPH. He loves tweaking programs and of course playing video games.

Christine Joy Cloma – Managing Editor

Christine graduated with a degree in Information Technology from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. Initially, she loves to write fiction stories before jumping into creating her online journal or blog way back 2011. Since then, she slowly piqued her interest in the gaming world. During her spare time, Christine uses her time to read books, play video games, research trending topics, and sipping her favorite wintermelon milk tea.  

Von Jorge Actub – Review Editor

Von Jorge has been writing articles to GamingPH since 2018, he specialize in writing game reviews. He started to like the world of gaming after trying the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Right now, he still loves playing old classic offline games from his laptop like the Left4Dead, Call of Duty, Dota 1 and Starcraft II.

Naz Raphael Hilay – Contributor

Currently taking a degree in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He writes articles mostly about mobile games, one of his favorites are PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and Bang Bang and League of Legends. In fact, he already reached the highest ranked in ML, the Mythic.

Tim Surkis – Contributor

He is an android developer by day and a technology enthusiast by night. You can know more about him at his official website tsurkis.com.


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