Operation Monster Hunter Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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The Monster Hunter mission is about to kick off for the upcoming collaboration of Ragnarok X Next Generation and Demon Slayer. The event is called Operation Monster Hunter which allows adventurers to hunt down Demon, Undead, and Demi-Human monsters. The event will start today, December 6 up to December 18, 2022, where the actual event will start.

To start the event, adventurer need to open the event page found on the upper corner of in-game menu, the Operation Monster hunter icon.

The best aspect of this event is that it doesn’t require you to obtain an Odin Blessing, and you do not have to eliminate monster inside your level bracket to complete it – which means it will be faster to complete.

Mechanics for Operation Monster Hunter

Adventurers can complete two progresses related to this event, the first being Overall Server Progress. This progress tallies all progress made by adventurers until it completes at 100%. Essentially, adventurers do not need to worry about this progress as it will just complete on its own. Here are the rewards that all adventurers can get.

Server MilestoneRewards
20%1 x Mysterious Box
300 Crystals
40%10 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
8,888 Zeny
60%1 x Mysterious Box
500 Crystals
80%10 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
88,888 Zeny
100%20 x Odin’s Reliquary (10 Odin’s Blessing each)
1,000 Crystals

The next is the Monster Kills (Individual), from here, there will be milestone of rewards on the number of times you kill a Demon, Undead and Demi-Human monsters. Below are the kills needed and the rewards you get every time you unlock a tier or milestone. Note that your kill count will not reset every time you reach a new milestone.

Kill MilestoneRewards
5,0001 x Basic Cooking Selection Pack
10,00010 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
15,0005 x Mission Order
20,00020 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
30,0001 x Alloy Pickaxe
40,00030 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
50,0001 x Automatic Fishing Rod
70,00040 x Cool Event Corp. Coin
100,0005 x Mission Order
150,00050 x Cool Event Corp. Coin

The most appealing reward for this event is only the 170 Cool Event Corp Coin, 10 Mission Order, and 200 Odin Blessing chest.

Rewards for Sharing

During the event period, adventurer who will share the event to their social media will also get additional rewards like crystals.


Here are some things to keep in mind on this event:

  • You don’t need Odin Blessing to participate in eliminating monster
  • Not necessary on your level bracket, even low-level monster will work as long as it is Demon, Undead, Demi-Human.
  • You need a total of 150,000 monster to complete the whole event
  • Highlight rewards: You can get up to 170 Cool Event Corp Coin, 10 Mission Order, 200 Odin Blessings.
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