Ragnarok X Next Generation x Ultraman: A Legendary Collaboration Has Arrived!

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An installment to the Ragnarok Online (RO) mobile game franchise, Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX), will be collaborating with the world-renowned Japanese character “Ultraman”! Once again, adventurers will be facing brand new content and amazing events!

Ultraman Special Event: Work together to impede the monster invasion, and defeat special MVP and Mini Bosses

From January 31st to February 28th, adventurers  can collect the Power of Light and transform into Ultraman to help withstand the invasion of the Golden Fortress, and defeat special Bosses (MVP Alien Pendant and MINI Alien Adacic) to win top-tier rewards and event-exclusive in-game prizes! During the Reward of Light event, adventurers can exchange the coupons collected for limited-edition cards and outfits! Also, in the Bombard Draw, adventurers can win ultra-rare outfits, giving YOU the chance to be the most “ultra” character in your squad. Additionally, adventurers who complete the Ultraman Personality Test on the official pre-order website will have the opportunity to obtain Umbala’s new Blue cards and many more awesome rewards!

Visit the Pre-order Website here! https://www.ragnarokx.com/ultraman

Ultraman Limited Edition Server is Coming! Get Your Free Ultraman Outfits Now!

Join the Battle Against Evil: Light of Umbala, the new Gaia subserver launches on January 31st! Log in to receive the 1st gen Ultraman outfit package, and experience Ultraman transformation yourself! Adventurers, raise your weapons, and fight side by side with the heroes of the universe, and be the light of the next generation!

Unlock Exclusive Rewards at the Offline Event Station of Light – Guaranteed Prizes and Online Event Access Available

On February 4th, ROX will be opening a special online event, Station of Light, where adventurers can participate in the draw and win GUARANTEED rewards after completing tasks! These rewards include (iPhone and Airpods), Ultraman merch, awesome in-game items, and many more! Online viewers can also participate through the event link on the official website, with even more prizes waiting for you online as well!

Visit the official ROX website here: ​​https://www.ragnarokx.com/main/news_detail?id=7189149975366998786

Embark on a New Journey: Level 120 New Version Launch Unlocks the Umbala Region

Starting on February 9th, adventurers with a minimum level of 120 will be able to unlock and explore the new Umbala map. Those whose life skills are at least level 12 will also be able to forge new weapon enchantments. The mystical Utan Trive lives within Umbala, where adventurers must uncover the hidden entrance to the World Tree Yggdrasil in order to enter the World of The Dead. With 8 new areas for players to explore within the City of Souls, MVP monsters (Lord of the Dead, Fallen Bishop, and more) will be lurking and awaiting their ultimate challenge.

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